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Best CBD Oil for Dogs With Anxiety

Best CBD Oil for Dogs With Anxiety of 2024: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Are you searching for the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety? We’ve found five amazing formulas that you, as pet parents, and your dogs will love!
Hayley Smith
Some links in this article may be affiliate links that pay us a small commission on qualifying purchases. Read our review process for more information on how we vet brands and products to ensure their safety and efficacy.

A better quality of life for your pet

With the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety, you can give your pet a better and more pleasant quality of life.

CBD oil has many benefits for dogs when it comes to mental and physical health, which is why more pet parents are jumping on the bandwagon.

If you’ve been interested in adding CBD to your dog’s daily regimen but aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve found five great products to help. As a dog owner myself and based on my observations, these are the most effective and safe products.

Best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety reviews

1. R&R CBD Pet Tincture

R&R medicinals pet tincture
R&R pet tincture is versatile and great for the overall health of your dog
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
#1 — Best in class!

The R&R CBD Pet Tincture is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a CBD tincture for dogs that’s incredibly versatile.

With organic compounds, it’s a full spectrum CBD oil that can assist with several mental and physical health detriments.

From anxiety to joint and mobility pain, this tincture will quickly become a staple to your dog’s everyday needs.

Potency and Flavor

When shopping for dog CBD oil, it’s always best to consider the flavors and potency of the product.

This helps to ensure you’re giving the right dosage to your animals based on their weight and needs.

The R&R CBD Pet Tincture is available at a 500mg potency and is flavorless, making it easy to mix with food and treats.

Alternatively, you can find flavored varieties, which include mint.

USDA-Certified Organic

Another important thing to look at with any hemp seed oil or CBD oil is labeling if the product is said to be organic.

Truly organic formulas will have a USDA-Certified stamp and be traceable through the USDA’s database.

That said, you can rest easy knowing the R&R CBD Pet Tincture has been certified organic.

Complete Formula

There isn’t anything you’ll be missing out on when you introduce this CBD oil for stress and anxiety.

It contains terpenes, flavonoids, and antioxidants which help alleviate discomfort and pain from inflammation.

With its unique entourage effect, all ingredients work together in synergy to help your pet’s anxiety and physical discomfort lessen.

Intuitive Dosage Guide

As a pet owner diving into cannabidiol oil for the first time, it can be daunting.

Fortunately, the R&R CBD Pet Tincture comes with a pet dosage guide that you can use to find the amount of oil that’s safe for dogs.

These guidelines include a 0.25ml dosage for pets up to 25 pounds, a 0.50ml dosage for pets up to 50 pounds, and a 1.0ml dosage for pets 100+ pounds.


  • Tasty for dogs
  • Assists with physical pain
  • Has a calming effect on pets
  • Easily mixes into wet food


  • The dosage may need adjustments
  • Should be introduced slowly

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2. Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs

Penelopes Bloom-Tincture for Dogs
Penelope’s Bloom creates amazing pet specific formulations that your pet will love!
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Excellent option

Another excellent option for any dog with anxiety is Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs.

This formula is available in numerous dosages depending on your dog’s weight, ranging from 30 to 120+ pounds.

With the ability to choose tinctures that start at 250mg and work their way up to 1000 mg, you can find the perfect custom dosage.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The first unique feature of this formula is that it’s a full spectrum CBD oil, assisting with physical and mental health.

Within its organic ingredients, you’ll find MCT oil, CBD, and chamomile, all ingredients that assist with relaxation and calming.

Also, since the formula is vegan and pet-approved, you can guarantee it’s safe for dogs.

As a full-spectrum formula, it contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids.

You’ll also find vitamins, essential fats, and protein to assist with your dog’s overall mental and physical health.

Third-Party Tested

You’ll love that the natural ingredients in this formula have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Using third-party labs, the manufacturer guarantees each container of oil meets safety requirements.

Also, they guarantee you’ll have maximum potency paired with the highest effectiveness to assist your animals.

