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5 Strains To Enhance Your Sex Life This Valentine’s Day

5 Strains to enhance your sex life this Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect strains to enhance your time in the bedroom this Valentines day? We got you.
Hayley Smith
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Spice things up with the right strains

Cannabis is great for many things, and this is no exception when it comes to sex. Effects can include heightened sensitivity, increased intimacy and relaxation of mind and body.

It’s no surprise that many people are planning on swapping out roses for a very different kind of flower this Valentines day. Whatever tickles your pickle in the bedroom, it’s good to know what effects come out of different strains to identify which are best for your experience. 

So let’s dive right into our top 5 strains which are guaranteed to bring some extra Va-Va-Voom to your activities during the season of love…

OG Kush’in for the pushin’

No matter which form you choose to take it in, if you’re with your significant other, or riding solo, it’s sure to give you a blissful high that will allow you to forget life’s worries and make the most of the moment. 

OG Kush is an absolute classic that has been around for longer than most of us can recall. An indica dominant hybrid, OG Kush gives the perfect mix of relaxing body and head high, helping you to release inhibitions and any potential overthinking to allow you to fully get into your groove under the sheets 

Its iconic status is solidified in its name, OG meaning, Original Gangster (or in some cases Ocean Grown). It is the parent strain of other known and much loved hybrids like Banana OG, Skywalker OG, Bubba Kush and so many more. 

Take your sex life to new heights with Northern Lights 

Northern lights eases your mind and relaxes the muscles, this combined with its euphoric effects are a guaranteed win in the bedroom. 

Northern lights is highly indica-dominant and one of the most renowned strains in the wonderful world of cannabis. This strain enables you to relax into the moment and make the most of your time in the bedroom. It creates total body relaxation and euphoric feels, and its anxiety-reducing properties make it an ideal strain for relieving any pre-sex jitters. Its flavor is sweet and tangy with a distinct musk. 

Wedding cake – because, who doesn’t love a sweet treat?

With its aromatic and earthy flavor and perfectly potent high, Wedding Cake is a smooth operator when it comes to top strain choices for the bedroom. 

Wedding cake is an indica hybrid strain. It is a potent flower that encourages a calm and creative buzz. Wedding cake contains high levels of the limonene terpene which increases serotonin production, helping to relieve stress and boost mood. 

Wedding cake is ideal for sex because its body effects are light – more relaxing than glued to your couch. Although it is an indica-heavy strain, it can give an energetic and euphoric high.

Venture outside of your comfort zone with Sour Diesel this Valentines

Sour Diesel is particularly high in CBD, as well as THC, content which enables you to reach new levels of relaxation and ease into the moment. 

Sour diesel is a hybrid sativa that creates a sense of euphoria and helps to clear the mind of any distracting thoughts when you want to get down to business. Enabling you to explore new desires and get creative over the season of love, sour diesel hits fast and with a dreamy, head high.

It has a pungent and distinct scent so we’d recommend smoking this outside of the bedroom – so, perhaps this valentines you fancy getting wild in the great outdoors with this wonderfully potent, energizing and relaxing strain. 

Enjoy passionate nights with Purple Punch 

Purple Punch is a strain known to increase your libido and will help you hit spots you didn’t even know you had.

Heighten your sex drive and sensitivity with Purple Punch. With a tangy and candy-like aroma, think blueberry muffins and tasty baked goods, it makes it the perfect after dinner treat for you and your lucky one this Valentines. 

This lovechild of Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple is an Indica legend that’s high in THC and, like the name suggests, really packs a punch. Purple Punch induces a relaxed state, starting off with a head high and mind relaxation, then soothing into a subtle all over body high. 

There we have it – 5 strains guaranteed to spice up your mind, body and heighten your sexual connection this Valentines day, and beyond. 

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