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Best CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

Best CBD Oil for Dog Seizures of 2024: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

When your dog is suffering from seizures, you’ll do anything to make it stop. It truly is a heartbreaking experience. In this article we share the best CBD oils to help prevent and reduce pet seizures.
Hayley Smith
Some links in this article may be affiliate links that pay us a small commission on qualifying purchases. Read our review process for more information on how we vet brands and products to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Promising studies on CBD for dog seizures

Research into the best CBD oil for dog seizures is ongoing, with many facilities diving deep into the benefits of the natural compound for health ailments.

Some preliminary data, including this study from Colorado State University, have found administering CBD oil can help in reducing seizure frequency.

As a pet parent with a dog that experiences constant seizures, finding a remedy with promising results could make a whole world of difference.

When diving into the wondrous benefits of CBD oil for pets, it can be challenging to know which formulas are best.

In this guide, we’ll go over five top-rated solutions that can assist with seizures and other physical and mental health effects based on my firsthand experience as a dog owner.

The #5 best CBD oil for dog seizures

1. R&R CBD Pet Tincture

R&R medicinals pet tincture
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
#1 — Best in class!

The R&R CBD Pet Tincture is not to be confused with the many other human-friendly CBD products they carry on their site.

Specifically formulated for dogs and cats, this pet tincture is fabulous for reducing anxiety, alleviating physical discomfort, and assisting with seizures.

Available in either a single bottle or three-bottle pack, you can choose how many servings you’ll need to manage your pet’s overall health.

Calm and Pain Free

There are two main areas of focus that this tincture brings to the table, making it one of the best CBD dog treats you’ll find.

Together, the ingredients help to offer both a calming sensation and pain alleviation, perfect for young to senior dogs.

You’ll find your pets could experience less joint pain and discomfort and lessened nervousness and anxiety.

These two benefits can also help alleviate the mental and physical stress of dealing with repetitive seizures.

Overall, the R&R CBD Pet Tincture is designed to offer a higher quality of life than before.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Pet parents will experience the highest number of benefits of CBD oil if they invest in a full-spectrum formula.

These formulas contain high-end ingredients that work together to create an entourage effect in your pet’s system.

Meaning, all of the ingredients work together to offer numerous benefits ranging from fewer problematic behaviors to better vitality.

Without a full or broad spectrum dose of CBD, you won’t be able to guarantee the formula has everything your dog needs.

You’ll want to ensure it contains terpenes, antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytonutrient-rich ingredients.

Unflavored Formula

If you’ve ever introduced flavored dog CBD oil in the past, you might have noticed your pet didn’t take to it too kindly.

That is because many artificial flavors put into lower-quality formulas are unappealing to dogs and can cause stomach upset.

Fortunately, to add to its high-quality formulation, R&R CBD Pet Tincture is entirely unflavored, making it easy to mix and serve.


  • Contains high-quality ingredients
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Could contribute to lessened seizures
  • Tastes great to pets


  • Could cause slight stomach upset
  • The dosage will need to be customized

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2. Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs

Penelopes Bloom-Tincture for Dogs
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Excellent option

With its calming ingredients and natural formulation, it could be just what your dogs with epilepsy and other seizure conditions could be looking for.

Full-Spectrum Formula

There is a massive list of mental and physical health detriments that this formula is designed to help with.

In addition, it’s remarkable for reducing hyperactivity, seizures in dogs, and overall wellness.

Healthy Ingredients

It’s always important to look at the list of ingredients when determining CBD oil dosage for your animals.

In this formula, you’ll have an assortment of organic and effective compounds that offer general wellness.

As an organic CBD, you’ll have chamomile, MCT oil, and organic hemp seed oil that work together.

Easily Digestible

Some pet CBD products on the market can cause stomach upset and digestive issues.

With Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs, you’ll never have to worry about constipation or diarrhea when you add it to your pet’s diet.

The entire formula is specifically designed to be easily digestible while rapidly delivering benefits to your dog’s system.

Numerous Concentrations

As with any pet supplement, it’s essential to note Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs comes in several concentrations.

This helps to make it easier to find the perfect dosage when buying CBD to avoid side effects to the endocannabinoid system.

You’ll be able to buy the formula starting at 250mg (for 30 pounds) and up to 1000mg (for 120+ pounds).

Fully Supportive Formula

Along with containing high-quality hemp, this CBD oil tincture has many other valuable components.

It has fatty acids, essential fats, everyday proteins, and must-have vitamins.

After each dose, your dog will have the vitality it needs to live a healthier and happier life.


  • Easily customizable dosages
  • Mixes well in food and liquid
  • Great for reducing anxiety
  • Helps to calm pets after seizures


  • Not as tasty as expected
  • Could be slightly expensive

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3. Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs (Well)

Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
#1 — Best in class!

Honest Paws has some of the most uniquely formulated CBD tinctures for your pets with high-quality ingredients.

Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs is one of our top choices for dogs with seizures, especially as it’s formulated for overall wellness.

Its remarkable list of ingredients makes it the best option when you start to buy CBD oils for dogs with seizures.

General Wellness Support

The largest benefit of this formula is that it’s designed for dogs at all stages of their life cycle.

