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Does CBD Oil Calm Cats?

Does CBD Oil Calm Cats?

In this article we discuss how to use CBD oil for calming stressed out and anxious cats. These are the risks and what you need to look out for.
Hayley Smith
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Natural relief for you cat

A question we get from pet parents a lot is whether CBD oil is good for calming their stressed out cat.

As a natural compound known for helping alleviate anxiety and discomfort in humans, some research has found it could also help animals.

If you’re a parent to a furry friend that’s known to be a little on the jittery side, CBD oil could be the solution to your needs.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the most prevalent ingredients in the Cannabis (Marijuana) family and is a vital component of medical marijuana. It can also be extracted from the hemp plant and/or manufactured in a lab. CBD is a compound that doesn’t cause a sense of being “high”, and a WHO report has stated that CBD on its own shows no effects of abuse or immediate health concerns.

3 Different Types of CBD products

  1. Full-spectrum CBD: These products contain all the natural phytochemicals from the cannabis plant and trace amounts of THC, which is often responsible for creating the “high” sensation.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD: The products contain all the natural phytochemicals but are entirely devoid of THC.
  3. CBD isolate: This is pure CBD with no other cannabinoids or compounds present

3 Main benefits of CBD for your cat 

  1. Improves sleep cycle: There’s nothing more frustrating than a disturbed sleep cycle and feeling tired in the mornings instead of rested. Taking a dose of CBD may help improve your sleep cycles, which will allow you to feel well-rested and more energetic in your day-to-day activities. 
  2. Rich in antioxidants: CBD is a great source of antioxidants that are essential for the body to stay healthy. In fact, CBD contains higher concentration of antioxidants than both Vitamin C and E. Taking a small CBD dose will help improve the body’s natural defense system and protect you from various illnesses. 
  3. Increases focus and clarity: CBD reacts with the dopamine receptors in your body and helps to boost focus, memory, and mental clarity.

Will CBD oil make your cat high?

No, CBD oil will not make your cat high.

As mentioned earlier, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a ‘high’ or any mind-altering effects for your cat. Even if you give your cat a full-spectrum CBD product that contains a small amount of THC, the dose will be so low that your cat won’t feel the psychoactive effect.

That said, there is still a lot that isn’t known about the potential long-term risks of giving CBD oil to cats. While there have been some studies done that indicate that CBD might have some therapeutic value for animals such as reducing inflammation or alleviating pain, more research needs to be done before any definite conclusions can be made.

Therefore it is important to talk to your veterinarian first before deciding if CBD is right for your pet. They may also be able to recommend an appropriate dosage depending on the size and age of your pet as well as any pre-existing conditions they may have.

Does CBD oil calm cats?

As a pet parent, watching your animals feel nervous or anxious can be emotionally draining.

Many cats find themselves afraid of loud noises and bright lights, while others might have separation anxiety from being left alone.

This is where CBD oil can become quite helpful, giving you the option to help alleviate stress in your furry friends.

When administered correctly, there are several positive effects of CBD your feline friend will experience, including:


The most common effect experienced by animals and humans that regularly use CBD oil is relaxation.

It will help to soothe their minds and eliminate worries and anxiety while adding a feeling of peacefulness.

With proper dosing, you’ll find all side effects of anxiety will be alleviated with a single dose.

Improved mobility

Another massive benefit many pet parents have experienced by adding CBD to their cat’s vitamins is improved mobility.

CBD oil is said to assist with alleviating joint discomfort and inflammation, especially in senior animals.

When your cat is in less physical pain, they’re more likely to be active throughout the day.

Improved mood

You’re not at your best when you’re nervous or anxious, and the same can be said for your cats.

By introducing hemp seed oil into their diets, you’ll start to see a positive shift towards a happier mood.

Paired with the calming effect of CBD, your cat’s personality could change for the better in no time.

Are there adverse effects of using CBD oil for cats?

Although there are plenty of benefits to pet owners giving quality CBD to their animals, there are also a few considerations to note.

Here are soem of the adverse effects you could encounter with an improper dosage of CBD:

Stomach upset

One of the most common side effects of broad spectrum CBD oils is stomach upset in pets, especially if it’s their first time-consuming CBD.

That is why it’s important you slowly introduce small doses at a time, getting their digestive system used to the formula.

Within a few weeks, you can work them up toward a full dose.

Extreme lethargy

Lethargy is likely to happen with any animal that takes CBD oil, but extreme lethargy is common with a CBD overdose.

You might notice your animals will find it particularly hard to stay awake if they’ve consumed too much.

