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Pippa Gorman

19 posts

Tagline: Pippa Gorman, a seasoned advocate in the substance misuse and charity sector, merges her empathetic mindset and passion for writing to enlighten audiences on the societal impact of substances and the wonders of natural and plant-based medicines

About me: With nearly a decade of experience in the substance misuse and charity sector, my professional journey has centered around exploring the role of substances in society and advocating for the benefits of natural and plant-based medicines. My work has been shaped by a naturally empathetic mindset and a strong desire to support individuals on their life journeys.

Recently reigniting my passion for writing, my collaboration with a CBD incubator allows me to merge my passions and strengths, enabling me to create informative and easily digestible articles for diverse audiences, covering topics that I find truly fascinating.

My academic background in social science deepened my understanding of society, with a specific focus on the profound impact substances can have on our minds and the historical development of our society influenced by plants. Through my work, I hope to broaden people's comprehension of CBD, cannabis, and psychedelics, emphasizing their roles within the broader societal context.

I am particularly intrigued by the potential of cannabinoids and psychedelics to reshape our mental landscapes, unveil new perspectives, and liberate us from unproductive patterns of thought. Exploring the profound link between substances and mental health is a subject close to my heart, especially in today's world, saturated with materialism, appearance-focused ideals, and often unhelpful media, impacting our individual and communal progress.

Outside of my writing endeavors and my role as an English teacher, I find joy in the companionship of my animals, immersing myself in the beauty of the world around us. I am an avid traveler, constantly seeking new cultural experiences and embracing the outdoors. When I’m not researching, writing, and teaching, I am often found tending to my vegetables or having a boogie to some funky tunes - whether it be in my own kitchen or on a dancefloor.

Anxious Minds Exploring CBD And THC For Anxiety Management
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Anxious Minds: Exploring CBD and THC for Anxiety Management (2024 Study)
Many of us are using cannabis products to help relieve anxiety and stress in our daily lives - but what should we be looking for to maximize our relief and better manage our anxiety? With over 31% of US citizens experiencing anxiety at some point in their lives, many of us are looking for an answer to this question…
Magic Mushrooms
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From Ancient Rituals to Modern Policies: A History of Magic Mushrooms and the Current Landscape of Legalization
In my exploration of magic mushrooms, I've journeyed from their ancient roots in ritual ceremonies to today's debates on legalization. As attitudes shift, I'm intrigued by the global movement towards recognizing their therapeutic and medicinal values. This story is not just about psychedelics; it's a reflection on humanity's evolving relationship with nature's most mystical offerings.
Unlocking the Power of Psilocybin: How mushrooms are changing the Social drug scene in 2024
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Unlocking the Power of Psilocybin: How mushrooms are changing the Social drug scene in 2024
An increasing number of people are swapping out alcohol and other recreational substances used in the social arena in favor of magic mushrooms. This shift is driven by psilocybin’s reported health benefits, increased self-awareness and sociability, and saying farewell to the dreaded alcohol hangover.
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