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Early Resin Berry CBD: Strain Review

Early Resin Berry is a CBD strain that we see as the parent of a lot of our favorite strains. Let’s look at ERB on its own and why we don’t find it for sale anywhere.
Hayley Smith
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Genetic Lineage of Early Resin Berry CBD

Early Resin Berry is an interesting CBD strain that all hemp flower enthusiasts should know a little bit about. It’s forms part of the base of why smokable hemp flower has become so much better over the past few years.

Early Resin Berry or ERB is the parent of many of the most popular CBD strains such as;

The genetic origin of ERB is unknown but the hypothesis is that it comes from a Kush strain since the there are many similarities to the flavor, bud structure and growing process.


Early Resin Berry CBD Review

ERB has very high CBD content and a supremely low THC content which is why it has such great initial genetics for parenting new CBD strains.


It’s quite uncommon (maybe even impossible) to find ERB buds to smoke on their own. Even the best CBD flower companies don’t offer ERB as an option on their websites even though they use it for some their most popular strains.

We can only speak about the similarities the ERB strains have in common. The high CBD content makes for a very body heavy effect that helps relax and release muscle tensions. You might get a slight uplifting or euphoric feeling as the effects settle into your head.

Common use cases for ERB are;

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Male hemp plant

Flavor Profile

ERB bred strains tend to be sweet and sour with a very distinct berry flavor.

Most people will enjoy the flavor profile of ERB strains since they are very well balanced and mix great with diesel, skunk and kush strains.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene

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The aroma of ERB mixed strains is usually on the citric and piney side. You might get some pungent and dense waves of fermented fruits like mango and pineapple.


Early Resin Berry strains tend to have large buds with a healthy trichome formation. The plants themselves usually act as the male pollen donor so the colas or flowers don’t actually matter too much.

Depending on the mother strain, ERB nugs can look quite beautiful. Just take Sour Space Candy or Lifter for example which have bright green and golden colors.


Buy Early Resin Berry CBD Online

I guess we are out of luck… The only current know producer of ERB is Oregon CBD who breed and sell the clones and seeds to farmers.

Our guess is that ERB isn’t necessarily a very enjoyable strain to smoke on its own, or else we would start seeing it pop up on menus everywhere. We are probably best off looking at ERB as a great mixer, not too nice on its own but a great blending tool.

Sorry… 😐

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