Easily Digestible

One concern with low-quality CBD oils for dog owners is they tend to cause slight digestive upset.

With Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs, you’ll be giving CBD oils for dogs that are specifically designed to be soothing on the digestive tract.

Since it easily makes its way through your pet’s system, the formula will deliver quick and effortless relaxation.


  • Assists with upset stomachs
  • Easily mixes with liquids
  • Assists with happier moods
  • Could help with increasing sleep


  • Some pups might not like the taste
  • Slightly expensive

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3. Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil for Dogs

Honest Paws is focused on clean, pure and safe products and have great customer support
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Excellent option

Honest Paws has a wide assortment of CBD products for dogs and cats that you’ll love to bring home.

When it comes to dealing with general anxiety or separation anxiety in your pup, the Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs – Calm is a great option.

With calming and soothing ingredients, like chamomile, it assists with alleviating mental and physical distress from anxiety.

Multipurpose Formula

When investing in CBD products, you’ll want to ensure they cover all of your bases.

This formula offers numerous benefits of CBD oil, ranging from managing behavioral problems to offering cognitive support.

As a calming and soothing formula, it’s essential for curbing problematic behaviors, boosting your dog’s attentiveness, and more.

Works Quickly

Gone are the days when you would have to wait days before seeing an improvement in your dog with anxiety and standard medications.

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs – Calm works within the hour, helping to relax your pet from the inside out.

You’ll begin to notice a positive mood shift and less troublesome behaviors as the tincture kicks in.

Fundamental Ingredients

Fortunately, this CBD oil doesn’t contain any fillers or hard-to-pronounce ingredients, making it ideal for your pets.

You’ll have organic, full-spectrum CBD paired with hemp oil and organic chamomile extract.

There’s also a little bit of MCT oil, assisting with long term health benefits, such as cognitive improvements.


  • Greatly assists with fear and anxiety
  • Boosts dog’s moods
  • Assists with reducing grooming anxiety
  • Great for traveling animals


  • May not be helpful for severe anxiety
  • Could require dosage adjustments

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4. Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil

Petly CBD hemp CBD review
Petly CBD hemp oil for dogs of all sizes
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Excellent option

The Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil comes in three different sizes, depending on your dog’s weight and the potency you’re interested in.

This formula contains high-quality and cruelty-free ingredients, helping you give your dog a treat that feels good.

With organically-grown features, like hemp, you’ll find this USA-made CBD oil will reduce anxiety in your pets.

Two Natural Compounds

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you look at the ingredients list on Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil.

This formula uses two distinct natural compounds, MCT coconut oil and broad-spectrum hemp oil.

They’re both known for their numerous health benefits.

Together, your pets will experience a synergy of health benefits ranging from reduced inflammation to improved moods.

Organic Hemp

As mentioned, Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil contains broad-spectrum hemp oil, which is also organically grown in Colorado, United States.

In each bottle, you’ll find phytocannabinoid-rich hemp, which is essential for reducing anxiety in all dog breeds.

As an added benefit, the hemp is grown entirely without pesticides, ensuring the best and healthiest quality.

Less Risk of Side-Effects

There’s no doubt the Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil has little to no side effects, making it perfectly pet-safe.

It’s non-GMO, does not contain gluten, and only features vegan ingredients.

You won’t be feeding your pets anything with artificial additives or preservatives, making it a fantastic solution for anxiety-riddled pets.


  • Assists with reduced hip and joint pain
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and nervousness
  • Assists with improving sleeping patterns
  • Easily combined with other supplements


  • Lower doses might not work as well
  • Could take some time to work

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5. cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures for Dogs

Paw CBD from cbdMD
cbdMD has some of the best CBD available for both pets and humans 🙂
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
Great option

The fifth highly recommended pet CBD oil we guarantee your dogs will love is the cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures for Dogs.

It’s formulated to assist dogs of any breed and any size dealing with feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

Plus, it has a delicious blueberry flavor that your furry friends aren’t soon to forget, making it one of their favorite treats.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This broad-spectrum oil contains a few fantastic ingredients designed to help your dog with anxiety and physical discomfort.

