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From Pain Relief To Anxiety Management 10 Celebs Who Swear By CBD

From pain relief to anxiety management: 10 celebs who swear by CBD

Use of CBD has skyrocketed amongst people from all walks of life in recent years and has spread into the lifestyles of popular culture all over the globe. 
Hayley Smith
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A-list celebrities are turning to CBD

Many celebrities now have the confidence to speak openly about their use of CBD products to manage anxiety, depression, sleep, arthritis, parkinsons, general aches and pains and as part of their pre or post exercise routine, to name a few. 

From A-list Hollywood stars to models and to some of the best athletes in the world, celebrities, just like the rest of us, can’t get enough of this powerful botanical and the relief it provides. Celebrity endorsement of products like gummies, oils, skin care products and dissolvables has a huge impact on the popularity of CBD, raising awareness of its potential…

From Pain Relief To Anxiety Management 10 Celebs Who Swear By CBD

Let’s jump right into 10 of the many celebs who swear by CBD…

Tom Hanks

Movie legend and film producer, Tom Hanks, is very open about his use of CBD oil to manage his anxiety and arthritis.

After years of trying different pills to manage his mental health, Hanks decided it was time for a change. He reports that CBD has enabled him to take the edge off of his anxiety whilst still allowing him to feel himself, something which he found unable to do with traditionally prescribed anxiety medication. He also says that this magic oil has helped reduce his aches and pains by 90%, especially in providing relief from arthritis in his knees.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, influencer, businesswoman, model and reality TV star from the well-known series The Kardashian’s is a huge advocate of CBD products. 

The former wife of Kanye West and mother of three often struggled with getting to sleep after a busy day. Kim says she nibbles a little bit of a CBD gummy in order to snooze off and calm her mind. The star reports that CBD has changed her life and she would never consider taking Xanax or sleeping pills again.

Martha Stewart

Well known for being a domestic goddess and all-round TV legend, Martha Stewart, has set up her own CBD company, Martha Stewart CBD, selling tasty gummies, soft gels and oils.

The 82 year old considers CBD to be the natural remedy for managing life’s difficulties and swears by a couple of drops of CBD oil under her tongue before bed each night, Stewart said that using CBD was one of her keys to getting through lockdown with a positive mindset and that it made the isolation more bearable. 

Stewart’s unlikely friendship with rap legend and renowned weed smoker, Snoop Dogg is well known and documented in current media and had a huge part to play in her awakening to the world of CBD. Martha told New York Times that she was reintroduced to cannabis when she sat next to Snoop on the 2015 Bieber Roast. She said that after 7 hours of sitting next to Snoop whilst he smoked many blunts she realized she had gotten high from the 2nd hand smoke – an experience which she really enjoyed. 

Their longstanding friendship led to the two of them collaborating to create TV show Martha and Snoops Potluck Dinner Party and partake in many interviews within which they express the quality and depth of their unique friendship along with CBD products. Martha says that CBD products are part of her wellness and health routine and she saw the need to make CBD a more appealing and pleasurable experience by creating her own brand of yummy CBD treats which come in varying strengths.

Michael J. Fox

Retired actor and medical marijuana activist, Micheal J. Fox, uses medical marijuana and CBD products to manage symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991 and has since been an advocate in removing federal barriers to medical marijuana research. He has expressed his love of CBD in many interviews and says that it has helped him to “emerge from the darkness of Parkinson’s”. Fox has set up The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to help address this issue, improving education and understanding about the benefits of medical marijuana products in managing Parkinson’s.

Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight champion, actor and TV personality, Mike Tyson, is an avid grower, co-founder and chief brand officer for his own cannabis company Tyson 2.0

Tyson is passionate and vocal about his love for cannabis and the impact it’s had on his mental and physical wellbeing. He said he started his company to help others relieve their emotional pain and for use in the athletic arena. Tyson refers to CBD muscle rub as miracle oil for athletes and promotes applying the cannabinoid rub topically to an area which is sore or tight either before or after a workout. Tyson is heavily involved in every aspect of his company and his passion for all things CBD and cannabis is apparent in the quality of his products. 

