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Best THCa Flower & Top #8 High THCa Strains of 2024

Let’s decipher the murky waters of THCa flower and how it differs from cannabis. Is it really hemp or just slipping through a legal loophole? Also, the #8 best THCa strains you can buy online.
Staff Editor
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⚡️ Best THCa flower strains

Is THCa just cannabis in disguise?

Hemp-derived legal highs, such as Delta 8 and HHC, continue to explode in popularity, but many people are unaware that can now buy cannabis legally online through yet another legal loophole.

It’s called THCa flower and it will get you as high as a kite, just like regular high-THC cannabis.

So, what is high THCa hemp flower and how is it that you can buy THCa flower online? In this article, we’re going to explain what THCa flower is and then tell you where you can buy the best THCa strains.

What is high THCa flower?

If you see THCa flower for sale, what you’re essentially looking at are cannabis buds marketed as hemp or put differently, it’s CBD flower that gets you high. To be classified as hemp, the flower needs to contain 0.3% or less of the compound Delta-9 THC, so as long as the actual D9 THC level is compliant, vendors can technically sell THCa flower as hemp.

This cannabis-ish distinction gets especially murky for hemp flower when the buds contain percentages of +15% THCa. Flower with high percentages of THCa could easily be sold in cannabis dispensaries and pass for weed.

Apple Smacks cbd buds review
Hemp or cannabis?

How is THCa flower made?

The best THCa flower isn’t actually “made” but grown, as THCa is produced naturally in the glandular trichomes of the cannabis plant.

However, some companies have taken to infusing THCa distillate with hemp flower to create THCa flower, joints, and pre-rolls (all the vendors recommended here sell authentic THCa flower).


THCa stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. It is the acidic precursor to THC, meaning that it’s produced in cannabis flowers before THC, so THC cannot physically exist without THCa. CBD also comes from an acidic precursor called CBDa, CBG comes from CBGa, and so on.

These acidic compounds haven’t had a lot of research carried out on them just yet, so we know very little about their potential therapeutic benefits, but the little we do know is already very promising. Preclinical studies have shown that CBDa and CBGa may be able to prevent the Covid-19 virus from entering and infecting human cells (more on that in my article here).

THCa has already demonstrated potent antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties, but the vast majority of people who are buying THCa flower are not looking to benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of the compound. Instead, they’re usually buying it for the intoxicating effects of THC.

Does THCa flower get you high?

THCa flower in it’s raw (unheated) state won’t get you high, but the moment you add heat (via smoking, vaping, or cooking), it will get you high (just like regular cannabis).

You see, THCa turns into THC when you apply heat, through a process called decarboxylation. Current estimations say that around 87.7% of the THCa in flower will be converted into Delta-9 THC when you heat it, which of course happens automatically when you smoke or vape it.

Learn how to roll a joint here or vape it in a dry herb vaporizer, like the XMAX V3 PRO from Planet of the Vapes.

THC vs THCa in flower

So, you may be wondering what the difference is between THC flower and THCa flower?

And the answer is that there really is no difference. What we know and refer to as high-THC flower is in fact high-THCa flower. They are one and the same, but in order to be classified as hemp the flower must contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, whereas “true” cannabis flower could have slightly more than this.

Cannabis labelling

Take a look at the sticker below that comes on cannabis flower from a dispensary in Washington state. This sticker is known as the “variable data sticker” and it contains all the legally necessary information that changes from harvest to harvest.

The sticker is printed out and put on top of the branded cannabis packaging to show consumers exactly what they are getting when they purchases the product.

Notice how the THC percentage is 0.80% which puts the product under the cannabis classification. The THCa percentage on the other hand is 25.91% meaning that smoking the flower will get you super stoned.

THCa flower cannabis label
Sticker on cannabis flower showing THCa at 25.91% and THC at 0.80%

And below are lab results from a cannabis strain sold in the California recreational market.

cannabis lab results
Lab results from a CA cannabis brand showing and Delta-9 THC at 0.82% and THCa at 33.20%

Now let’s take a look at the lab result of a high THCa hemp strain.

Notice how the Delta-9 THC (Δ-9 THC) is below .3% which legally classifies the flower as hemp. The THCa on the other hand is over 21% which translates into a seriously psychoactive high.

THCA CBD flower
Lab results from one of the best THCa hemp flower brands on the market showing Delta-9 THC at 0.267% and THCa at 21.66%

Yes, THCa flower is legal across most of the USA. As long as that Delta 9 THC level remains compliant (under 0.3% dry weight), then THCa flower does technically fall under the hemp category, making it fully legal at the federal level.

In a letter sent at the beginning of last year (January 2022), Terrence L Boos from the DEA said “material that is derived or extracted from the cannabis plant such as tissue culture and any other genetic material that has a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of no more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis meets the legal definition of “hemp” and is thus not controlled under the CSA [Controlled Substances Act].

Pretty crazy, right?

So is this good or bad?

