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CBD Incubator review process

Review process

Some links in this article may be affiliate links that pay us a small commission on qualifying purchases. Read our review process for more information on how we vet brands and products to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Product selection

We actively look for brands that stand out in the marketplace to give our unbiased opinions on their products and business practices. But we don’t lock ourselves down to only reviewing the best-known brands. We think that it is important to also give our opinions on rising stars and brands with less known products so that you as a consumer get both wide and deep information when visiting our website.

Some brands reach out to us requesting that we review their products. We make it clear to the brands that our opinion will remain unbiased, honest and cannot be edited.

Review criteria

We review products based on a number of important criteria. We perform due diligence on the background of the brand, it’s owners and history in the marketplace to make sure that their products are safe, effective and transparent.

  • Overall product quality
    • Central to any product is its quality, so we carefully scrutinize ingredients, production processes, and the overall integrity of the products. Prioritizing premium ingredients along with the source and testing of the components used are vital considerations in our overall assessment.
  • Customer reviews
    • Customer reviews and feedback provide invaluable insights, and these firsthand experiences offer a more rounded perspective of each product’s real-world performance. We know that some products may be ineffective for some but very effective for others which is why we always consult customer reviews.
  • Forum mentions
    • Just like we do with customer reviews, we consult online forums to get a finger on the pulse of what the community thinks about certain products and brands.
  • Effectiveness
    • Beyond gauging the mere quality, the effects and effectiveness are other important things that we assess in our review process. Our team personally tests each product carefully noting its effects’ onset, intensity, and duration, ensuring that there is a balance between the experience and the product’s description.
  • Transparency & safety profile
    • Transparency in the cannabis industry is showcased through third-party lab testing, and we always prefer products that are backed and supported by clear and thorough lab reports, verifying their cannabinoid content and ensuring that no harmful pesticides, molds, or other chemicals are present. In fact, we sometimes contract our own 3rd party labs to verify that brands are telling us the truth.
  • Price
    • While often secondary, price is undeniably significant to consider when shopping around. While more premium products may justify having a higher price tag, it’s crucial that the total cost corresponds with the overall experience and quality provided. In this vein, we aim to find products offering exceptional value and quality for their price point.
  • Business practises
    • A brand’s overall reputation helps guide our decisions, so whether it is a time-tested brand or a promising entrant in the space, brands with a steadfast commitment to excellence, a high degree of transparency, and those that deliver exceptional customer service help set our top choices apart from the rest of the market.
  • Shipping & returns policies
    • We check the fine print to see whether a brand can deliver on the promises it makes in regards to shipping and returns. We are very well aware that brands in the cannabis space are restricted in their shipping options and they cannot use the standard high speed shipping providers that other industries can.
  • Supported & unsupported medical claims
    • Cannabis products can produce miracles results for some people. However, brands are not able to make medical claims that are unproven or unsupported by science. If they do, we will call them out on it.

Product photos

The product photos that you see in our articles are taken by our writers and editors. The photos are taken to show the products, packaging, and display in the most accurate light possible without retouching or editing the photos.

Our team of Reviewers

At CBD Incubator, we’re building a CBD community in which we can share news on the latest research, innovations, and our own personal experiences with CBD. We want to help you make well-informed decisions about your personal health, connecting you with the best brands and products, to help you source safe and effective CBD.

In the rapidly expanding world of CBD, authenticity and efficacy are paramount. At CBD Incubator, we pride ourselves on genuine, hands-on experiences with hundreds of CBD brands over the years, enabling us to discern the extraordinary from the ordinary.

We believe in transparent and unbiased reviews and have meticulously tested all the products that we recommend (and don’t recommend) in real-life scenarios.

Our commitment to honesty and expertise ensures that, as we share information with you, you receive an unfiltered perspective on each product, substance and brand.

Hayley Smith owner and editor at CBD Incubator

Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith, the brains, heart, and green thumb behind CBD Incubator, brings a wealth of expertise to the cannabis landscape.

Madison Pugh

madison Pugh

Madison Pugh, our budding wordsmith at CBD Incubator, weaves together pharmaceutical precision and storytelling artistry to illuminate the intricacies of the cannabis industry.


Pippa Gorman

Pippa Gorman, a seasoned advocate in the substance misuse and charity sector, merges her empathetic mindset and passion for writing to enlighten audiences on the societal impact of substances and the wonders of natural and plant-based medicines

Bob Clark

Bob Clark

Bob Clark is one of your guides here at CBD Incubator. His work focuses on where the realms of health, science, technology and the captivating world of cannabis intertwine. His goal is to rationalize the complex cannabis landscape into fun and accessible narratives for everyone.


Some links in our articles may be “affiliate links” that pay us a small commission in return for the effort that our writing team puts in. There is no extra cost for you and all opinions and reviews remain honest and accurate. Read more about our review and testing procedures here.

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