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Best CBD Teas of 2021

Best CBD Teas of 2021

  • CBD tea tasting and testing
  • Buddha Teas
  • CBD American Shaman
  • The Brothers Apothecary
  • What is CBD tea?
  • Making CBD tea yourself
Best CBD teas

CBD tea tasting and testing

In this article I take a look at the most popular brands of CBD tea that you are likely to see in 2021.

I tried each tea for one week to see if there was a difference in the health benefits, over all feeling and taste. Each CBD tea was prepared exactly the same (one minute in hot water and no milk or sweetener added) and drank at the same time each afternoon.

These are the results of my best CBD tea of 2021.

Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas offer a wide selection of CBD teas mixed with other herbs and spices. I went for their CBD tea with turmeric and ginger but I have also tried their Mushroom Defence tea earlier this year and found it very beneficial to my overall health and wellness.

The turmeric and ginger blend is powerful in and of itself but with cannabidiol added it takes things to another level.

The flavor is very mild and soothing. Personally, I really like to feel the ginger burn in the back of my throat a little (especially during winter months) so I would recommend adding a few fresh slices to anyone who wants a spicier kick.

The overall feeling is super calming with strong anti-anxiety effect. If you are prone to getting the jitters or feel like life can be a bit too hectic, this tea is a great way to slow things down and feel more grounded. For me, it really helps with better focus and less distractions.

The price is around $1 per cup which seems like a fair price for such a high quality product.

I highly recommend Buddha Teas who in my opinion offer the best CBD teas on the market today!


CBD American Shaman

American Shaman is known for great full spectrum CBD products ranging from CBD and CBG flower to oils and gummies.

Their CBD tea is a cold and sparkly variation that feels more like soda than anything else. I went for two boxes of the Mango Orange Peel flavor.

The flavor is great, not too sweet and with a pleasant mango taste that is quite refreshing. To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a CBD tea but more of a CBD soft drink but I guess that’s just a matter of definition…

I did get that nice relaxing CBD feeling shortly after drinking tea but not as powerful as with the Buddha Tea.

I would recommend American Shaman CBD tea for hot summer days when you want something refreshing that will calm your nerves. Perhaps this is a winner on the golf course or for athletes who want to take the edge off while calming their thirst.


The Brothers Apothecary

Oregon based The Brothers Apothecary is a true CBD wellness company with high integrity and exceptional products. I have known about these guys for quite some time but never actually got around to trying their products before this.

Their CBD teas come in a wide variety of blends (13 unique blends at this time). I went for the “Buddha’s Berry” which is a blend of green tea, tulsi, blackberry leaves and hemp.

The flavor is quite sharp and it has a strong hempy smell which dominates the overall experience. I am not in love with the flavor but seeing as both green tea and hemp are quite powerful in their aroma and taste I wasn’t expecting anything delicious.

The feeling of this blend is where the magic is at!

Within 45 minutes of drinking the cup I felt a warm relaxing calm takeover my body. It’s a very gentle feeling of complete relaxation but without any sleepiness. I did feel a sense of focus and mental clarity along with relaxed muscles and deeper breathing.

Although the taste is not the best I can definitely see myself keeping a few bags of Buddha’s Berry around the house for days when my anxiety flairs up or before going to a social event. the high CBD concentration of this blend is great way to gently guide myself back to comfort and confidence.


What is CBD tea?

CBD tea is just what it sounds like, a blend of high CBD hemp flower that has been activated through a process of decarboxylation. Those active CBD rich herbs are added to a tea blend and is enjoyed steeped in hot water.

It is often mixed with other herbs and spices such as turmeric, peppermint, ginger and/or other tea leaves to improve the flavor and extend the health benefits to more than just the ones provided by CBD.

CBD tea offers you great health food without psychoactive effects!

CBD tea can create an extremely relaxing experience since the blend of herbs naturally puts your body and mind into a state to peace and calm.

Although CBD itself is not water soluble, scientists have found ways to transform CBD oil into a powder that can dissolve more easily in water. This conversion process also means that you can consume the product in ways other than holding an eye dropper under your tongue. Using the water-soluble concept, you can turn the product into a dissolvable powder for a drink or a capsule for easy consumption on the go.

Read more about water-soluble CBD here

Making CBD tea yourself

You can actually make your own CBD tea if you are a little resourceful. Making your own tea has the benefit of giving you more control of the potency and effect while being a lot cheaper.

In order to make your own CBD tea you need to “activate” loose CBD flower from your favorite vendor by decarboxylating it.

Decarboxylation is heating up your herb in order to active it which makes it bioavailable for the human body.

You can decarboxylate your CBD or CBG flower by grinding it up and putting it in the oven at 245°F for one hour.

Next, you will need a fat (usually coconut oil) in order to metabolize the flower. Mix up a teaspoon of the fat and a heaped teaspoon of the activated herb before pouring in hot water and let it rest for 5 minutes before straining it and enjoying it.

You can add your favorite tea blend to the water for a better taste and balanced effect but DO NOT add lemon juice or any other acid since it will ruin the CBD.

View the video below to see how to make CBD tea at home.

Best CBD Teas of 2021

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