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Red Kratom

The Rainbow of Kratom: Unveiling the Unique Properties of Key Color Strains

The use of kratom has gained popularity in recent years as people across the world are enlightened to its potential therapeutic and recreational benefits. Different color strains of kratom can offer users specific benefits and different experiences.
Hayley Smith
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What is Kratom?

Kratom (scientific name – Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree indigenous to many South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Kratom has been used by indigenous communities in these regions for centuries for its recreational and medicinal properties.  

In the western world, kratom is now also being used for its many benefits which include;

  • anxiety relief
  • pain relief
  • mood enhancement
  • natural stimulant
  • aid in overcoming withdrawal from opiates.

Inline with the global trend of a more natural, holistic approach to both mental and physical health, kratom is gaining more attention and understanding in this arena.

Colors of kratom

There are over fifty known strains of kratom, which are often differentiated by their vein color and the geographical location in which they grew, each having a different combination of effects and potential benefits. 

Broadly-speaking, there are three main color variations of kratom which are identified by the color of the veins that run through the leaves; green, red and white (the color of the vein indicates the maturity of the leaves at the time they were harvested).

However, depending on factors such as processing methods, leaf maturity, and origin, kratom strains and their effects can vary enormously even if they are of the same vein family

How to narrow down which kratom strain is right for you

The effects of each different color strain differ due to their chemical composition and alkaloid content. Therefore, although all kratom leaves carry the same genetic code, each strain has an individual chemical profile, which is what makes them so unique and full of possibilities.

The effects of kratom also vary based on a number of factors including the individual, how you take it, the dosage, and the strain itself. 

Understanding the strains, their effects, and their benefits can massively enhance your experience.  

Red – Aids sleep and reduces pain

Red Kratom

The red vein kratom leaf grows abundantly in many Southeast Asian countries and is likely the most common and frequently used strain than its alternative colored cousins. It is potent and fast-acting in its sedative and pain relieving effects. 

The superpowers of red vein strains are in their ability to help induce a peaceful night’s sleep and to reduce pain. This particular strain is high in the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which acts on the brainโ€™s opioid receptors, bringing an all-over relaxed state. 

Red vein is commonly used for self-management of various conditions. It is often used to treat physical pain and discomfort and users report a huge improvement in these areas. Furthermore, this strain can help to calm the mind, release feelings of stress and induce a state of relaxation. The potency of the red strains’ sedative effects is dependent on each particular strain within the red vein family. 

White – Improves mood and promotes focus

White Kratom

White vein kratom strains are powerful mood enhancers, energizers and pain relievers. Itโ€™s a fantastic substitute for those of us who are reliant on caffeine to get us through the day.

White vein kratom can promote focus throughout the day and to help manage anxiety and low-mood, inducing better clarity of mind and attention span.

Users say the white vein variety works for them due to its properties in helping them focus, stay present in the moment and to improve stamina for activities of all kinds. People have reported using kratom to help them focus when studying for exams as it enables them to fully tune into the work at hand and remain studying for longer periods of time. 

Kratom is also often used to give an energetic boost pre-workout and to maintain stamina whilst in the gym. Itโ€™s also useful for easing those post-workout muscle aches and pains. 

Others have used this strain as a healthy substitute for coffee, saying that it doesnโ€™t give them the jitters which normally come alongside caffeine. White vein is milder in its sedative effects than other variations which make it great at helping to clear the mind and creating euphoric feels.

Green – Mild and balanced

Green Kratom

The green vein kratom is balanced and light, producing both stimulating and relaxing effects. Its effects are often considered to be somewhere between that of red and white, although this is also dependent on the dose and the particular strain within the green vein family. 

Green strains can offer a harmonious balance between stimulation, sedation, mood enhancement, pain relief and anxiety relief. As itโ€™s considered to be less intense in its effects than other strains, the green vein can be a great way to tackle your day with a soft energy boost, a sense of calm and increased sociability. This also makes it good for those new to trying kratom or others who are concerned about building up a high tolerance.

Green strains are also thought to be easy to digest and have a subtle aroma – which is a real plus if youโ€™re chewing the leaves raw or brewing tea, because kratom leaves can have a bitter taste. 

Let the kratom color be your guide

In line with the global trend of a more holistic and natural approach to health and wellness, the popularity of kratom in its various forms has risen hugely. With greater field research we have been able to better understand the effects of different strains and how these can be used for different experiences.

There is no universal fit when it comes to kratom and, since there are so many different varieties available, deciding which is right for you can be overwhelming if youโ€™re new to understanding their effects and potency. km

However, fear-not, whichever kratom you choose, it will still provide many of the same benefits regardless of which strain you choose. It is simply up to you to explore which strains work best for you at certain times and in relation to your own health goals. 

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