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Best Delta 8 Cigarettes

My Top 3 Best Delta 8 Cigarettes: Real-Life, Honest Testing!

Whether you’re looking for Delta 8 cigarettes to get you high or for instant relief, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out who’s producing the most potent Delta 8 cigarettes on the market, as well as the nicest tasting and smoothest smoking ones.
Staff Editor
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I think I’m becoming the world’s leading D8 THC expert

I’ve been writing about Delta 8 for many years now and have covered literally everything I could think of, from what Delta 8 is, how it’s made, right the way through to my favorite Delta 8 gummy and vape brands (Vance Global, Binoid and Galaxy Treats, in case you’re wondering).

So how is it that I’ve completely managed to leave out Delta 8 cigarettes until now? I honestly don’t know, but it’s better late than never, eh?

I’m a big fan of the Delta 8 compound but I’ve never made a secret of finding Delta 8 flower to be pretty harsh when it’s smoked, which is one of the reasons why I love Delta 8 cigarettes so much. It’s a smoother and tastier experience. This is what I learned after trying delta-8 THC cigarettes from the leading brands.

What are delta 8 cigarettes?

Delta 8 cigarettes are made of hemp flower that has had Delta 8 sprayed onto it (see how is Delta 8 flower made here). Then that flower is packed into a rolling paper with a large cigarette-like filter on one end of it.

The resulting experience is more enjoyable than a Delta 8 pre roll for some people, me included, simply because the filter removes most of the harshness.

In my job, as you can imagine, I’ve smoked a lot of different hemp cigarette brands over the years, so you could call me something of an expert. In fact, earlier this year I investigated who had the best CBD cigarettes. This was no mean feat as I tested 12 different brands, which included sending them off for lab testing to find out what we were really smoking.

So, I thought, why not do it again for Delta 8 cigarettes? I sent off a bunch of Delta 8 cigarettes for testing, cut them open to have a snoop at what was inside, and smoked them (boy, is my job hard).

So, while other websites might simply have opinions on who is producing the best Delta 8 cigarettes, I can go one better by not just sharing my opinion, but also showing you what my independent lab tests revealed. Now that’s commitment to the cause!

Best Delta 8 cigarettes & THC cigarette brands

What did I learn from testing over ten different delta-8 THC cigarette brands? Well, I learned that Delta 8 lab testing costs more than CBD potency testing, but that’s another story for another time…

Aside from that, I also learned that not all Delta 8 cigarettes are created equally and not everyone tells the truth about their Delta 8 content! I won’t name and shame here, but some of these brands, well-known ones at that, have potency reports online that totally conflict with my results.

And I trust the results I got because I used a very reputable lab called ACS Labs. ACS Labs has developed a highly accurate THC potency test that can tell the difference between the different types of THC.

Rather than spend my time writing about the brands that didn’t make it this list, I’m going to shower my time and attention on these three brands instead, my winners of best Delta 8 THC cigarettes of 2023.

1. Vance Global Delta 8 cigarettes

Best overall winners
Vance Global Delta 8 cigarettes
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
#1 — Best in class!

Now, if you’ve read either my best CBD cigarettes article or my Vance Global review, then you might think that I’m biased by choosing these guys as the winners of best Delta 8 cigarettes too. But I can assure you that we are not related and I have no reason to recommend one brand over another, other than the fact that they’re just better!

Vance Global Delta 8 cigarettes review

So, why did I choose Vance Global as my overall winner for best Delta 8 cigarettes? Here are some of the factors I took into consideration:


A pack of Vance Global D8 cigarettes costs $24.99 for 10 cigarettes.


Firstly, I love the way these cigarettes smoke, which is smoothly and slowly, like a nice happy medium between a cigarette and a joint. What I mean by that is that they smoke smoothly like a cigarette, but they also burn slowly and go out when you put them down in an ashtray, like a joint does (must be the hemp paper).

And talking of putting one of their cigarettes down, you might need a break in between as just one cigarette packs in a massive 74 mg of Delta 8.

The experience is definitely happy, heady, and giggly. It’s kind of like a Delta 9 THC high but it doesn’t hit you like a ton of bricks like D9 does. D9 THC can be very overwhelming and, if you’re very unlucky, make you feel quite sick in true whitey fashion.

Instead, the effects from these cigarettes kinda creep up on you. You realize about half an hour later that you are indeed extremely high and have been for a little while now, either rolling on the floor laughing at something the dog might have said (if he could talk) or sitting on the floor with your head stuck in the fridge.

If you take the cigarette a little slower, which I did the second time around, you can enjoy a really pleasant and mellow buzz. I felt super relaxed and happy.

Either way, these cigarettes make for a really fun and thoroughly enjoyable night.

A note on their THC-O cigarettes

Slightly off topic here I know, but talking of fun nights… I’d also like to mention Vance Global’s THC-O cigarettes. As far as I know, the only cigarettes of their kind on the market and well worth a try, especially if you happen to be visiting their shop anyway.

They are the perfect high for going out and socializing at clubs and bars, because you feel high (more interested in life, self-aware, and euphoric) but completely in control of your senses. I love them!

UPDATE: Vance Global’s THC-O cigarettes (and gummies) have been taken off the market following the DEA’s recent announcement concerning THC-O. BUT, they have been replaced with a new line-up of HHC products!