In every bottle, you’ll find a collection of terpenes, cannabinoids, and natural ingredients that meet high manufacturing standards.

Added Melatonin

One of the unique features of the cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures is that it has melatonin added to the list of ingredients.

With melatonin, your pets can unlock a steady path to fewer anxious feelings.

Also, this ingredient is known to significantly assist with sleep, perfect for pets that are continuously traveling. Just watch out because melatonin is a compound that you shouldn’t overuse.

High-Quality Ingredients

Undoubtedly, the cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures for Dogs contains fantastic cannabinoids and terpenes.

You’ll also find the formula boasts additional terpenes and gluten-free ingredients.

Fortunately, it’s vegan, certified GMP, and THC-free, making it phenomenal for all pets.

Two Concentrations

When it comes to choosing the right CBD oil for your pets, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Some dogs require weaker tinctures than others, which is why these two concentrations can be especially helpful.

As a pet parent, you can choose between 250 mg and 500 mg of CBD oil.

Blueberry Flavoring

As mentioned, one of cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures’ more luxurious features is its delicious pet-friendly flavor profile.

Instead of being tasteless and bland, your dogs will fall in love with its blueberry flavoring.

Before long, you’ll find they’ll be excited about getting their anxiety-reducing supplements daily.

Additional Ingredients

Along with the standard hemp extract and MCT oil, several other vegan and natural ingredients are added to these tinctures.

You’ll find valerian root, which is notably helpful for improving sleep and adding feelings of calmness.

There’s also lemon balm and chamomile, two ingredients that are well known for their calming and soothing benefits.


  • Greatly helps with anxiety from fireworks
  • Assists with soothing pets during road trips
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Dogs will love the taste


  • Could take a couple of days to work
  • Dosages may vary by dog

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What is the best CBD oil for my dog?

If you’re on the hunt for the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety to assist with your pet’s endocannabinoid system, there are a ton of formulas to choose from.

Honestly, all five of the products we reviewed in this guide are sure to help, whether you need something that reduces inflammation or helps improve sleep.

That said, let’s explore what we love about each product to help you find the best choice for your dog.

The R&R CBD Pet Tincture is a fantastic all-inclusive solution that features customized doses for all dogs.

You can easily mix it into your pet’s food unknowingly, and before long, you’ll begin to see significant improvements in their mental health.

Additionally, R&R CBD Pet Tincture tends to assist with physical discomfort as well, offering joint support.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach when it comes to supplements, then Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs is our top choice.

With its digestion-friendly formula, you can implement it into your pet’s daily regime without any digestive discomfort.

Also, the tasteless tincture makes it easy to mix into wet and dry food.

On the other hand, Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs – Calm is an excellent solution if you need a formula to assist with a positive shift in your pet’s mood.

The organic full-spectrum ingredients help to reduce anxiety, uplift spirits, and add a little extra pep into your pup’s step.

Also, it’s available in numerous concentrations, helping you find the perfect dosage.

Petly Pet Hemp CBD Oil is simple with two natural ingredients that help with anxiety and physical discomfort.

Your pets can also easily take CBD oil along with their other supplements, speaking to the quality of the organic formula.

We also love how it’s available in three sizes and potencies based on dog weight.

Finally, cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures for Dogs is flavorful and designed with exceptionally unique ingredients.

Along with CBD, this formula contains valerian root, chamomile, and other soothing natural ingredients to help alleviate anxiety and nervousness.

Not to mention its blueberry flavoring is sure to impress even the pickiest pets.

At the end of the day, choosing a CBD oil can be simple as long as you know what your pets need.

Whether they need joint support, an emotionally supportive formula, or something to assist with anxiety, the options are endless.

Out of these five formulas, you’re guaranteed to find the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety that money can buy.

PS: Read our article on whether dogs can overdose on CBD here.

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