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Abacus CBD: Strain Review

Abacus is a 2017 explosive CBD strain with potent indica effects and a unique and delicious flavor profile. This is the 2022 strain review with the top vendors.
Hayley Smith
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Genetic Lineage of Abacus CBD

Abacus is becoming one of my personal favorite CBD strains. It’s a beautiful purple, space-like CBD bud is packed with CBD, flavor and astonishing effects.

Abacus is an indica dominant strain that leaves you calm, smooth and feeling absolutely wonderful. This is a true winner for after work when you just want to chill by the couch in a carefree mental state.

It’s a fairly new CBD strain that came on the scene in 2017 when breeders crossed OG Kush and Purple Urkle.

Abacus CBD Flower Review

As always you want to verify that your trusted CBD flower vendor is able to provide you with a lab report that shows that the Delta-9 THC percentage is below or equal to .3%. Anything above .3% is considered a cannabis strain.

Please note that the Delta-9 THC is different from the total THC. Total THC can be slightly higher than .3% since it also includes Delta-8 THC.


Abacus is an indica strain with very relaxing and calming qualities. However, it does not put you to sleep. The feeling is of a very chilled out and confident moment in which your mind, body and soul all seem to align in a most peaceful state.

I cannot recommend this strain enough if you have problems with anxiety or difficulties calming down after a long and stressful day. With Abacus in the house, you know your evening will be alright.

Common use cases for Abacus are;

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Abacus CBD flower online

Flavor Profile

The Abacus strain is unique in its flavor profile. It has complex and subtle flavor variations of earthy, piney and lemony notes that almost turn into a diesel flavor.

It smokes very smoothly without leaving you with a cough and it one of the best tasting strains available in the CBD world.

For the best possible experience, smoke Abacus in a bowl or using a dry herb vaporizer.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool
  • Humulene


There is a lemony skunk like aroma along with earthy and piney notes. Abacus is quite complex and gives you a lot of scents to play with as you burry your nose into the bag for more.

As the scents blend and start to harmonize you start getting a gassy diesel aroma that is almost addictive. You can easily spend some time just smelling the bag.

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Dark green buds with purple dense areas that scream for attention. You can tell that Abacus is a new CBD strain because it is using all the latest and the best experienced techniques to get as close to cannabis as it can get.

These buds are a feast for your eyes.

You’ll find that the buds are sticky and leave resin on your fingers or grinder. A pleasure to breakdown and pack in a bowl.

Abacus CBD review

Buy Abacus CBD Online

You have a few options to choose from when it comes to Abacus CBD flower. You can get ultra premium indoor buds that are expensive and best suited for CBD flower connoisseurs and true hemp lovers. Or, you can get outdoor or greenhouse versions of the strain that is slightly less beautiful and potent but still works perfectly for the average consumers.

Diesel Hemp: Abacus


These buds aren’t quite as pungent as the classic Abacus Diesel from Diesel Hemp to the nose, but they’re still super gassy and deliciously piney and berry sweet.

They create a mellow and clear-headed feeling of anxiety relief and present mindedness.

Green Unicorn Farms: Cherry Abacus


A powerful and delicious strain from Green Unicorn. Cherry Abacus is a variation of original Abacus but with more notes of red berries in the flavor and aroma.

Personally, I think Cherry Abacus is a more relaxing strain with a bit more flavor and works perfectly for ending the night.

Cannaflower: Abacus


Another brilliant strain from Cannaflower. Abacus delivers on all levels and puts your mind in a place of restful peace.

Although their Abacus strain hasn’t been around for too long, it still has a large number of well earned 5 star reviews.

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