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Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021

Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021

  • What are CBD cigarettes
  • How they stack up Vs. pre-rolls
  • What to expect
  • Best CBD cigarettes of 2020
Best CBD Cigarettes

Why CBD cigarettes?

CBD flower has come a very long way since the “bush weed” days of 2016. I recall the first time I smoked a hemp joint and almost lost a lung from the harsh smoke and coughing.

Today you have a multitude of brands, strains and variations to choose from and with regular cigarette sales on the decline, CBD cigarettes have stepped up to become a force to be reckoned with in 2021.

But how do CBD cigarettes stack up Vs. CBD pre-rolls and what are the things you should watch out for when making your first purchase?

Let’s dig in…

Top 4 CBD Cigarettes


Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021 ★★★★★
Alive and Kicking
Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021 ★★★★★
Toast Emerald
Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021 ★★★★☆
Plain Jane
Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021 ★★★★☆

How they stack up Vs. pre-rolls

Let’s start by looking at how CBD cigarettes differ from pre-rolls from a structural angle.

Cigarettes have a different filter and paper that create a very even draws with identical behaviour each time. Pre-rolls or rolling your own joints on the other hand, have variety of papers and filters which makes each joint unique from another. Also, pre-rolls can sometimes get packed too tightly or too loosely causing the cherry to drip to one side.

Smoking CBD cigarettes is also much more “stealth” than smoking a joint. When in public, an unscented CBD cigarette can many times be preferable to a joint that smells and looks like cannabis.

On the other hand…

Pre-rolls and loose CBD flower is easier to check for quality than CBD cigarettes.

When you buy loose CBD buds, you see exactly what you are getting, can choose the strain that you want and consume it however you want. Pre-rolls can sometimes be made with low quality buds or even packed with trim, seeds and stems.

Make sure to buy your pre-rolls from a reputable vendor so you get all flower joints.

Read more about CBD pre-rolls

What to expect from a CBD cigarette?

As usual, your prior experience will dictate your expectations, and since CBD cigarettes can differ immensely from brand to brand it’s important to manage your expectations accordingly.


CBD cigarettes are usually smaller than regular joints (.3g — .7g compared to .5g — 1.5g) and thus have less flower. As such, you get less actual CBD from each unit resulting in a lesser effect.

Also, CBD cigarettes tend to have lower quality flower than pre-rolls. Many brands mix in trim, bio-mass or even other herbs to increase their profit margins.

That being said, there are great brands that offer full flower CBD cigarettes which are very effective and taste great. Plain Jane for example, make their CBD cigarettes using a blend of their Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy strains.

Flavor and smell

The flavor and aroma of CBD cigarettes varies based on a three major factors.

First off, you have the quality of the flower in the cone. When you smoke a low quality hemp cigarette, it’s full of stems, leaves, seeds and other bio-mass that is not flower. That will cause the flavor and smell of the cigarette to be very harsh and unenjoyable.

Better brands have full flower cigarettes that are very enjoyable. However, you’ll get a slightly different flavor than a regular joint due to the filter and bleached papers used in cigarettes.

Secondly, you can choose to get unscented and unflavored (stealth) cigarettes that don’t give off any hempy/cannabis smell. Stealth CBD cigarettes are great for moments when you want it look like you are smoking a regular cigarette but actually puff on CBD.

Thirdly, if you have bought CBD before, you’ll know that you buy flower by the strain. With cigarettes however, you’ll find that most packs don’t actually specify which strain you’re getting.


To be honest, I prefer rolling my own CBD joints (or getting pre-rolls for when I’m lazy). But I find that it’s difficult to finish an whole .75 gram joint before putting it aside for a later moment. That is especially true during the day when I have a lot work to complete.

CBD cigarettes on the other hand, are a quick way to smoke CBD without the whole ritual of a joint.

Cigarette smokers or ex-cigarette smokers will love these since the action, look and feel of CBD cigs are essentially the same as with regular cigarettes.

What to look out for before buying

You should purchase CBD cigarettes from a brand that tells it like it is!

It should be easy to see what the strain in cigarette is, what the CBD percentage is and if it is mixed with anything other than the whole flower.

Read the reviews before you buy and if in doubt, get in touch with the vendor to ask what’s in the product.

Reddit to the rescue

It’s no secret that I love to stay up-to-date on the Reddit community so learn from the masses. CBD Sub-Reddits are a great source of information on different brands, strains and any other CBD related information.

Take some information on Reddit with with a pinch of salt though…

In doing my research I came across this brilliant Reddit thread in which the author cut open various CBD cigarettes to show how the content actually looked. Check out the photos here (plz let me know in the comments if the link is broken).

Best CBD cigarettes of 2021

Have some fun and try different vendors until you find the product that works the best for you. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve collected our top 3 CBD cigarettes below.

Effectiveness 92%
Taste 90%
Presentation 97%
Price 88%
Overall Value 92%

Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking offers surprisingly good CBD cigarettes with .3 grams of whole CBD flower in each unit.

.3 grams might sound like too small of a dose but it turns out to be a very nice micro-dose and it allows you to smoke a whole cig quickly in between tasks.

The flavor is better than all other CBD cigarettes I’ve tried so far. They also burn and smoke perfectly, have cool packaging and a fairly high CBD percentage.

The Alive and Kicking cigarettes have zero (!) THC so they are an ideal choice for people who want to stay away from THC completely while enjoying the benefits of smoking CBD.

A&K is our standout brand for CBD cigarettes in 2021. They offer a unique an fun product that fits perfectly into a lifestyle on-the-go. Five stars!


Effectiveness 91%
Taste 88%
Presentation 98%
Price 83%
Overall Value 90%

Toast Emerald

Toast Emerald has a full line of great CBD products but it’s the CBD cigarettes that most called my attention.

The packaging is super sleek in gold and green with a magnetic strip that snaps the pack closed.

The cigarettes themselves are of high quality with what feels like mostly flower. The strains are a mix of Oregon grown hemp flower only I am not sure exactly which.

They smoke smoothly with a subtle but definitely noticeable effect.


Effectiveness 83%
Taste 80%
Presentation 80%
Price 97%
Overall Value 84%

Plain Jane

Plain Jane offers a cool CBD flower blend with Lifter, Elektra and Sour Space Candy that has been filtered (don’t know how) to not smell or taste like hemp flower.

These are great for going incognito with the CBD smoking in public. The flavor is a bit too soft to truly make them anything that I would buy for smoking pleasure but the price to value is great.


Effectiveness 80%
Taste 92%
Presentation 90%
Price 83%
Overall Value 82%

Sugar Cali

Our final recommendation for you to try is made by Sugar. These cigarettes will be particularly well suited to people that are on the lookout for a flavored cigarette.

They have sweetened filters and you can choose from original creme, vanilla or peppermint flavor to help compliment the natural flavor of the hemp. 

These all-flower, no-stems cigarettes are well made, burning slowly, evenly, and smoothly. A pack of 20 contains 1,000mg of CBD in total, offering a generous 50mg per serving. 


Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021

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