Dry mouth

If there’s one thing to be said when giving CBD to stress and anxiety, it’s to always make sure your cats have access to clean, fresh drinking water.

A dry mouth is a common side effect for humans and animals, so they’ll need plenty of fluids.

How do you choose a good CBD oil?

When you start shopping for full spectrum CBD oils, you’ll not only need to find a good oil but one that’s safe for cats as well.

Interestingly, not all CBD oils are made the same, and regulations vary significantly from state to state.

There aren’t any federal regulations that guarantee the quality of CBD you receive from manufacturers.

Luckily, there are some great ways you can ensure you’re finding the best CBD oil money can buy.

Quality seals

The first thing you’ll want to look for in a good CBD oil is whether it has any quality guarantees or certificates.

Typically, top-of-the-line feline CBD products will feature a Certified Seal of the U.S. Hemp Authority.

You might also find a National Animal Supplements Council Quality Seal.

These two assurances guarantee the product you’re feeding your animals has met industry standards.

In addition, they have been tested by regulated third-party agencies to guarantee the quality of the products.

Laboratory testing

If you cannot find CBD products guaranteed with seals, one surefire way to ensure quality is to check the manufacturer’s testing standards.

The best CBD oil producers will guarantee their products are tested by third-party agencies in U.S.-based laboratories.

This ensures the formula meets particularly high standards for sale and is far more likely to be safe for your pets.

Always ensure the product you choose is tested by a third party, as it guarantees the most reliable results.

Cat-specific products

Imagine you were giving yourself vitamins to supplement your daily diet.

You wouldn’t want to take cat or dog vitamins as a human, would you?

This same theory applies to using CBD oil for the endocannabinoid system in your cats.

Always make sure that when shopping for CBD supplements, you choose products specifically designed for cats.

This helps to ensure no byproducts could cause allergic or negative reactions in your pets.

It can also guarantee the formula is the right potency for your cat.

Clear ingredients

The final recommendation to note when you start shopping for CBD oil for your furry friends is their ingredients.

As with any other supplement you’d feed your animals, you want to ensure the ingredients are the highest quality possible.

That said, you won’t want any CBD oil with hard-to-pronounce byproducts or artificial ingredients.

The highest quality pet-safe CBD oils contain hemp seed oil and carrier oil, such as coconut or MCT oil.

They might contain other natural ingredients like valerian root or chamomile, known for their soothing properties.

That said, the active ingredients should be just CBD and carrier oil.

Talk to a veterinarian

Remember, you’ll always want to talk to your vet before giving your animal any medicine you think will help.

Your veterinarian can check the quality of the CBD oil and determine whether it’s safe for your pet.

They can guarantee it won’t interact with your animal’s current medications and won’t trigger any allergies.

How do you administer CBD oil to a cat?

Now that you have a good idea of what CBD oil is and how beneficial it can be for your animals, it’s time to consider dosing.

Choosing the right dosage for your cats can be simple, especially if the CBD oil you’ve chosen comes with a dosing guide.

Most high-quality brands will recommend a certain amount of oil based on the weight of your cats, which is important to follow.

A few other tips for administering CBD oil to cats include:

CBD oil and food

If your cat is a particularly picky eater, adding CBD oil to its food can be a great way to integrate it into its diet.

You won’t have to worry about chasing them down with a dropper; instead, mix the oil in wet food.

Since most CBD formulas are tasteless, they’ll never know the difference.

CBD oil treats

As an alternative to tinctures, there’s also the option to buy cat treats infused with CBD oil.

Many pet parents prefer these for separation anxiety, as they’re easy to administer, and your pets will love them.

It also takes the hassle out of trying to figure out how much oil to add to their food, as you simply give one or two treats at a time.

Topical options

If your cat finds full spectrum CBD oils to taste too grassy, there’s always the option of using it topically instead.

All you have to do is mix your tincture with a carrier oil and apply it to your cat by massaging it into their skin.

Many pet parents find it helps to massage CBD oil into their cat’s ears and paws, allowing them to lick it off throughout the day.

That said, ensure you choose an edible carrier oil, such as coconut oil, that won’t harm your cat. The milder the flavor, the better.

Start using CBD oil to calm your cats today!

If you’ve been wondering, “Does CBD oil calm cats?”, many pet parents have found it’s one of the only natural compounds that do.

With the exceptional number of benefits of CBD oil, your cat will feel more comfortable and less stressed daily.

Not to mention it will also give you peace of mind as a pet parent, knowing your animals are content.

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