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How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs: A Foolproof Guide

Have you been wanting to learn how to give CBD oil to dogs? You will love the 5 foolproof steps and tips we explored in this short but detailed guide.
Hayley Smith
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Figuring out how to give CBD oil to dogs can be a little more challenging than you’d expect, especially if your pets are particularly picky eaters.

From giving straight oil drops to making DIY pet-friendly treats, there are numerous ways to use CBD products.

If it’s your first time using this oil for dogs, let’s explore some foolproof tips to help make it easier.

How to use CBD for dogs: Three essential tips

Before we get into the top-recommended administering methods for CBD oil, you should know a few important things.

Mastering these tips will make it exponentially easier for pet owners to sell CBD dog treats to their furry friends.

1. Know when to give CBD to your dog

The first thing to consider is when giving your dog CBD is best, especially so they experience the highest number of benefits.

Some pet parents give it to their animals situationally, while others administer it on a regular schedule.

Situational dosing can be helpful, especially if your pets encounter a particularly stressful or anxiety-inducing situation.

On the other hand, maintaining a dosing schedule can be great to ensure your pets never need situational dosing.

Instead, they’ll have a constant stream of CBD to ensure mental and physical relief throughout the day.

On average, some pet parents recommend giving a dose every eight to 12 hours, depending on how severe your pet’s symptoms are.

2. Know how much CBD oil to use

The second massive tip to adding CBD oil to your pet’s daily diet is ensuring you have the right dosage in mind.

Fortunately, most high-quality CBD brands will give you dosing instructions, guaranteeing your pets are getting the right amount of product.

Another option is to work with your vet to decide how many doses would benefit your animals the most.

For most dogs, the amount of oil you give will depend primarily on their weight.

However, age and metabolism are two additional features that you must also consider.

On average, manufacturers suggest that between one and five milligrams of CBD should be given per ten pounds of body weight.

3. Find the highest quality CBD products

As with any other supplement you give your animals, it’s important to find the best of the best.

Unfortunately, CBD products aren’t as tightly regulated as other natural supplements (more on that here).

As dog owners, you’ll have to research to find the most reputable brands for your pets to enjoy.

Ensure you choose manufacturers that source their ingredients and design their formulas in the United States.

Doing so will guarantee the formula’s quality and ensure it meets stricter manufacturing standards.

It can also be helpful to find formulas that are USDA-certified organic, ensuring you aren’t feeding your pets artificial fillers and other ingredients.

The last thing to keep in mind is how and where the CBD oil to give to your dog is tested.

Only the best manufacturers feature third-party laboratory testing, guaranteeing each bottle and treat meets the highest industry standards.

It also guarantees you’re not feeding your pets harmful ingredients like pesticides and heavy metals.

How to give CBD oil to dogs: The five easy ways

Let’s jump into the list of foolproof ways to start administering CBD to your dogs.

1. Oil tincture droppers

When you think of full spectrum CBD oil, the first formulation that comes to mind is pure CBD oil.

These oils come in numerous potencies, allowing you to customize the formula to best suit your pet’s needs.

Oil tinctures also come in an assortment of flavors, some flavorless while others taste like peanut butter or blueberry.

When you purchase CBD infused oil, it will come in a bottle with a medicinal dropper.

These droppers are fantastic for ensuring you’re giving an accurate dose but can also be great for administering CBD altogether.

However, this is best left for dogs that don’t mind if you get near their muzzle or hold their mouths.

When administering oil tinctures, you’ll want to calculate the right dosage, put the dropper into your dog’s mouth, and release the oil.

Many pet parents find that giving a treat afterward helps to reinforce a more positive attitude toward receiving CBD oil.

Although it seems simple enough, giving the right amount of CBD to your pets directly through an oil tincture can be challenging.

If your pets are picky eaters, they might find pure CBD oil to have too much of an earthy or grassy taste.

Not to mention your dog might not like having a dropper shoved in its mouth every day.

In these instances, there are a few other ways to administer the natural supplement.

2. CBD treats

A fantastic alternative to pure CBD oil is to rely on CBD treats for dosing your animals with the natural compound.

Crunchy or soft chews are a surefire way to capture your pet’s interest while giving them the numerous health benefits of CBD.

Much like edibles for humans, CBD treats taste just like your pet’s favorite sweet or savory snack, making them incredibly easy to administer.

The best part is you can choose whether to buy premade CBD treats or make your own at home with natural ingredients.

For example, you can add CBD oil to peas or your dog’s existing favorite treats to get the right dosage.

From there, you’ll find it’s exceptionally simple to get your pets to love getting their soothing natural supplements.

3. Treat-dispensing toys

Adding your dog’s CBD dosage to a treat-dispensing toy offers a two-in-one benefit.

First, your pets will be able to enjoy an enriching activity that can assist with their mental and physical development.

Second, they can get their natural supplement to assist with reducing physical discomfort and increasing mental calmness.

By using treat-dispensing toys, you’ll give your pets an activity to keep them occupied so that they unknowingly enjoy their CBD infused treats.

There are numerous ways you can add CBD to treat-dispensing toys, whether you use CBD soft chews or make your own.

Another alternative is to add pure CBD oil to peanut butter or coconut oil and spread it over the toy, allowing your pet to lap it up as they relax.

4. CBD-enriched foods

There’s no doubt the most popular method pet parents use when they add CBD oil to their pet’s diet is to create enriched foods.

It’s also a fantastic way to ensure you’re not negatively affecting your dog’s body weight, as you won’t have to give them daily treats.

By adding a CBD oil product to your pet’s dry or wet foods, they’ll unknowingly get all of the formula’s benefits.

You’ll also find it’s easier to administer full spectrum CBD oil since their regular food will hide the earthy and grassy flavors.

There’s even the option of adding CBD oil to freeze-dried foods because the oil will be easily absorbed like a sponge.

The most important thing to note when you combine your pet’s food and CBD is to do so slowly, as this can help avoid stomach upset.

If you add too much cannabinoid oil at once, your dog could experience extra gassiness, diarrhea, and sometimes constipation.

It’s better to introduce quarter or half doses at a time, working your way up to a full dose once their stomach gets more comfortable.

5. Topical application

The fifth and final recommendation for getting CBD oil into your dog’s endocannabinoid system is with a topical application.

It can be a fantastic way to spend time bonding with your pet while also comfortably adding CBD into their daily routine.

That said, it’s important to note topical CBD products aren’t as effective as oral products because they’re less concentrated.

Interestingly, this means you can always use topical CBD products at the same time as oral CBD oils and treats.

There are tons of topical products with CBD oil in them, ranging from paw salves to shampoos and joint balms.

You can easily massage them into your dog’s skin after a bath or at the end of the day for physical and mental relief.

Is CBD oil good for dogs?

There’s no doubt that when learning how to give CBD oil to dogs, you’ll quickly learn it’s one of the best natural supplements currently being researched.

With mental and physical soothing benefits, CBD oil can assist with anxiety, mobility, and general wellness in pets.

That said, there’s no better time than now to begin introducing CBD into your dog’s daily diet.

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