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Best CBD Products For Back Pain

Best CBD Products For Back Pain

  • CBD Back Pain Quick List
  • Best CBD Topicals for Back Pain
  • Best CBD CBD Oil for Back Pain
  • Best CBD Pre Rolls for Back Pain
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best cbd for back pain

Don’t Let Back Pain Stop You

If you’re on the lookout for the best CBD for back pain then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, back pain is a very common problem in the US and around the world today.

Whether your pain comes from sedentary work or from stiff and rigid muscles, we have the best CBD product alternatives for reducing and alleviating the discomfort.

Best CBD Products For Pain

Quick Top List

Best CBD For Back Pain

  • Best for upper back & neck – Mana Botanicals
  • Best for stiff back muscles – Green Roads Heating Gel
  • Best for longterm back pain – Endoca Salve
  • Full body pain relief – Nano Craft
  • Fastest acting pain relief – CBD Hemp flower

use cbd for lower back pain

Best CBD for Back Pain

Depending on the back pain you’re experiencing, the best CBD for you may be:

  • Applied to the skin
  • Eaten (gummies, oils)
  • Smoked

CBD Creams and Salves for Back Pain

CBD topicals are any CBD formulations that are applied directly to the skin. The usually come in the form of creams, salves, gels and lotions but can also any kind of bath bomb or lipstick that is taken in trans-dermally (through the skin).

Topicals are very effective on back pain because they can be applied directly to the problem area and are fairly quick acting.

They also have the added benefit of offering a variety of different sensations on the skin. Some are cooling, some are heating and some are numbing. Depending on your preference (or doctors orders), you can easily pick the correct CBD topical for your needs.

Effectiveness 93%
Sensation 92%
Presentation 95%
Price 92%
Overall Value 95%

Mana Botanics Hemp Balm

Mana Botanics hemp balm is a fantastic CBD topical with a number of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients aside from CBD. The list of ingredients range from plantains, comfrey, lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint, resulting in a pain relieving balm that smells absolutely fantastic.

It has a slightly cooling sensation that goes well on pain that comes from static activity such as excessive time in front of the computer or a poor sleeping posture.


Effectiveness 95%
Sensation 98%
Presentation 90%
Price 80%
Overall Value 93%

Green Roads CBD Muscle and Joint Roll-on

Perfect for stiff and rigid muscles in the neck and back that need more blood circulation and heat.

The heat comes from cayenne pepper extract so if you have any intolerance or allergy, please stay away from this particular product.

(As a general rule of thumb, use ice for acute injuries or pain, along with inflammation and swelling. Use heat for muscle pain or stiffness.)


Effectiveness 95%
Sensation 92%
Presentation 80%
Price 80%
Overall Value 88%

Endoca Hemp Salve

Endoca’s CBD Salve is a soothing, all-natural and pain relieving salve that offers quick relief from back and neck pain.

It has a very high CBD dosage (750mg) and is also infused with vitamin-E which combine into a potent pain relieving formula for people with severe back pain.

Also a great choice for pain relief that needs to last for a long time such as sleeping or long drives.


Best CBD Oils and Edibles for Back Pain

Consuming CBD oils or edibles is not necessarily the most efficient way to combat back pain since they will distribute the CBD through the bloodstream to your whole body instead of just the problem area.

However, in many cases, back pain starts and runs much deeper than just your back. It can easily travel up your neck and shoulders or down to your knees and ankles.

Using CBD topicals is great to a certain point but after that, you are better off allowing the CBD to work it’s magic on your entire body. Tinctures and edibles are great choices if your pain is traveling to more places than just your back and it will let you manage your pain in a more cost-effective manner than swimming in topicals.

Effectiveness 93%
Taste 90%
Presentation 95%
Price 90%
Overall Value 95%

NanoCraft 3K Gold Tincture 

Nanocraft’s Gold Series Tinctures are high CBD tinctures with nano technology which means that the CBD goes quicker into your bloodstream and has faster pain relieving effects.

Each 0.5ml drop delivers a massive 50mg of CBD plus over 40 other active cannabinoids and terpenes that all help you feel better and battle both short and longterm pain.

For cases of extreme back pain we recommend (going to a doctor) consuming BOTH the Nanocraft 3K tincture and using a CBD topical for total pain relief.


Smoking CBD for Quick Back Pain Relief

Some people will completely count out smoking or anything that involves inhaling a substance into the lungs. However, if you suffer from extreme back pain and do not have any preconceived notions about smoking hemp, this is probably the most effective and quick acting pain relief available.

Please remember that hemp both smells and looks like cannabis so you might want to pick the right time and place to smoke a CBD pre roll

Effectiveness 100%
Taste 95%
Presentation 95%
Price 90%
Overall Value 96%

Lifter by Green Unicorn Farms

Possibly the most popular smokable flower in the US right now, the history of this strain stretches back to the birth of CBD-rich genetics. Lifter contains +21% CBD and comes in hemp pre-rolls that will offer near instant pain-relief while leaving you feeling focused and mobile.

With a pine and lemon taste, all the smokable flower from Green Unicorn Farms is thoroughly vetted for quality and comes complete with lab test results to back up their cannabinoid profile and organic, pesticide-free nature.

Smoking hemp offers quickest pain relief available and offers an almost instant reduction in both nerve and muscle pains.


If Your Back Pain is Back…

Reach for your favorite CBD product as opposed to popping more pain pills.

Think about where your pain is located and how it affects you before choosing the right product for you. If your pain is chronic or sever then may even wish to consider choosing two or three different products to work side-by-side. Gummies for longer-term pain relief, an oil for topping up if you need more, or a vape for more immediate relief.

If your pain is more localized then a topical could work better for you. CBD affects many people in different ways and even though you can’t overdose on CBD, you should still start off dosing with smaller amounts and work up to the amount you need.

Best CBD Products For Back Pain

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