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CBD For Inflammation

How to Use CBD for Inflammation

CBD can be very effective in treating various inflammations in the body. We will show you how it works and how to use CBD for inflammation.
Hayley Smith
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Using CBD For Inflammations

Using CBD for inflammation is becoming increasingly commonplace as more and more people across the states ditch over-the-counter remedies in favor of this natural and harmless alternative. Here at CBD Incubator we are all for it!

If you have problems with inflammation and have been hesitant to try CBD in the past then you may still be wondering, is CBD an anti-inflammatory, or is this all just hype?

Inflammation is intrinsically linked to a large variety of illnesses and disorders and because of this we tend to get a lot of questions regarding CBD and inflammation in particular.

In this short article we answer the question “how does CBD reduce inflammation?” and we will also give you some insight into how you can use CBD for inflammation in the future.


CBD and Inflammation

Is CBD an anti-inflammatory..?

The main reason that there has been so much interest and research around this subject is due to the role of the endocannabinoid system within our bodies.

Cannabinoids (such as CBD) interact with our endocannabinoid system which, over the last several decades, has emerged to be an important physiological signalling network that has great influence over our body’s immune systems.

CBD, however, doesn’t actually bind itself to cannabinoid receptors in our body, like THC does for example.

It’s currently thought that the reason CBD exerts so many positive therapeutic effects is because it stimulates our body’s production of its own natural cannabinoids (known as endocannabinoids).

It also affects other receptors and targets in the body. A study in 2018 demonstrated that CBD binds to receptors known for mediating inflammation, as well as pain perception and body temperature, and by binding to these receptors, it desensitizes them.

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What is Inflammation?

The immune system kicks in when something is wrong with our body, such as an injury, infection or illness.

Immune cells are dispatched to the affected area of the body that needs protection which causes it to go red and swell. This is called acute inflammation and is meant to be a temporary physiological response.

We can also suffer from chronic inflammation which is what happens when this inflammation is prolonged for more than a few weeks.

The inflammation begins to affect surrounding tissues and organs and an increase in production of free radicals also causes oxidative stress.

Although inflammation is designed to protect our body as it heals itself, chronic inflammation has a negative impact, which can be the cause of significant pain and anxiety, sometimes also leading to depression.

Inflammation and the resulting oxidative stress are involved in many diseases which is why so many people are turning to CBD for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The fact that CBD is also working wonders in the fields of pain, depression and anxiety, is just one more reason why CBD is becoming the number one choice for dealing with inflammation and everything that goes with it.

CBD anti-inflammatory

CBD and Inflammation: The Evidence

We promised you a short article so we’ll only be able to touch on a fraction of the evidence supporting the use of CBD for inflammation.

Back in 2009, a paper was published in the Future Medicinal Chemistry Journal entitled “Cannabinoids as novel anti-inflammatory drugs”. Over 16 pages, Nagarkatti and his team explain how cannabinoids (including CBD) exert their anti-inflammatory effects through a variety of pathways.

For those of you that are more science-minded, these pathways included “induction of apoptosis, inhibition of cell proliferation, suppression of cytokine production and induction of T-regulatory cells (Tregs).”

more recent 2015 review published in Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, concluded that CBD specifically, reduced inflammation through a variety of different methods in the body and agreed that CBD could offer a potential effective treatment for a variety of conditions that are linked to inflammation.

2016 study, carried out on mice, showed that CBD treatment reduces early pancreatic inflammation in type 1 diabetes. Pancreatic inflammation can lead to diabetes as the immune cells are harmful to the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas.

The CBD-treated mice developed type 1 diabetes later than the untreated mice and exhibited a reduction in immune cell activity.

In 2017, the Journal of Pain published a study which examined the effects of CBD on rats with osteoarthritis. A CBD treatment was applied topically to the affected areas and after just two weeks of regular application, acute inflammation of the joints was reduced.

The same study also found that both nerve damage and joint pain were prevented from developing, meaning that CBD is such an effective anti-inflammatory that it can prevent future injury that can be caused by chronic inflammation.


How to Use CBD for Inflammation

How to use CBD for inflammation will very much depend on the products you buy and before choosing your CBD products, you should consider what kind of inflammation you will be treating.

