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The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains

The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains

  • An Industry In Bloom
  • What is Smokable Hemp?
  • The Benefits of CBD Flower
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Buyers Guide
  • CBD Flower Power
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CBD Hemp Flower Is A Booming Market

The CBD flower market is just beginning to blossom with premium grade smokable hemp flower becoming more widely available, both online and in stores.

Whether you’re wanting to feel health benefits from taking CBD, or you want to enjoy an herbal smoke without the high, smokable hemp flower may be the answer you’re looking for.

Today we look at what smokable hemp is, how to shop for it, as well as some of the benefits it offers. We can even tell you some of the best places to buy it online and what the best hemp strains on the market are to ensure you’re getting the good stuff.

smokable hemp flower

What is Smokable Hemp?

Smokable hemp or CBD flower is the flower or bud of the hemp plant that has been cultivated specifically for smoking.

Cannabinoids such as CBD are found in greatest abundance in the flower of the plant, so while a CBD oil could be extracted from the whole plant, smokable hemp is all about pure and rich concentrations of CBD.

Other cannabinoids can also be found in the buds, including CBG, CBN, and CBC, to name just three of over 100 cannabinoids that we know to exist.

Read more about the interesting facts of CBG flower is here and CBN Oil here.

The buds are also the parts of the plants that contain various other compounds, including flavonoids, chlorophyll, and terpenes, which are the compounds that give each hemp strain its unmistakable aromatic identity.

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The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains ★★★★★
Special Sauce
The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains ★★★★★
Magic Bullet
The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains ★★★★★
Cherry Abacus
The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains ★★★★★
The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains ★★★★★
Papaya Nights
The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains ★★★★☆
Cherry Wine

Hemp Flower Sample

Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

If you’re reading this article, we’ll assume that you’re not against the idea of smoking which is great, because the benefits of smoking hemp are extensive.

  • First and foremost, it goes without saying that CBD flower is possibly one of the most enjoyable ways to consume CBD. Good quality smokable hemp flower is extremely aromatic and a delight for all the senses. Similar in many ways to its marijuana sister, hemp can look, smell, and taste exactly like marijuana, but it won’t get you high.
  • One of the other main benefits to be gained from smoking CBD hemp flower is that you will feel the effects from the CBD almost instantaneously. Inhalation is second only to intravenous injection when it comes to getting compounds into your bloodstream quickly. Taking CBD oil under your tongue follows in third, with edibles taking the longest time.

Quick Effects of Smoking CBD

When you consume smokable CBD it enters into your bloodstream through 1,000’s of capillaries on the insides of your lungs.

This makes smokable hemp one of the best forms of CBD for anxiety, and for any type of pain spasm, due to the speed at which you can alleviate symptoms.

  • People also enjoy the fact that what you see is what you get. When you have smokable hemp in your hands you know you’re holding the richest part of the plant when it comes to cannabinoid and plant compound content. And it’s also very easy to see that nothing has been added to make your breath unsavory.
  • CBD flower is also being widely used as a tobacco alternative. Mix it into your marijuana, or smoke it on its own, smokable hemp provides a much more attractive and non-addictive offering than tobacco.
  • You will also benefit from the entourage effect when you choose to smoke CBD, meaning you will feel enhanced effects as many of the compounds found in hemp are known to work in synergy with each other.

effect of smoking cbd hemp flower

guide to cbd usage

Common Misconceptions About Smokable CBD

Many people are worried that smoking hemp will get you high, but as long as your hemp is sourced from a licenced grower then there’s absolutely no chance of that happening.

Hemp must contain 0.3% or less THC to be defined as such, and licensed growers have their crops regularly tested to ensure compliance.

If you’re worried about being arrested for smoking CBD joints then worry no more.

Hemp and all its derivatives are federally legal now, thanks to the Farm Bill that was passed 2018.

You just need to check whether your state has added their own restrictions regarding THC content as if your CBD must be completely THC-free, then smokable flower may not be the right choice and instead you should look for broad spectrum CBD or isolate product.

lab tested cbd hemp flower

Hemp Flower Buyers Guide

In an ideal world, you’ll want to find a supplier that can offer you the most premium , best-tasting CBD flower on the market, at any given time.

There are a few things you can look out for that will identify a quality supplier, such as:

  • Lab Results – If the supplier doesn’t make third-party lab results available online for you to look at (for each strain), then don’t bother considering them. Lab reports are easy to obtain and are there to ensure that you are getting the right amounts of cannabinoids, and to prove that the hemp hasn’t been grown using pesticides (you want pesticides in your lungs? No, us neither).
  • A Retailer That Cares – We would also only recommend buying CBD from sources you feel you can trust. One of the things we always look for are signs that the retailer cares about the products they sell. What extra information do they give you to help you make an informed decision? Was it grown indoors or outdoors? Where was it grown? How does it look and smell?