It helps to add immunity support to adult dogs’ general health while reducing inflammation, allergies, and nervousness in senior dogs.

If you’ve been searching for an all-in-one solution to your pet’s worries, this could be one of the best formulas to invest in.

Improved Immunity

Another massive advantage this tincture has over others is it boosts your pets’ immune system.

When taken regularly, Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs – Well helps reduce the likelihood of illness and infection.

It can also assist with improving blood sugar concerns, typically experienced in aging dogs.

With a healthier immune system, there are several long-term benefits your pets will begin to experience.

Their general mood and vitality are sure to increase, while their prevalence of seizures is likely to decrease.

It can also assist with brain development, assisting with calmer moods and fewer mood swings.

Simple Ingredients

One of the main things to love about Honest Paws’ formulas is that they contain very simple, easy-to-understand ingredients.

With Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs – Well, you’ll have a combination of full-spectrum hemp oil and organic MCT oil.

There aren’t any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, making it an all-natural, high-quality supplement.

Allergy Relief

Another unique feature of this formula is sure to be appreciated by dogs suffering from seasonal allergies.

As Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs – Well is formulated to assist your dog’s immune response, it can also lessen allergies.

It means less itchy and flaking skin, itchy eyes, and running noses during certain times of the year.


  • Helps reduce signs of aging
  • Reduces paw licking and itching
  • Improves mobility and joint comfort
  • Easily administered


  • May take a while to show improvements
  • Could have a strong smell

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4. Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil

Petly CBD hemp CBD review
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Excellent option

Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil comes in three formulas for large, medium, and small dogs, allowing you to customize the dosage.

With a scientifically-crafted formula that has been said to greatly assist with anxiety and general nervousness, this formula is a fantastic solution.

You’ll find with regular doses, your pets could experience fewer seizures and fewer side effects as a result of the seizures.


The most important thing to note with this formula is that it’s 100% THC free, ideal for all types of dogs.

You don’t have to worry about getting your dogs high, as this formula is designed to offer solely CBD for pain and discomfort.

Using state-of-the-art technology, all traces of THC are removed from the hemp during processing.

Organic Ingredients

Another massive advantage of Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil over other formulas is that it contains organic ingredients.

You’ll have 600mg of organic hemp in the largest bottle, bringing a phytocannabinoid-enriched formula for your pets to love.

Every ingredient is grown and farmed in Colorado without pesticides, speaking to its overall quality.

Pet-Safe Ingredients

Along with being organic and top-shelf ingredients, the components of this formula are 100% pet safe.

You’ll find no traces of gluten or GMOs, not to mention that CBD oil is also vegan.

Pet parents can also have peace of mind they won’t be feeding artificial additives or preservatives, thanks to third-party testing.

Two Natural Compounds

It can be beneficial to find health supplements with very straightforward ingredient lists.

With Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil, you’ll have two primary naturally occurring compounds: broad spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

Together, these ingredients create a synergy effect that assists with overall canine health in the mind and body.

Third-Party Tested

As briefly mentioned above, the Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil is tested by a third party to ensure its quality and safety.

Although it boasts organically grown ingredients, third-party testing guarantees each bottle meets strenuous standards.


  • Assists with shoulder stiffness
  • Reduces post-seizure symptoms
  • Assists with increasing walks
  • Boosts pet’s overall mood


  • Takes several days to kick in
  • May cause light diarrhea at first

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5. cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

Paw CBD from cbdMD
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Great option

The final CBD tincture we’ll explore for dogs with seizures is the cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs.

It’s a full spectrum CBD oil that brings plenty of benefits to the table with its high-quality formulation.

Also, it’s available in two distinct flavors, making it easier to administer.

Two Flavor Options

With this formula, you’ll be able to choose between two flavors depending on your pet’s preference.

Many pet parents prefer the natural, unflavored variety, which can easily mix into food and liquids.

However, for an even sweeter treat, you can opt for the peanut butter flavor, which your pets are bound to love.

Multiple Strengths

As with other CBD oils, this formula is available in five different strengths based on your pet’s needs.

You can choose from 150mg, 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, or 3000mg.

Of course, 3000mg is exceptionally high and is best reserved for very heavy-set dogs.

Whole Body Benefits

cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs is a fantastic solution for dogs dealing with several ailments, including seizures.

Its formula is designed to assist with a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from stress and anxiety to joint discomfort and seizures.

Each ingredient meets an incredible list of strict standards, ensuring every bottle is crafted in ISO-certified labs for quality and purity.


  • Helps comfort hospice pets
  • Assists with general anxiety
  • Reduces joint pain from stairs
  • Great for younger and senior pets


  • Dosage instructions are lacking
  • Could take time to see differences

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Which CBD oil is best for dog seizures?

Out of these five formulas, there isn’t a clear winner because each offers its assortment of benefits.

The R&R CBD Pet Tincture is remarkable for its high-quality ingredients, while Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs is best for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts.

Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs – Well is highly recommended to support your dog’s overall health and Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil features organic ingredients.

We also highly recommend cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs because of its top-shelf ingredients and two distinct flavors your dogs are bound to love.

When it comes to reducing seizures and their after-effects, each formula is considered the best CBD oil for dog seizures.

Read our article on whether dogs can overdose on CBD here.

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