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Juicy Fruit CBD: Strain Review

Juicy Fruit CBD is a powerfully euphoric and uplifting CBD strain with relaxing and chilled-out vibe. This the the strain review and best vendors.
Hayley Smith
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Genetic Lineage of Juicy Fruit CBD

Juicy Fruit is a fun and fruity CBD strain that has taken CBD flower connoisseurs by storm. It’s a fairly new strain but it has classic genetics running through it’s DNA.

Juicy Fruit is a cross between LV1 and Original Juicy Fruit.

Original Juicy Fruit itself is a mix of two landraces: Afghani and Thai.

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At the moment there are only a few hemp farmers who are cultivating the Juicy Fruit strain so if you get your hands on some, keep it in your private reserve.

Taz taking Juicy Fruit for a spin

Juicy Fruit CBD Review

The legality of smoking CBD is a bit more complex than many hemp flower vendors make it sound. Contrary to popular belief, there are places in the US where you are not allowed to sell CBD flower online or in stores.

If you live in Louisiana, Idaho, Indiana, Utah or Iowa you might want to do a little research on licensed vendors for your state.

Across the US, you are allowed to buy CBD flower as long as it contains less than or equal to .3% Delta-9 THC. A lab report should be provided to you by the company. Note that the total THC may be higher than the Delta-9 THC since it also contains Delta-8 THC.


Juity Fruit CBD is powerful CBD strain with fairly high CBD percentage and a high total cannabinoid percentage.

It’s leaning to the sativa side, so you can expect some uplifting and euphoric feelings as the effects start in your legs and then moves up to the crown of your head.

While Juicy Fruit CBD is a sativa strain, it is rich in the terpene “myrcene” which is lightly sedative and very relaxing. So most people feel that the uplifting effects are balanced out by a relaxing calm that brings a sense of confidence and overall wellbeing.

Juicy Fruit can be enjoyed during both day and evening time. Most people smoke it for;

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Flavor Profile

Juicy Fruit is fruity, tropical and citric with touches of floral and hoppy notes.

The smoke can be a little “heavy” and very rich is flavor but it’s not too harsh on the throat. The more you smoke Juicy Fruit, the more you’ll be able to pick out individual flavors of pineapple, grapefruit, mango and citrus.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Humulene
  • Terpineol
  • Limonene
  • Pinene


Definitely a strong fruity aroma with sweet, candy-like tendencies. There is an undertone of softer floral notes that help balance out the scent to not make it too sweet and fruity. There is a slight hoppy aroma of pine and cut mango that lingers with a soft lemon and skunk or gassy after scent.

Juicy Fruit is an overall great-smelling CBD strain.



The buds are dense and slightly sticky. They go in deep shades of vivid light green and have reddish/rust colored hairs throughout.

The buds are medium to large sized.

If you get your hands on indoor Juicy Fruit they can be beautiful nugs that shine in the light with glittery green.

Buy Juicy Fruit CBD Online

As usual, you need to match your smoking pleasure with your budget. There are top-shelf indoor versions of Juicy Fruit that are excellent quality CBD flower with incredible flavor and aroma but they come at a higher price.

There are also, greet quality outdoor versions of the strain with slightly less smoking pleasure but at a better price point.

If you are a newbie, you can look at it in the same way as buying a bottle of wine. Some people want a great bottle of $50 and others are happy with a $10 bottle.

Best vendors of Juicy Fruit CBD

Green Unicorn Farms


A delicious CBD pre roll with the classic fruity and sweet flavors and aromas of Juicy Fruit.

JF from Green Unicorn is a Gold Label strain that is limited to small batches so be quick to buy it when it is in stock.



A powerfully euphoric and fruity indoor Juicy Fruit strain with the most amazing flavor and aroma profiles.

This is a premium strain so expect to pay more and get more.

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