Vance Global advertises 50 mg of Delta 8 per smoke (and 100mg of CBD), but what you actually get is 74 mg of Delta 8 and 140 mg of CBD, making these cigarettes potent af. A single Vance contains 224 mg total cannabinoids and at $2.50 per cigarette, these cigarettes are insanely affordable.

This incredible total cannabinoid potency also makes these cigarettes the best choice for medicinal users.

Lab reports

OK, I’ll admit that Vance Global’s potency is way over what they advertise, but I don’t think I’ve ever complained about getting too many presents at Christmas. I understand that inaccurate dosing labels can cause more of a problem when it comes to dosing for medicinal purposes, but I don’t see many recreational users having problems with this.

Whatever points I took away from Vance for inaccurate dosing, I gave back to them and more for being the ONLY BRAND WE TESTED to offer full and comprehensive safety testing of their products. That means Vance Global is the only brand I’m aware of right now that is producing Delta 8 cigarettes in a safe and responsible manner, by subjecting them to testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants, but most importantly, residual solvents (as you’ll know if you’ve read my article about the safety of Delta 8 THC).

View our independent lab testing here

Good job guys!

UPDATE (May 2023): The team over at Vance Global have just set us up with a fantastic 25% off discount code, so don’t forget to use “CBDINC25” at the checkout!

View and purchase here

2. Plain Jane Delta 8 cigarettes

Best for a light buzz
Plain Jane Delta 8 cigarettes
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Excellent option

Plain Jane has a great range of cigarettes, including full flavor hemp smokes (check out my Plain Jane review to see what I thought of these), low odor cigarettes, menthols, and these Delta 8 smokes.

Plain Jane Delta 8 cigarettes review

Keep reading to find out why I chose Plain Jane to appear in my top three for best D8 cigarettes:


Plain Jane Delta 8 cigarettes are available at just $19.99 for a pack of 20. They’re the most affordable on this list by far, but when you work out a per milligram price, they’re not the best deal.


I’ve tried several of Plain Jane’s cigarettes now and they always provide a pleasant smoking experience with nice filters and a smooth draw, but they do smoke a lot faster than other brands. I can only assume that they use fast burning papers, or something, like tobacco cigarette companies do.

They provide a nice light buzz, nothing too potent, but a nice accompaniment to a few beers to make you feel a bit more wobbly and giggly than usual.


Plain Jane’s Delta 8 cigarettes don’t claim to be anything they’re not and our results came out stronger, so although I cant explain the discrepancies (different batches?), it’s not as if they’re trying to rip you off by making any wild claims about their super potency (like other brands were).

The pack of smokes we got contained 20 mg of D8 and 40 mg of CBD per cigarette. Nothing to write home about, but as an ex-tobacco-smoker, I appreciate the benefits that these weaker Delta 8 hemp cigarettes offer. And, believe it or not, they were still better than many of the brands I tried!

Lab reports

The lab reports that Plain Jane currently has online claim 1.86% Delta 8, whereas our tests showed 3.19%. Being so weak, they’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea (how terribly British of me), but the price is so low, I think they’ll still appeal to some people.

You should be aware that, like the majority of brands on the market, Plain Jane does not test for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials, or mycotoxins.

View our independent lab testing here

View and purchase here

3. DVNT Delta 8 cigarettes

Best for a heavy buzz
DVNT Delta 8 cigarettes
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Great option

DVNT is my top recommendation for people who are looking for the most potent Delta 8 cigarettes, for the heaviest hitting buzz.

DVNT Delta 8 cigarettes review

Find out why DVNT made it to my top three Delta 8 smokes list, below:


DVNT Delta 8 cigarettes cost $19.99 for a pack of 10. Bargain!


DVNT is the final brand to make it to my “best D8 smokes” list. Like the other two brands, they provide a pleasant smoking experience, being more like Plain Jane when it comes to the speed at which they smoke, but they are slightly harsher, so I had an inkling that they would turn out to be the strongest in Delta 8.

Effects-wise, they were more like Vance Delta 8 cigarettes as they were obviously more potent than Plain Jane from the get go. I felt very euphoric and heady, and my cheeks started hurting from smiling so much.

A note on their blunts

I also got a chance to try some DVNT blunts. They have all different flavors and I had such high hopes, but I’m not a big fan personally. The flavor was just too overwhelming and fake tasting for me. I’m afraid to say that I didn’t even finish one from a pack of two, nor could I give it away. Stick with the cigarettes!


DVNT advertises a potency of 100 mg per smoke, but my testing had them down at 90mg, with 85 mg of CBD as well. Total cannabinoids come in at 197 mg, so not as high as Vance Global in total cannabinoids, but definitely a higher D8 level.

Lab reports

The lab reports weren’t too much lower than the company claims, so we forgive them for that. But we do wish that they offered more comprehensive testing on their cigarettes. Like Plain Jane, DVNT also does not test their products for any potential harmful contaminants.

View our independent lab testing here

View and purchase here

Best Delta 8 hemp cigarettes: Summary

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to writing this Delta 8 cigarettes review! I love Delta 8 cigarettes, so conducting this investigation and writing this review just gave me a great excuse to get tons of freebies and find out, once and for all, who we should be supporting and spending our money on in the future.

Yet again, Vance Global has done a fantastic job by putting out a high-quality, effective, and enjoyable product. I hope you enjoy their smokes as much as I do.

Let me know who your favorite Delta 8 cigarettes are in the comments below!

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