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Green Unicorn Farms

Our favorite retailer is Green Unicorn Farms out of Northern California. Their M.O. is to only sell the best-of-the-best and they offer some pretty unique and interesting strains. Try their premium indoor hemp flower for the absolute best CBD flower available.

Best CBD Flower Strains

Finding the best CBD flower is about more than just knowing where to buy it.

You also need to know what strains are popular, why they are popular, and then try the strains to make sure that you find the right one for your needs.

Here are the best hemp flower strains according to CBD Incubator

  1. Special Sauce
  2. Cherry Abacus
  3. Sour Special Sauce
  4. Sour Space Candy
  5. Magic Bullet
  6. Lifter
  7. Bubba Kush
  8. Wife
  9. Elektra
  10. Frosted Kush

Check out our CBD pre roll guide here

Effectiveness 97%
Taste 97%
Presentation 100%
Price 95%
Overall Value 96%

Special Sauce

Special Sauce is quickly becoming a hemp flower legend. It’s a high CBD strain that fits both novice and experienced hemp smokers.

The flavor profile of Special Sauce is earthy and well rounded and the high CBD content along with the particular blend of flavors makes it an excellent choice for nighttime smoking. You can taste a cinnamony and spiced flavor that hints on citrusy notes on the exhale.

A truly delicious strain that is perfect to smoke after a long and hectic day when the brain and body needs to find back to its center.


Effectiveness 95%
Taste 94%
Presentation 100%
Price 96%
Overall Value 93%

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet strain from Green Unicorn Farms is a fresh new hemp strain with a high 21% total cannabinoid percentage.

It’s dank, pungent, gassy, citrusy and absolutely wonderful to inhale. It’s the Magic Bullet that puts a bad day to rest.

Just like Cherry Ultra, this is a limited edition, exotic hemp flower strain that sells out quickly. So don’t miss out on this season’s harvest!

(PS: Sign up to their email list to get 30% off on your order)


Effectiveness 92%
Taste 96%
Presentation 100%
Price 96%
Overall Value 92%

Cherry Abacus

Cherry Abacus is a banger! Loud, prominent nose with a flavor that will make you smoke more than necessary…

The effects are great too, very chilled out and relaxing. Removes any muscle and joint tension while putting the mind in a blissful state. Recommended to smoke in the night while gaming or watching a movie.


Secret Nature

Secret Nature is known for having relatively small batches of fantastic CBD flowers that sell out quickly.

Their loose flower is great and their pre rolls are made from the same buds. They are on the expensive side so it might not be the best option if you smoke on a daily basis but their quality is undeniable.

Effectiveness 94%
Taste 95%
Presentation 95%
Price 80%
Overall Value 93%

Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights is an uplifting and energizing sativa strain with fruity and fresh flavors.

The aroma is tropical and the after taste is sweet and exotic. Overall a great strain that is best experienced during the morning or daytime.

This is a premium indoor strain so expect to pay a little more!


CBD American Shaman

Dedicated to improving wellness in the world, CBD American Shaman follows the best industry standards to produce ultra-concentrated, terpene-rich, CBD hemp oil and smokable hemp flower.

Their Cherry Wine strain is a fruity and sweet with a rich and well-rounded terpene profile. The aromas are full of cherry while the taste is more of a citric yet smooth flavor.

The effect is very relaxing while not putting you to sleep. The best way to liken it would be to a glass of wine in the evening.

All of their products are 100% organic, non-GMO, contain no heavy metals or pesticides, and are batch tested for guaranteed quality.

Effectiveness 88%
Taste 91%
Presentation 70%
Price 80%
Overall Value 87%

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a fruity and sweet strain with a rich and well-rounded terpene profile. The aromas are full of cherry while the taste is more of a citric yet smooth flavor.

The effect is very relaxing while not putting you to sleep. The best way to liken it would be to a glass of wine in the evening.

Like everything that American Shaman does, the flower is grown on their private farm and is made for whole body and mind healing.


Types of CBD Flower

Just like with cannabis, you can find different types of CBD flower. The lineage and genetics works in the same way only the THC has been completely or nearly completely been breed out of the cannabis plants to produce hemp plants.

You can find Kush strains, Haze strains, Skunk strains, OG strains etc. and the characteristics are veery similar to the ones from the cannabis world.

Explore and have some fun with your CBD flower. Maybe even mix it up with THC flower to see if you can balance out the effects and turn your high into something unique.

CBD Flower Power

As the CBD market continues to explode by popular demand, smokable hemp is carving itself out a tidy niche as it presents a fast, effective, versatile, and reliable source of CBD.

If you enjoy smoking then CBD flower is everything you want it to be and more.

Benefit from almost instantaneous effects, a tasty joint without the high, and a tobacco alternative to mix in with your marijuana, all-in-one.

There are already a couple of really great suppliers on the market so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower and the Top Strains

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