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Affiliate Disclosure

Some links in this article may be affiliate links that pay us a small commission on qualifying purchases. Read our review process for more information on how we vet brands and products to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Some links in our articles may be “affiliate links” that pay us a small commission in return for the effort that our writing team puts in. There is no extra cost for you and all opinions and reviews remain honest and accurate. Read more about our review and testing procedures here.

Updated: July 2023


In order to keep serving you the best possible news and articles from the CBD industry, we need to make CBD Incubator able to cover its costs. We try to make sure that your experience on the website is as pleasant as possible which is why we limit spaces for ads and banners. To keep the website alive we instead earn affiliate commissions on some of the products that we review and write about.

Why affiliate commissions?

We spend a lot of time managing the website, the content and the relationships that make CBD Incubator possible. Although we are passionate and hardworking, we need some financial compensation in order to keep working and attracting the best caliber professionals to support the website.

Do you want to contribute?

Anyone can contribute to CBD Incubator! In fact, just by visiting our website and reading our articles, you are supporting us greatly. If you want to further support us, you can use our links and coupon codes when you buy CBD products from our trusted vendors.

And for brands?

We have a number of options for brands to support CBD Incubator. You can offer your products through the website (we need to get samples and do a thorough test before offering anything to our readers), you can purchase our brand services which include un-boxings, video reviews, giveaways and much more (contact for more info).

Can we trust you?

The short answer is yes, you can trust us. Like everything, you need to use your judgement and especially with CBD products, you need to be self-aware about your expectations and possible side effects (we’re written about side effects here). We test all the products that we write about with multiple people and we never promote anything that we feel isn’t up to par. If we do, we are honest about the way we feel about the product and why we feel that way. You’d be surprised at the number of products we decline to work with due to low quality or unethical business practices! Any purchase made through our referral is completely confidential and we don’t receive any personal documentation from the brands or their affiliate networks.


We love CBD and truly believe in the amazing effects it can have for a lot of people and we want to be in the forefront of driving the conversation about CBD in the public eye. Our extensive experience in the CBD and cannabis space over the past decades (yes – decades) puts us in a unique position to educate and inform like most others cannot. Thank you for supporting us and for helping us continue to do what we love!

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