Tyson even released an edible gummy named Mike’s Bites which are in the shape of an ear with a chunk missing – a nod to the infamous moment Tyson bit off his opponent’s ear in the Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship and was disqualified over 25 years ago.

Jennifer Aniston

Much loved Friends actress and Hollywood movie star Jennifer Aniston has been a supporter of CBD for a long while. 

Aniston has expressed that CBD products help with her pain, stress and anxiety. She says it has all the benefits of marijuana but without the high. The household name is also a huge advocate for CBD beauty products – judging by her fabulously maintained body and beauty, she is certainly doing something right! 

Perhaps we all need to take a leaf out of Ansiton’s book – could CBD be a secret to apparent eternal youth?

Kristen Bell

Frozen actress and romcom-queen, Kristen Bell, is another big name who swears by CBD to get her through daily life. Bell has been open about her use of CBD on social media to help with anxiety and physical pain. Bell explained that she first tried CBD when she confided in a friend about some back pain she’d had, and her friend pulled some CBD cream out of her bag. 

At first, Bell said she was skeptical how much CBD could help her back (that had been aching for 2 weeks at this point) but she was surprised to find that after only 5 minutes her back felt 85% better. Bell also reports that she uses CBD body lotion to help with her sore muscles after a workout.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has one of those legendary voices you could recognise in a heartbeat. Freeman is a trusted and loved actor known for his roles in household favorites such as Shawshank Redemption, Se7en and Lean on Me, to name just a few. 

Following a car accident in 2008, Freeman developed a condition called fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition which can affect the whole body, causing widespread pain, muscle stiffness, IBS, headaches, brain fog, and it often has a big impact on mental wellbeing. There is very little known about the cause of Fibromyalgia and how to treat its symptoms. In an attempt to manage his chronic pain in a natural way, Freeman turned to CBD products and has never looked back. 

Freddie Flintoff 

Legendary cricketer, TV presenter, comedian and MBE, Freddie Flintoff, is a lover of CBD oil. 

Flintoff was formerly world captain for the British Cricket team and is a respected Brit in the world of sporting as well as general TV entertainment, so he is a trusted character among the Brits. Flintoff swears by CBD-infused Nut Butter as both a health supplement and much needed post-workout protein hit.

Flintoff is an investor in Naturecan, a CBD health business based around high quality products and transparency for the consumer. It’s great to see another well-known athlete promoting CBD for its benefits in the realm of sport and highlighting the performance-enhancing properties of CBD.

Seth Rogen

No list would be complete without a mention of, perhaps the world’s most beloved-stoner, Seth Rogen. 

Following his movies like Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, his TV appearances, and publicly exclaimed love of marijuana and CBD, Rogen was likely the first person you thought of when you read the title of this article. 

The comedian was ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting marijuana legalization and endorsement of all-things-cannabis. Rogen even has his own Canada-based marijuana business, called Houseplant, which sells gorgeously packaged sativa, indica and hybrid flowers. 

Rogen is a huge advocate for research into CBD and THC on physical and mental conditions. Following the Alzheimer’s diagnosis of his mother-in-law in 2014, Rogen appeared in congress to promote further research into the medical uses of cannabinoids. He is particularly passionate in further exploring its uses following the family diagnosis and witnessing first hand the impact that a condition like Alzeimer’s can have on an individual and their family, especially with minimal alternative treatment options.

Celebrity endorsement and the explosion of CBD

There are celebrities from all areas of stardom who love the healing properties provided by the cannabis plant (both CBD and marijuana). It’s fantastic to see athletes publically celebrating the use of CBD in their sporting performance and to hear the real life stories of the life-changing impact CBD has had on those with serious health conditions like Parkinson’s or arthritis. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, celebrities have a huge influence over the products we consume and the attitudes that people have towards topics like CBD and cannabis in general. It is clear that celebrities opening up about the many benefits of CBD has had a big role to play in its mass expansion to all areas of life and we hope that this helps to raise awareness of the personal, medical and social benefits that CBD can have for people across the world. 

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