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Does Delta 8 Get You High? We Recommend 2 Tried & Tested Brands

We have tried D8 THC to answer the question Does Delta 8 Make You High?” in order to help you better understand what to expect from D8. Read on…
Hayley Smith
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The Experience of Delta 8 THC

The world of THC is evolving and one particular compound that’s turning more than a few heads is delta 8 THC.

Most people have heard of CBD and THC, as the two most famous, abundant, and well-researched cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis and hemp. In reality, they are just two of well over 100 different cannabinoids that scientists have discovered in cannabis and hemp plants since the 1960s.

In this article, we’ll aim to answer all of your questions about delta 8 THC, including:


What is Delta 8?

The arrival of delta 8 on the hemp scene has brought about an urgent need to reclassify THC in our mind’s eye (as delta 9 THC), as it turns out that there are actually a lot more types of THC than we thought.

As you may already know, delta 9 THC is the highly psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that is responsible for making you feel high. Delta 8 THC, as its name suggests, has a very similar chemical structure to delta 9 THC but delta 8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon in its carbon chain and delta 9 has a double bond on the 9th carbon, hence the names.

As a minor cannabinoid, delta 8 THC can be found in small quantities in both cannabis and hemp and it can also be synthesized in the lab from CBD. This technically makes it federally legal under the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 but it is a legal gray area and 18 states have already banned all types of THC (including delta 8) outright. Read more about that here

Does Delta 8 Make You High?

Yes. Absolutely. Delta 8 does make you feel high. Although how high you feel from it will depend on your current tolerance to delta 9 THC, as well as the amount you take. While more experienced cannabis users will likely feel a slight buzz from delta 8, but less experienced users will almost certainly get high from it.

Delta 8 seems to have become something of a savior for people that don’t have access to legal cannabis, as well as those that find delta 9 THC to be too much and often feel anxious or paranoid when they take it.

How Does Delta 8 Feel?

It’s estimated that delta 8 is around 50-75% as potent as delta 9 (depending on who you speak to and what research you read) and this difference in potency means that delta 8 is offering its users a more smooth and subtle high.

If you enjoy getting high but feel limited by anxiety, then delta 8 is for you. Most delta 8 fans find that this compound allows them to enjoy the euphoriarelaxationcreativity, and improved mood associated with THC, but without any of the nagging in their brain that can come with smoking weed (yay).

It’s probably best described as the middle ground between CBD and delta 9 THC, and due to its legal(ish) status, it’s no wonder that delta 8 has become so very popular since its appearance on the market.

What are Delta 8 Side Effects?

It goes without saying that more research is needed on both the potential therapeutic benefits and adverse effects of delta-8 THC. There are some mild side effects that have been reported by users of delta 8, which are very similar to those of delta 9, including dry mouth, red eyes, and munchies.

Overconsumption may also lead to lethargy, dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, and short-term memory.

However, the real danger associated with delta 8 products is the lack of regulation in the market, which is why it’s vital to buy delta 8 from a reputable and reliable source. Most D8  flower for example comes from low quality CBD flower that has bee sprayed with delta 8. So while the delta 8 may be of good quality the buds themselves may have mold, heavy metals and other horrible things that you definitely don’t want to inhale.

Binoid vape cart Delta 8 and delta 10

Delta-8 THC Products – Tried and Tested

If you’re looking for the safest and most effective delta 8 products, then you need to make sure that you only buy from brands that have their products tested by third parties to verify their contents, purity, and potency.

Across the delta 8 market, there are two brands that jump out to us as market leaders, Binoid CBD and Plain Jane. Their delta 8 products were among the first we ever tried and we LOVE them!

Some hemp companies have given delta 8 a wide berth, but these two both jumped in feet first and their product selection has grown exponentially over the last year or so. They both also enjoy an extremely loyal fanbase and have fantastic customer feedback, with almost every single one of their products being awarded five out of five stars.


Binoid CBD

Binoid offers delta 8 in the form of gummies, softgel capsules, and tinctures. For you smokers out there, they also have a huge range of vape carts, disposable vapes, and even dabs.

We’ve also tried their delta 10 and delta 8 (mixed) Pineapple Express cart, which was very tasty and effective. On top of their own Binoid branded products, they also sell Delta Extrax (formerly Delta Effex), another fantastic brand that specializes exclusively in THC products (just not delta-9 THC). They too enjoy a great reputation in this market, with a wide range of tasty and very effective products.

Read about my test of D8 + D10 here

Plain Jane

Plain Jane offers delta-8 THC gummies and tinctures, plus, for the smokers they have ciggies,  prerolls, blunts, vapes, and you can also buy hemp flower with delta 8 sprayed on if you prefer to roll your own or use a bong or pipe.

The gummies are very nice indeed, but we especially love Plain Janes’ blunts and prerolls and are always really happy with how smoothly and evenly they smoke.



Yes, the delta-8 THC high is definitely for real. But how high it gets you will depend on the amount you take and your current tolerance levels to any other types of THC. A first-time user of THC will usually feel the effects after just a couple of puffs.

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