We at CBD Incubator think that it’s a great thing that as many people as possible get access to cannabis and this is 100% a step in the right direction!

However, remember that the current legal framework is being “bent” and that could result in stricter laws that end up holding back proper federal legalization of cannabis.

Best THCa hemp flower strains

If you’re looking to get legally high from smoking your hemp flower then I recommend ditching the Delta 8 flower (which I’ve always thought was harsh to smoke and often not clean) and instead, look for high THCa hemp flower.

As always, we’ve done the research for you, so here are the #8 best THCa flower strains online right now to get you high as a kite 🪁

1. Blueberry Slushie

THCa flower - Blueberry Slushie strain
Blueberry Slushie THCa flower

Does anyone else ever get butterflies when they open up a brand new, fresh bag of flower? Well, Blueberry Slushie was like that for me the first time and every time after. It stinks! And the buds look like they’ve been dipped in tiny crystals. 🤤

I couldn’t get the joint rolled fast enough and as soon as I took my first hit, I knew I’d found something special. How can something taste so sweet and creamy and tangy all at the same time? I was still pondering this as the tranquility and calm washed over me and time seemed to stand still for a moment.

The feelings of euphoria and relaxation are strong, but I can still go about my day, albeit at a more leisurely pace than usual.

This rare, potent, and totally more-ish strain came about by crossing the (equally delicious-sounding) Blueberry Cookies with Georgia Pie strains.

Blueberry Slushie is typically quite a potent strain (20%+), but Arete Hemp’s harvest is pushing a whopping 25% THCa (24.9%, to be exact). You really don’t want to miss it.

Click here to buy from Arete Hemp

2. Tropical Cherry

Tropical Cherry THCa flower
Tropical Cherry THCa flower

I love Tropical Cherry 😍 – a balanced sativa-dominant strain with around 20% THCa. It may not be as strong as some of the others on paper, but it certainly makes an impression when it comes to effects.

I experienced an almost-immediate boost in mood and energy. I felt calm, happy, positive, and focused – an ideal mood to be in for socializing and activities. Maybe even housework would be fun(?!). The world seems brighter and more colorful with a few hits of Tropical Cherry under your belt.

Oh, and she’s a feast for the eyes and tastebuds too (obviously, she wouldn’t be on this list otherwise). The big, beautiful, lavender buds that look like they’ve been coated in sugar and the sweet and sour cherry flavor is to die for. Looking for your next wake and bake strain? You just found it.

Click here to buy from Secret Nature

3. Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato THCa flower
Lemon Cherry Gelato THCa flower

You could pretty much cross any strain with Girl Scout Cookies and I can guarantee it’ll be on my next shopping list. But this Lemon Cherry Gelato strain is something else.

It’s the result of a GSC and Sunset Sherbet cross and, after breaking open the seal on the bag, it was love at first smell, then sight, taste, and then high. All of it.

These sparkly, dark purple buds smell super funky, sour, and diesel-y. They’re a bit smaller than your typical bud, but it doesn’t take away from their beauty.

This is another versatile hybrid strain that starts with an uplifting head high that makes me feel creative and focused. A few puffs later, the gentle body buzz sets in, relieving all of my tension and stress without making me feel lazy.

There’s a LOT to love about this strain and, as always, Arete Hemp has done a superb job with 21.9 THCa, a perfect cure, and a neat trim to boot.

Click here to buy from Arete Hemp

4. Miracle Alien Cookies (aka MAC)

Miracle Alien Cookies High THCa Hemp Flower

Miracle Alien Cookies THCa flower is a 50/50 hybrid that delivers around 20% THCa. It has a particularly delicious and complex flavor, both sweet and spicy, and it delivers a lovely all over body relaxation that is great for Netflix and chilling.

Click here to buy from Bloomz

Click here to buy from Arete Hemp

5. Mocha

Mocha THCa flower

Mocha has around 20% THCa and a wonderful terpene profile with tropical flavors and uplifting “haze” type effects. I enjoy this strain in the morning for days when I don’t need to work or leave my apartment.

It does have pretty strong effects and fills me with energy but it gave me moments where I just stared into empty space, forgot what I was doing and made silly mistakes. I guess that’s what it means when labels say “don’t operate heavy machinery” 🤷‍♀️

Click here to buy from Secret Nature

15% coupon code: 15LIFE

6. Runtz

THCa flower - Runtz strain
Runtz THCa flower

With its incredible effects and unique flavor profile, it’s no surprise that Runtz THCa is a highly sought-after strain. By crossing the iconic Zkittlez and Gelato strains, the Runtz Crew did us all a serious favor.

It’s a strange name choice as there is nothing runt-like about this strain at all. It tastes as pungent as it smells and I immediately notice the sweet, fruitiness reminiscent of its parentage. On the inhale, a burst of tropical fruitiness, and on the exhale, a lingering candy-like sweetness.

