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What is a Haze Strain? Plus the 6 Best Haze Strains to Try

What is a Haze strain? Haze cannabis and hemp flower is a specific genetic blend that originated in the 60’s in Santa Cruz, CA. Let’s break it down.
Hayley Smith
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History & Background of Haze Strains

Haze cannabis strains first hit the market in the 60’s when two California brothers cultivated very potent Sativa plants with highly uplifting effects that let smokers continue to enjoy their day without getting so stoned that they got locked to the couch.

In later years, CBD flower has become increasingly popular in the US and Haze strains have made it over to the hemp world. Skilled growers were able to replicate the classic Haze strains but managed to breed out the THC to such low levels (below .3% Delta-9) that the plants were considered hemp flower.

This Haze hemp flower is now becoming popular for some of the same reasons that THC flowers are. Removing the psychoactive effects, the CBD Haze strains leave the consumer feeling uplifted, euphoric and energized.

What is a Haze strain?

Haze strains are very THC rich cannabis strains with uplifting and energetic effects that are popular all across the world. The original Haze strain was first grown in Santa Cruz, CA by the Haze brothers in the 1960’s.

Haze strains from around the world

Characteristics of a Haze Strain

The Haze Brothers were very skilled cannabis growers so when novice growers attempted to replicate the plants, they found that the plats were more difficult to care for and required a high level of cultivation understanding.

Haze flowers have long maturation times and require long periods of warm weather and frequent watering. Ideal for Northern California where the Haze plant was first grown. Today, many growers use controlled environments indoor and in greenhouses to accomplish the best results.


Haze strains are not landrace strains so they don’t grow natively in any part of the world. Instead it’s a cross between multiple Sativa dominant landrace strains that resulted in the original Haze strain.

The first parent: A crossbreed of Acapulco Gold and Colombia Gold was mixed with an Indian strain to produce the mother plant.

The second parent: A potent Sativa strain based on the original Thai landrace strain.

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Your average Haze strain is very high in THC (or CBD strain for hemp flower) with uplifting and energizing effects that go straight to the head.

It’s popular amongst artists for its creative effects. You’ll also see Haze strains popular in surf-spots and ski-slopes where adventure athletes want to heighten their senses and reach a flow state.

Although Haze strains are energy boosting, they can also be so powerful that you might get light-headed and dizzy if you smoke too much. Novice smokers should tread carefully when smoking Haze since they can get self-conscious and paranoid quite easily.

A lot of people also get “the giggles” from smoking Haze strains. The feeling that everything is comical and you start laughing for no apparent reason is quite common.


Sativa strains are usually easy to differentiate from Indica strains. They are taller and “skinnier” than Indica plants and the leaves are long with thin leaflets.

The buds themselves are usually vivid green and full of orange, yellow, red or purple pistils (hairs) covering the outside of the flower.

Haze buds aren’t very dense or hard but can be a little more airy and light than Kush strains.

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Flavor & Aroma

Haze strains tend to be fresh and aromatic in their flavor and taste profile. There are very distinctive spicy, citric and earthy notes to Haze strains that often times get a little sweet and sharp.

Off course the aroma and flavor will differ depending on the type of Haze strain but generally speaking, Haze variations are “loud”, meaning they are pungent and powerfully scented from the moment you take out the bud and start breaking it down.

Hawaiian Haze

The 6 Best and Most Popular Haze CBD Strains

Just like with cannabis, some of the most popular daytime CBD strains are Haze strains. If you are looking for flavor and uplifting energy than these are the CBD Haze strain that we recommend you try.

  1. Hawaiian Haze
  2. Honolulu Haze
  3. Suver Haze
  4. Purple Haze
  5. Super Lemon Haze
  6. Watermelon Haze
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