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Pine Walker CBDV flower

Pine Walker CBDV: Strain Review

We tried the new CBDV strain Pine Walker CBDV and give you the details on how the buds stack up and feel compared to CBD.
Hayley Smith
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Introducing Pine Walker CBDV

Pine Walker is one of just two highly-anticipated, brand new CBDV strains that have been bred by the Oregon CBD Seed Company, who continue to innovate the hemp flower market.

With the second highest varin-content (cannabivarin) available on the market, Pine Walker is quite literally a marvel of modern hemp flower genetics. It’s perfect for those looking for a particularly CBDV-rich variety strain that can be enjoyed anytime of day or night.

The exact lineage of Pine Walker hasn’t been released, but we can tell you that the flavor and ultra-high CBDV content is a result of selective breeding program, from a Special Sauce production mother, crossed with a high-varin content type I variety (whatever that means).

The seeds were extremely limited this year, so you won’t find this strain in every hemp flower store just yet. Plus, those who are selling it are selling out fast, so we recommend getting your hands on some as soon as possible so that you don’t have to wait for the next flower harvest.

Don’t be fooled by these slim, petite-looking buds, as they’re nothing short of loud and proud.

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Pine Walker CBDV Flower Strain Review

As always you want to verify that your trusted CBD flower vendor is able to provide you with a lab report that shows that the Delta-9 THC percentage is below or equal to .3%. Anything above .3% is considered a cannabis strain.

Please note that the total Delta-9 THC is different from the total THC. Total THC can be slightly higher than .3% since it also includes Delta-8 THC.

What is CBDV?

Although chemically similar to CBD, CBDV is proving to possess many different and unique properties that sets it apart from its more famous cannabinoid cousin. Historically, CBDV was only found in very small quantities in cannabis and hemp plants, which is one of the reasons why this strain is so special and so highly sought after.

Like most of the other minor cannabinoids found in hemp, CBDV is vastly understudied against THC and CBD. However, a CBDV-based drug is already in human clinical studies for its effectiveness in treating epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Like CBD, CBDV has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties. But what sets CBDV apart from other cannabinoids is how effective it’s proving to be (in preclinical studies) as a muscle relaxant. It may also improve bone health and injury recovery time, as well as improve mood and sociability.

Pine Walker


For me, Pine Walker didn’t have as noticeable effects as a lot of other hemp strains I’ve tried. In fact, I’d go as far to say that the effects were pretty underwhelming, especially against my expectations.

I was expecting to feel the potent combination of CBD and CBDV more and while I did definitely feel a distinct softening of my muscles, it wasn’t as much of a body buzz as I’d hoped for. Still, I felt nice and peaceful, but still motivated, probably thanks to the uplifting terpene profile it possesses.

The second time I reached out for this strain I was feeling really tight across my shoulders, probably from being hunched over my laptop all morning. So, I took a couple of (fairly massive) bong hits and threw a couple of yoga poses down. I got really into the stretches (new favorite yoga strain?) and, suffice to say, I felt great afterwards.

I smoked some more afterwards and, while I was in a doing things kind of mood, I just couldn’t focus on work, so I made the most of being the boss of me and quit for the day.

What’s most interesting about this strain is that it’s packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, and I’m not just talking about the cannabinoids. All three dominant terpenes found in this strain (pinene, limonene, and guaiol) also display powerful anti-inflammatory properties, potentially making Pine Walker a great strain for those seeking relief from chronic inflammatory conditions.

  • The Pine Walker CBDV strain may most benefit those looking for:
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Relief from spasticity and spasms
  • Prevention of muscular degeneration
  • Speedier recovery from injuries
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved mood and motivation

Flavor Profile

There’s no two ways about it, this strain has a very enjoyable terpene profile. Two of the dominant terpenes in this strain are pinene and guaiol (pronounced gwai-ol), both of which smell and taste piney, so the piney flavor came as no surprise to me, but the intensity of it was a lovely surprise.

The gassy pine coats your tongue as you inhale and then, at the back of your tongue, hints of berries and citrus await. It’s worth smoking for the flavor alone.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Guaiol


When you open up your bag of Pine Walker, the loud, stinky, gassy aroma hits you in the face straight away. From what I’d read, I was expecting these aromatic flowers to transport me to a pine forest haven, but where this particular smell actually took me was straight to the heart of Humboldt, CA.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling live (as in pre-harvest) cannabis/hemp flowers, that’s what Pine Walker smells like to me.

I mean, of course, it is super-piney, but this is the first cured strain I’ve come across that reminds me of fresh weed. On a deep inhale, you might also be able to detect some hints of mango and cream. It’s yummy.


Pine Walker has slim, elongated, small to medium buds (depending on where you buy it from) that are a gorgeous variety of green and brown colors, just buzzing with yellow-ish frosty trichomes.

The dense flowers are also highly resinous. In fact, they’re probably the stickiest I’ve ever come across. I couldn’t be bothered to hunt down my grinder, so ripped apart a bud with my fingertips and the tips of my fingers are still tacky as I type.

Buy Pine Walker CBDV Online

As mentioned earlier, Pine Walker seeds went on extremely limited release this year, so they’re not available at all CBD flower retailers. However, we did manage to find it at two of our favorite smokable hemp flower stores (see below) and we also found another reputable vendor selling Pine Walker that’s been enriched with delta 8 (check out Unicorn Brand).

Best Vendors of Pine Walker

Tweedle Farms


Use coupon code CBDINCUBATOR25 for 25% off

Tweedle Farms harvest of Pine Walker strain is ready to be shipped out. We haven’t had an opportunity to try it yet, but their quality is usually very high.

Certificates of analysis verify a CBD and CBDV content of 5.8% and 5.3% respectively.

They will most likely have outdoor flower, smalls, and shake available, which is great as the smalls and shake will be ideal for those of you wanting to make your own CBDV oils or extracts.

Tweedle Farms’ flower is usually sold at $6 a gram, $20 for 4 grams, $30 for 8 grams, and $60 for 1oz. Or, if you’re on a tight budget, then pick up an ounce of smalls for just $40. An entire ounce of shake will set you back a mere $20.

Green Unicorn Farms

Pine Walker CBDV

Use coupon code CBD-VIP-CLUB for 30% off

We got our Pine Walker samples from Green Unicorn Farms. The buds were small and they were nowhere near as neatly trimmed as other flower we’ve had from these guys, but they were sticky, stinky, and tasty as f*ck.

The CBD and CBDV content in this harvest of Pine Walker is really high against others we’ve seen. It’s been third-party tested to verify its potent mix of 6.5% CBD and 5.5% CBDV.

Despite the rarity of this strain and potency, you can still grab yourself an eighth for just under $25 and they also have better deals when you buy larger amounts, up to 2oz (56 grams).


Despite being slightly underwhelmed at the beginning, I think Pine Walker still has a lot to offer people. Louder aromas and flavors than usual are sure to impress the flower connoisseurs among us and the impressive potential medical benefits will come as much-needed relief for others.

We’re looking forward to where the future breeding efforts of Oregon CBD Seed Company take us!

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