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Will Delta 8 Show Up On a Drug Test?

Will Delta 8 Show Up On a Drug Test? Well… it depends on the type of drug test. In this article we cover the most common ones and what you can expect.
Hayley Smith
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Cannabis is here to stay… Unfortunately drug testing is too

With a range of options, and an ever increasing amount of people using them, cannabis products are becoming a much more permanent fixture in our society today.

I’m aware you probably know that is the case. But there are sections of society though that haven’t embraced THC products quite as freely as the rest of us. I’m referring to places of work, and of course the federal legal system, with their dreaded drug tests being the focus of today’s article.

Specifically we will be discussing Delta 8 THC and whether or not it shows up in standard drug tests. Depending on which state you live in, Delta 8 THC can be anything from fully legal to flat out illegal.

Although Delta 8 technically is legal on a federal level it is not yet regulated, so there’s obviously going to be some confusion when it comes to legality from state-to-state. So understandably many people worry about whether or not Delta 8 will show up on a drug test.

Types of drug tests

So will delta 8 THC show up on a drug test?

Yes, Delta 8 will show up on most drug test that are currently available on this floating rock we know and love. How long it takes to exit your system depends on a multitude of different factors, and each type of test is different; so there’s no set rule for passing any of them.

There isn’t any kind of evidence to suggest that Delta 8 THC takes a different amount of time to detect compared to regular Delta-9 THC. It’s going to come down to the frequency of your usage, and your own metabolism.

So let’s get going and break down each one of the currently available tests you could come up against:

Urine tests

The most common type of drug test employed today. Detects cannabis use for up to 30 days after last usage. Depending on your usage, this is the amount of time you are looking at: 

Usage per week Time to clear Safe zone
Moderate Users 3 times a week or less 3 days 7 days
Occasional Users 4-5 times per week 5-7 days 14 days
Heavy Users Every day 10-15 days 25 days
Chronic Users Multiple times per day 30 days 45 days

Blood tests

Drugs are quickly metabolized and eliminated from your body, meaning blood analysis has a very small detection window. When it comes to drugs in your blood, they are typically detectable from within the last 2 to 12 hours, again depending on the type of drug and dosage. For comparison, a urine test can trace drugs in your system for several days after the act. While it is accepted that blood tests can detect within a range of hours, frequent or chronic users don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet–heavy usage can mean a blood test can detect cannabis for up to 30 days afterwards.

Saliva tests

Saliva testing is becoming a more popular method for many workplaces, owing heavily to the fact that it can be administered on-site to employees, while they monitor the test themselves as it takes place, eliminating any chance for tampering with a sample. Also it’s much tougher to claim you have a ‘shy mouth’ than a ‘shy bladder’…

Typically a saliva test is able to detect THC up to 24 hours after it has been used, although some people who indulge in heavier usage have reported that the test was able to detect THC in their system up to 72 hours afterwards.

Hair tests

One of the most effective yet rarely used tests in common workplaces, hair testing has a detection rate of up to 90 days after consumption. The reasoning behind this-here comes the science bit-is that cannabinoids get into your hair follicles via the blood vessels. It’s got a high detection rate when it comes to cannabis users. Also, please don’t listen to anyone that tells you to wash your hair the night before if you ever have to face this test, that’s not a proven method to fool this test. 

Hopefully this has proven useful to you. There is a common theme for each of these tests, that theme being moderation. Heavy usage will affect all of these tests, so regular users will find that most of these methods will detect THC in their system. I don’t recommend gaming-AKA cheating-any of these tests, and I sincerely hope the article has not alluded to that being the case…what I would recommend is space out your consumption if you know your workplace is employing these tests regularly, or if they will be in future. As guidelines change, as federal laws are modified, then perhaps we will see some testing methods relaxed or even retired.

I won’t preach though, your usage is your business, and this guide is just that – a guide.

Stay safe out there!

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