How to Use CBD for Inflammation

CBD can be very effective in treating various inflammations in the body. We will show you how it works and how to use CBD for inflammation.

biosynthetic cannabinoids
What are Biosynthetic Cannabinoids

As CBD products continue to dominate the natural health and wellness markets, news of biosynthetic cannabinoids may, or may not, have already caught your attention. Learn more

CBD as a nootropics
How to Use CBD as a Nootropic

We’ve compiled all the CBD as a nootropic information you need in one easy to read article. Step up your brain game today!

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CBD for Pain: The Evidence

Back pain is the number two reason for calling in sick at work, as well as the leading cause for claiming disability worldwide. Between 11% and 40% of adults in the U.S. are also thought to suffer from chronic pain. Can CBD be the answer to treat it?