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Bob Clark

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Tagline: πŸƒ Nurturing Wellness through Words at CBD Incubator πŸƒ

Greetings fellow advocates of cannabis and well-being! I'm Bob Clark, one of your guides here at CBD Incubator. My work focuses on where the realms of health, science, technology and the captivating world of cannabis intertwine. My goal is to rationalise the complex cannabis landscape into fun and accessible narratives for everyone.

About me: My working background is in communications and technology and I’m a lifetime cultivator and consumer of all things cannabis. My personal journey of discovery is a quest to unveil the real facts behind the intricacies of the relationship between cannabis, health and well-being. With a wealth of experience and anecdotes I aim to entertain whilst informing.

Weaving through the realms of science, research and technology in my explorations I hope to enhance my understanding of this massive and varied industry. From cutting-edge research and studies to emerging trends and new products I am determined to keep my readers informed of all emerging developments around cannabis and CBD.

I love to travel and have spent a lot of time living and working in South East Asia. Outside of work I’m a passionate cook, an avid reader and keen motorcyclist. My favourite sporting hobby is disc golf. It's really great exercise and the precision and mindfulness of the game helps me to relax.

I’m in my element when I’m outdoors connecting with nature. For me there is nothing better than gazing at the stars witnessing first hand the complexity and beauty of the universe. The sense of awe when I’m sky watching on a clear, dark night is probably stronger in me today than it was as a child! Campfire stories are a bit of a speciality too!

As a writer here at CBD Incubator my purpose is to empower readers with knowledge. I am dedicated to fostering a community that embraces the potential of these botanical wonders and collectively nurtures a lifetime of well-being. Here's to cultivating a healthier, happier you!

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