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What is a Kush Strain?

What is a Kush Strain?

  • Background & History
  • Characteristics
  • Popular Kush Strains
Frosted Kush CBD review

History & Background of Kush Strains

Kush strains are wildly popular for their powerful Indica qualities and high THC content. They are a particular variety or hemp and cannabis flower that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains that stretches across Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

This magical area is one of only a few places where cannabis plants grow natively in the wild.

Though a Kush strain traditionally needs to come from this area (or have a part of its genetics from this Kush mountains), there are some other qualities that usually follow Kush cultivar.

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What is a Kush strain?

Kush strains are a particular variety or hemp and cannabis flower that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains that stretches across Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan. They are usually heavy Indica strains that tend to lock you to the couch and give you a blissful and calm state.
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Characteristics of a Kush Strain

Just like with other cannabis and hemp flower, Kush strains will vary in characteristics depending on the phenotype.

Cannabis cultivators love Kush flower because it’s fairly easy to grow and cross with other strains. And smokers enjoy Kush strains for the deeply relaxing and powerfully tranquillizing body effects that allows you to bring both your mind and body into a blissful state.

Kush strains are perfect for meditational activities and are seen as a gateway to Nirvana!


Kush comes from Hindu Kush which is a landrace strain, meaning it grows natively in the wild. You find references to the healing powers of cannabis in ancient Indian scriptures that talk about the weeds growing in the Hindu Kush Mountains that cross Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.
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Indica dominant, heavy and couch-locky feelings are common. Kush strains don’t just put you in a sleepy mood but they tend to give you a blissful and euphoric sense of wellness and inner peace.
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The plants themselves are thick and stocky with big fat Indica leaves. The strong plants are perfectly suited for the harsh natural habitat in the Kush Mountains where the terrain is rocky, the wind is fierce and water at times is sparse.

The big Kush plants yield large amounts of cannabis (or hemp) per plant and the kolas are thick and deep green with hints of purple and dark orange.

Flavor & Aroma

Kush flowers are usually dank strains with floral, citrusy, gassy and fruity aromas. They are often intense and complex in a scent and can have undertones of many different earthy notes.

You can expect flavors of gas, skunk, herbs, citrus and pine.
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7 Best Kush CBD Strains for Couch-Lock

Just like with cannabis, some of the most popular evening CBD strains are Kush flower. If you are looking for potent Indica effects than these are the CBD Kush strains that we recommend you try.

  1. Bubba Kush
  2. Frosted Kush
  3. OG Kush
  4. CBD Kush
  5. Banana Kush
  6. Pineapple Kush
  7. Purple Kush
What is a Kush Strain?

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