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Strongest THCa flower

What are the Strongest THCa Strains available right now?

Ok, so you’re into the most potent, sticky-icky-icky THCa flower around, eh?
Hayley Smith
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Mind-Blowing highs

We have your back with this article sharing the 10 highest THCa strains that you can buy online today. But remember that THCa buds are the new hot thing on the block so don’t wait too long before these strains sell out quick-fast.

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1. gMO Cookies

29.7% THCa

GMO Cookies THCa

GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies is a 90:10 indica strain grown with hydroponics. The buds are a striking forest green with a frosty appearance, lovely purple shades, and orange streaks.

When I smoked this, I experienced a really powerful and relaxing euphoria. It’s perfect for unwinding in the evening. The flavor is as impressive as its effects, with a unique blend that reminds me of earthy and sweet notes, making it a delightful experience. The aroma adds to the overall enjoyment, with its floral and slightly spicy undertones. It’s definitely a strain I’d recommend for a relaxing night in.

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2. Supreme OG

28.1% THCa

Supreme OG THCa

This is a special version of OG Kush, and it really takes the original to a new level! The buds are mostly a deep green with just a few purple spots, really dense, and covered in crystals.

The smell of these buds is really nice – it’s a mix of sweet, savory, and herbal scents. When I smoked Supreme OG, the effects were fantastic and very very potent. It gave me a quick feeling of happiness, lifted my mood, and made me feel super relaxed. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to unwind and feel good.

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3. Garlicane

27.5% THCa

Garlicane THCa

So the name threw me off a little… I like garlic as much as the next guy but damn, I don’t want to smoke it.

The first thing I noticed was its strong smell wit ha nice a mix of grape, some garlicy notes, and a hint of caramel – sounds strange, but trust me, it comes together in an amazing way.

Smoking Garlicane is perfect for the evening. With its high THCa content and strong indica effects, it really packs a punch. It’s the kind of strain that’s great for winding down after a long day, offering a deep sense of relaxation.

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4. Platinum Pancakes

27.4% THCa

Platinum Pancakes THCa

This is a standout strain with amazing flavors and strong indica-dominant effects.

The effects start with an uplifting, euphoric feeling that really sparks creativity and motivation. But it doesn’t stop there – it smoothly transitions into a deep, relaxing state where you just want to sink into the couch and enjoy a calm body buzz.

The buds themselves are a sight to behold – mostly green with some purple highlights, and they’re incredibly frosty. The smell is just as impressive, with a delightful creamy scent that comes from its trichome-covered buds.

In my opinion, Platinum Pancakes is redefining what top-shelf quality should be. It’s not just about the strong effects; it’s the whole package – the look, the aroma, and the experience.

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5. White Rainbow

27.3% THCa

White Rainbow THCa

White Rainbow is leaning to the sativa side with 60/40 sativa-dominant genetics.

The buds are really eye-catching – they’re super frosty and a bright green with hints of purple. The smell is fantastic too, with a blend of citrus, floral, and a gasoline-like scent, all rounded off with a touch of cinnamon.

It gives you a wonderful sense of euphoria, sparks creative thoughts, and leaves you feeling relaxed. It’s a great choice for when you want to feel uplifted and inspired, yet calm and at ease.

Just a warning – Smoke too much and the sativa effects turn indica really quick.

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6. Goofiez

27.3% THCa

Goofiez THCa

The aroma of Goofiez is really something to talk about. It has this incredible mix of floral, grape, and gasoline-like scents that come together in a surprisingly pleasant way.

As for the effects, the balance in this strain is just right. It offers a great experience that I think would appeal to a wide range of people.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, a bit of upliftment, or just a pleasant way to pass the time, Goofiez seems to hit all the right notes.

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7. Blueberry

25.8% THCa

Blueberry THCa

The buds dense and green with beautiful purple undertones, and they’re covered in trichomes. It has this strong, delightful scent that combines sour, berry, and sweet notes, and it genuinely reminds me of freshly baked blueberry muffins!

When it comes to the effects, Blueberry offers an incredible level of relaxation. It’s like a journey to a state of calm and tranquility. This strain is perfect for unwinding after a long day or just enjoying a peaceful evening. The combination of its soothing effects, delicious flavor, and inviting aroma makes Blueberry a top choice for anyone looking for a high-quality indica experience.

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8. Thin Mint Cookies

25.8% THCa

Thin Mint Cookies THCa

So I have tried Thin Mint Cookies CBD strain in the past and I didn’t really like it so I entered into this strain with a bit more caution than I usually do.

In the end I was pleasantly surprised by the strain. The effects took me on a euphoric journey that’s both uplifting and deeply relaxing. It’s like a wave of tranquility washes over you, leaving you in a state of blissful calm.

As for the flavor and aroma, they’re just as impressive as the effects. The strain has a distinct minty freshness mixed with the sweet, earthy undertones typical of Girl Scout Cookies.

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9. Candy Gelato

25.3% THCa

Candy Gelato THCa

The aroma is what caught my attention next on Candy Gelato. It’s a delightful mix of sweet, floral, and a hint of gasoline-like scent. It’s a pleasant and inviting smell that makes the experience even more enjoyable.

When it comes to the effects, Candy Gelato offers a fantastic wave of euphoric relaxation. It’s a feeling that washes over both body and mind, leaving you in a state of blissful calm.

It’s perfect for unwinding after a busy day or just relaxing in a peaceful environment. The combination of its beautiful appearance, delightful aroma, and soothing effects makes Candy Gelato an incredible strain that I’d definitely recommend.

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10. Blueberry Slushie

24.9% THCa

Blueberry Slushie THCa

Blueberry Slushie delivers a powerful sense of euphoria and relaxation. It’s the kind of strain that’s perfect for enjoying during your favorite leisure activities, whether that’s watching a movie, reading a book, or just lounging around. The combination of its pleasant aroma, beautiful appearance, and the relaxing yet uplifting effects makes Blueberry Slushie a top-notch choice for anyone looking to unwind in a truly enjoyable way.

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