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Lifter CBD: Strain Review

Lifter CBD strain review – Lifter is an energetic and uplifting daytime CBD strain with a piney and fresh aroma. This is the 2022 lifter strain review.
Hayley Smith
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Genetic Lineage of Lifter CBD

Lifter is a popular and strong daytime CBD strain that picks you up, lifts your mood and heightens your senses.

The name was not given at random but implies the powerful energizing and mood boosting qualities of the strain. Lifter hemp flower is the perfect antidote to a lazy Sunday afternoon or daytime outing with friends.

Hit it and feel your being elevate to new levels of chilled out vibes.

Lifter CBD flower is a crossbreed of Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry.

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Lifter CBD Review

Lifter is a CBD strain, meaning it can only have .3% or less of Delta-9 THC. Anything above that amount and the buds are considered cannabis which is regulated in a different way and needs to be purchased by a medical or recreational cannabis dispensary or delivery service.

Note that the Delta-9 percentage needs to be .3% or lower but the total THC can be over .3%. The total THC includes Delta-8 THC and other versions of the cannabinoid.


We’ve already touched on the uplifting and energizing qualities of the Lifter CBD strain.

It should be said that Lifter CBD flower has a quick acting effect that starts out in your body by relaxing tension around your shoulders, neck and all along your spine. After that you’ll feel the effects start to rise up to the crown of your head and give you a slight and pleasant “buzz“.

You won’t feel any high feelings but you’ll definitely feel that your senses are more acute, focus increases and you’ll get in the mood for taking action.

This is a perfect strain for daytime activities with friends, social gatherings and athletic performance.

Best used for;

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Flavor Profile

Lifter is an earthy, piney and slightly sour strain with floral and fruity waves of blueberries and diesel.

It is packed with uplifting terpenes and has an extremely well-rounded terpene profile. You can easily spend some time letting the flavors grow on your as you try to detect main and secondary notes on your in and exhales.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Bisabolol
  • Farnesene
  • Limonene

To get the best flavor out of your CBD flower we recommend smoking from a dry herb vaporizer. The best portable vaportizers will give you a more unadulterated terpene experience and by not using papers, you will get the pure flavor.

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You’ll first get a sent of pine and hops only to be followed by sweet and acid berries which fades out in gas and a touch of skunk.

The aroma is sharp at first but as you spend some time inhaling, you’ll find more and more soft floral and sweet notes that round out the scent and balance the strain overall.

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Perhaps not the sexiest of buds, Lifter is bright green with darker golden and brownish undertones. If grown correctly, Lifter can produce a lot of trichomes for that frosty look.

Not known to boast any bright hairs or space-like color combinations.

The buds are usually long and sharp for a classic Christmas tree look.


Buy Lifter CBD Online

As usual you have the option of going for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse versions of the same strain. There are vendors on the market that specialize in ultra premium indoor Lifter and others who grow top shelf outdoor Lifter flowers.

You normally pay much more for indoor and greenhouse than you do for outdoor and the quality is usually reflected in the price.

If you are a CBD flower connoisseur or are used to dispensary quality THC flower, you might want to try indoor before outdoor. That way, you’ll get more flavor and aroma and more frosty buds for an overall more pleasant smoking experience.

If you smoke mainly for effects, go for high quality outdoor flower. That way you get great effect and a reasonable price so you don’t need to turn your pockets inside-out for “medication”.

Best Lifter CBD vendors

Green Unicorn Farms

Lifter CBD flower

Lifter from Green Unicorn is a shot of life right into your soul. It has potent uplifting effects and and a very pleasant flavor.

Highly recommended for people who want the uplifting CBD effect that matches perfectly with morning and daytime activities.

Learn more here

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Cannaflower (formerly Berkshire CBD) always brings you top-shelf CBD flower from their indoor grow.

Pay a little bit more for their “ultra premium” flower.

Learn more here

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