If you are using CBD for acute inflammation that you can physically see, then you can always choose to apply it topically. There are a huge variety of skin creams, lotions, and salves that you can rub directly into the affected area.

If your inflammation is internal, or you need longer lasting anti-inflammatory effects for chronic inflammation, then you could take your CBD either sublingually or orally, or even through a transdermal patch.

CBD gummies or capsules are a good option for many as they are convenient to take, and it’s really easy to control the dosage, since it’s already worked out for you within each gummy or capsule.

CBD oil is, without a doubt, the most popular CBD product on the market and this makes “is CBD oil good for inflammation?” a very popular Google search indeed.

One of the reasons that CBD oil, in particular, is so popular is probably due to the fact that it’s so versatile. You can drop it under or over your tongue, mix it into food and drinks, or even apply it topically.

“How much CBD oil for inflammation?” we hear you ask…

Unfortunately, CBD isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment and of course dosage will vary depending on your weight and the severity of your symptoms.

When you first start taking CBD you always start your dosage low. Around 15mg is a good starting point for inflammation. If you’re smoking your CBD or taking it under your tongue, where effects are felt faster, then it’s much easier to work out your ideal dosage as you can slowly but surely take more until you feel the desired effects.

If you’re taking it orally then you’ll have to change the dosage day by day, again gradually increasing the amount until you achieve the desired symptom relief.

Find out more about the different methods of CBD consumption by reading our article here.

is cbd a nootropic

Best CBD for Inflammation

We did some research into the best CBD products for inflammation. Here are our top recommendations for 2024.

Best Anti-Inflammatory CBD Creams

CBDFx Hemp Cream

CBDfx Cream

We love this high-concentration CBD hemp cream from CBDFx for your acute inflammation needs.

It’s a cream made with top quality, organic hemp that is also third-party lab-tested so you can be sure that what they say is in the bottle, is actually in the bottle.

This broad spectrum cream contains all of the naturally occurring phyto-chemicals that will help the CBD work more effectively. Plus, they’ve infused some extra ingredients to further help with your swelling, and the pain that usually goes with it.

The caffeine and willow bark will get to work on your pain and the added menthol will create an icy sensation that is not unlike many other topical pain relievers that you can find in your local pharmacy.

The pump action bottle makes application simple and the cream inside is light and airy which is really easy to massage into your skin.

CBD Living CBD Gummies


These CBD Living Gummies offer a really quick and convenient way to take your CBD as they eliminate the need for measuring or guessing your next dose.

Each bottle contains 30 x 10mg broad-spectrum CBD doses and thanks to the nano-emulsified technology. Meaning, the CBD works faster and harder than other gummies and edibles on the market. Thereby combatting your inflammation more rapidly.

There aren’t any artificial colors or preservatives in these gummies and their great natural flavors include cherry, lime, pineapple, orange, and lemon.

CBD Living’s gummy range includes this classic flavor assortment, as well as sour and vegan gummies.

Chew one or two gummies as needed.

Endoca Raw CBD Oil


Endoca’s Raw CBD Oil stays as true as possible to the wisdom of nature by delivering unheated and unrefined raw hemp oil.

Their raw CBD oil can help to support a healthy, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle while reducing inflammation and pain.

This potent and unique formula contains both CBDa and CBD, along with a host of other minor cannabinoids, plus vital omegas, vitamins, and minerals that are usually lost when heated.

It’s a bit more pricey than your average CBD tincture but the results are that much better.

*Remember that raw oils don’t taste very nice because they have not been processed.


So, does CBD help with inflammation? The research suggests that it definitely does and there is also a lot of anecdotal evidence to support its effectiveness too.

Chronic inflammation plays a role in autoimmune diseases, untreated illnesses, diabetes, asthma, and many more conditions that affect millions of Americans every year.

CBD can not only help with your inflammation needs, but it also acts as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress caused by inflammation.

As if you need any more reasons to try CBD, it’s also proving to be a great pain reliever and can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, all of which can sometimes arise as a direct result of chronic inflammation.

Choose from one of our recommended products above, to try a natural and safe solution for your inflammation needs.

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