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Hayley Smith

111 posts

Hayley Smith is the owner and operator of CBD Incubator and she holds extensive experience in the realm of CBD, cannabis, and hemp. With her vast knowledge and in-depth understanding, Hayley has become a distinguished figure in the industry, consistently exploring unique perspectives and intriguing angles to analyze the multifaceted world of CBD.

Hayley’s journey into the CBD and hemp sector is enriched by her significant background in publishing and writing. Having been a devoted writer for years, she has honed her ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and insight, making her a sought-after voice in the community.

Her relentless curiosity and thirst for knowledge have driven her to interview several industry leaders, unearthing invaluable insights and contributing to the collective understanding of the industry. Hayley’s unwavering dedication and passion for the field have established her as a reliable source, helping both novices and experts navigate the ever-evolving landscape of CBD, cannabis, and hemp.

Best THCa Vape Carts 2023
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Best THCa Vape Carts of 2023: My Top #5 Picks (real-life testing)
As the popularity of legal highs continues to explode, THCa vape carts have emerged as a discreet, convenient, and efficient backdoor avenue for experiencing the essence of Delta 9 THC, without the legal constraints associated with traditional cannabis products. Tag along as I share my favorite THCa vape carts that you can buy online today.
G Pen Elite 2 Review
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G Pen Elite 2 Review: 11 reasons why it’s my new favorite vaporizer
The G Pen Elite 2 exudes quality, managing to find the perfect balance between form, function, and features. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to the things I look for in a ground herb vaping device by being easy to use, easy to clean, heating up quickly, and by being super portable, and it’s a great looking device to boot.
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