Runtz continues to impress in the effects department. As a true 50/50 hybrid strain, Runtz THCa induces a euphoric and uplifting high, followed by a gentle relaxation that is perfect for unwinding without locking me to the couch. 

For me, this strain strikes a perfect balance between cerebral stimulation and sublime comfort in the body. This is going to be a big hit with recreational and medicinal users alike, especially those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and mild pain.  

Clocking in at 17.7% THCa, it’s not one of the most potent strains out there, but definitely one of the most enjoyable.

Arete Hemp has three different phenotypes of (hydroponically-grown) Runtz flower available. If I were you, I’d get them all.

Click here to buy from Arete Hemp

7. Alien OG (X)

Gorilla Glue High THCa Hemp Flower

To me, Alien OG is one of those quintessential weed strains. From its perfectly formed lime-green, plump buds, covered in orange hairs and frosting, to its pungent, complex, gassy-piney aromas and taste, it’s the epitome of chronic, grade A flower. 

As soon as I opened the bag I had a huge smile on my face and once the first few puffs set in, I was still smiling, but my eyelids had become much more droopy. I can only imagine how high I looked because Alien OG feels anything but stealthy.

This strain is known for its high potency, usually exceeding 20%, and, as a classic indica-dominant strain should, it delivers cozy-feeling, sedating, heavy-body effects. Which is to be expected from its three powerhouse kush parents, I suppose (Master OG, Platinum OG, and OG #18).

Click here to buy from Arete Hemp

8. Platinum OG

Bloomz Platinum OG THCa flower (1)

Platinum OG is one of the strongest THCa strains around at the moment with 23.91% THCa (which will decarb to around 21.18% THC), as well as 1.73% CBG. This earthy and herbal tasting strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (75/25) that provides an intense physical high which will melt your limbs to the couch within just a couple of hits.

Alongside the body high, Platinum OG is also fantastic for calming and numbing your mind, so I recommend waiting until your ready for bed before lighting up that joint.

You may also want to check out their HHC flower while you’re at it.

Click here to buy from Bloomz

THCa weed for symptom relief

It’s worth noting that the strains listed above are hemp flower strains with THCa, not CBD flower strains with THCa. They’re not classed as CBD flower strains because none of the strains above actually contain detectable levels of CBD.

We all know by now that THC has a number of therapeutic uses, but it also helps to enhance the medicinal benefits of CBD in a phenomenon called the entourage effect.

So, if you’re interested in using high THCa flower for symptom relief, then you might want to combine it with CBD for the best effects. Some medicinal users don’t appreciate the level of intoxication that’s caused by THC and CBD can help reduce this too. Some users can get quite sever paranoid when smoking pure THCa buds so you may want to consider mixing in CBD flower to make the experience less intense.

One option is to buy some high THCa flower online and mix it with some CBD flower before you smoke or vape it. If it’s your first time experimenting with THCa flower, then I recommend you start with a very small amount and gradually increase it as you get used to how it makes you feel.

The other option is to look for CBD flower with high THCa levels. A strain like Unicorn Butter (available from WNC CBD) has 12% CBD and nearly 2% THCa so it’s not designed to get you super high but instead offer more enhanced symptom relief.

Where can I buy the best THCa flower online?

If you’re looking for the best THCa flower for sale, I highly recommend you check out Arete Hemp or Secret Nature. Both brands are highly respected in the hemp flower space and have sought legal advice before selling their high THCa flower strains (published online).

At the time of writing, both companies had at least six of these high THCa flower strains in stock, but several of them are limited edition strains and are bound to sell out quickly (so get them while you can!).

UPDATE: Secret Nature has also just added a fantastic selection of high THCA hemp flower strains to their menu! They must be getting small batches though because they’re also selling out really quickly, but Mocha has just come back in stock (Apr 23) 🥳

ANOTHER UPDATE: Binoid has also just launched their own line of flower under the brand name, “Bloomz“. They already have seven high THCa strains on their menu, as well as THC-O, HHC, and Delta 8 flower. Their THCa disposable vapes are freaking awesome too!

Both Arete Hemp and WNC CBD also sell THCa diamonds (aka crystals), which are highly potent concentrates. I would only recommend THCa diamonds for the more experienced THC users out there. If Delta 8 isn’t strong enough for you and you enjoy getting as high as possible, then you’re going to fall in love with these bad boys.

Bloomz sister company, Binoid, also has a great selection of THCa carts and disposables for all you vaping enthusiasts.

Buy THCa flower while you still can!

No-one knows what the future of high THCa hemp flower holds, so if you love getting high, are curious about it, or are seeking more effective symptom relief, then I seriously recommend you buy some THCa flower now while you still can.

THCa flower for sale

Arete Hemp, Bloomz, and Secret Nature are allowing you to buy premium quality, legal hemp flower that will get you high af – at least a high as any self-respecting THC cannabis flower from a dispensary might. I’ve tried THCa flower from a number of different vendors now, but these are my favorites for their consistently great quality and prices.

Good luck and enjoy.

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