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airvape Legacy Pro review

Airvape Legacy PRO Review: Honest Review With Pros and Cons

I think the Legacy PRO, complete with lifetime warranty, offers unbeatable value for money and really is the only vape you’ll ever need. Read more to learn why I am so impressed and why I like it better than the MIGHTY.
Staff Editor
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Possibly the best dry herb vaporizer on the market

AirVape USA has released some incredibly popular dry herb vape devices over the last few years, including the Airvape X, Airvape Om, and AirVape Legacy. But nothing has been so highly-anticipated as the release of their new and improved AirVape Legacy PRO edition.

Like its predecessor, the Legacy PRO is both a dry herb and concentrate (combo) vape, but it contains the latest technology and is packed with useful features, so much so that AirVape says it’s “the only vape you’ll ever need”.

We got hold of one so we could conduct our own AirVape review and find out whether it really is the only vape we’ll ever need.

AirVape Legacy Pro Review

This 2022 AirVape Legacy PRO is a brand-new, all-improved version of the original AirVape Legacy, released two years ago. The PRO has tons of great features, but the most exciting improvements involve a larger herb chamber and a more-powerful, longer-lasting battery.

airvape Legacy PRO
Total Score
#1 — Best in class!


  • Stylish, compact design
  • Produces large, tasty vapor clouds
  • Combo vape for both loose leaf and concentrates
  • Dual heating system helps maintains strength and flavor
  • Large and precise temperature range to suit your needs
  • Heats up quickly
  • Longer-lasting, removable battery
  • Fast, USB-C and wireless charging
  • Easy to use and clean (great for beginners)
  • Safety shut-off features
  • Easy to adjust bowl size for microdosing
  • On board temperature controls (no smartphone app needed)
  • On board (built-in) stir stick


  • LCD screen is located in an awkward place
  • Can’t use the PRO while it’s charging (as opposed to the AirVape X, which you can)
  • Mouthpiece falls off in my pocket
  • The case marks easily with fingerprints

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Who is this product for?

This vape is ideal for cannabis and hemp connoisseurs that want to get the best flavors out of their product when they’re at home and on the move. The PRO combines high performance and power with portability, so maybe it really can be the only vape you’ll ever need!

It’s incredibly easy to use, making it suitable for vaping beginners and pros alike, but its middle to high price-point may make it more popular with experienced vapers that are more likely to appreciate the PRO’s quality build, solid performance, and abundance of features.

What’s in the box?

  • AirVape Legacy PRO device
  • 18650/3200mAh removable battery
  • Insert for concentrates
  • Gold-plated basket for microdosing
  • Replacement screens
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Cleaning tools
  • Lifetime warranty

Overview of features

The AirVape Legacy PRO is a truly portable and powerful, high-performance vape and it’s literally packed with features that you’d never normally find on a dry herb vape device in this price range. Let’s take a closer look at some of the PRO’s highlights.

  • Combo vape for dry herb and concentrates

This is a no-brainer. Why choose between a portable vaporizer that vapes dry herbs or concentrates when you can have one device that does both jobs? The AirVape Legacy PRO easily switches between the two and all you need to vape concentrates is a small insert that you place in the chamber.

I just wish that there was some way to attach the insert to the device when it’s not being used, as I’m always worried that I’ll lose it when I’m out and about.

  • 20% larger chamber 

While we’re on the subject of the chamber, the PRO edition has a 20% larger chamber, meaning you can set up larger bowls for bigger vapor clouds and bolder flavor. This new larger chamber is much more convenient as you don’t have to repack it so often and it’s unusual to have such a decently-sized chamber on a portable device like this.

  • Superior vapor clouds and flavor

The Legacy PRO produces incredible vapor quality and, thanks to the glass vapor path and ceramic mouthpiece, the big vapor clouds produced are quickly and effectively cooled without affecting the flavors.

And speaking of flavors, the Legacy PRO released some fantastic flavors from my hemp flower that I didn’t even know existed! I literally can’t wait to try all of my favorite strains with it to release their full terpene potential.

  • Powerful, removable battery

The battery in the PRO is more powerful than the previous Legacy and is expected to last around eight sessions before it’ll need charging again, which means it outperforms most portable vapes on the market right now.

The battery is also removable, meaning you can carry a spare battery with you and never run out of power again. Plus, the Legacy PRO is also super easy to charge…

  • USB-C and wireless charging

We love the fact that you can charge the Legacy PRO with a USB-C charging cable, so you don’t have to carry around a proprietary cable with you and you can charge it with a portable power bank if you have one.

Further to this, the Legacy PRO also charges wirelessly, so you can just sit your device on top of any wireless charging pad and be back up to full battery in no time.

  • Fast heating and precise temperature settings

The Legacy PRO heats up quickly, in around 15 seconds or so, and you can set the temperature precisely depending on what you’re vaping (flower, crumble, or wax) with the up and down buttons on the side of the device. The Legacy PRO holds a steady temperature anywhere between 220F to 440F.

  • Haptic feedback and auto shut-off timer

The Legacy PRO will vibrate when it has reached your target temperature, to let you know that it’s ready to use, and its auto shut-off safety feature will kick in after three minutes of session smoking or after one minute of inactivity.

This is a great safety feature to have on a device like this which also helps you save battery life when you’re distracted.

  • Easy to use, three button operation

The AirVape Legacy PRO’s operation is simplicity at its finest with just three buttons to work with, as well as an LCD screen. You have one on/off button, as well as up and down buttons that control the temperature.

Changing the settings of the device is as easy as holding down either the up or down button along with the power button. Literally idiot-proof operation.

  • Built-in adjustable microdosing disk

The microdosing disk is great if you want to pack smaller bowls, but still have them heat up efficiently. And having it as a built-in feature is a huge plus as it means you won’t ever lose it. It can be fiddly to twist the disk around, in order to suit your dosage size, but I found that the (also built-in) stirring or loading tool is a great help in getting it spinning round.

  • Comes apart for easy cleaning

Finally, the device breaks down into several pieces for easy and thorough cleaning. The air filter and microdosing disk do tend to get caked in flower crumbles pretty quickly, but they wipe clean easily in between bowls.

Is the Legacy PRO worth the money?

Yes, at around $270 the AirVape Legacy PRO offers fantastic value for money. The power, performance, build quality, and features that this device offers is usually unheard of in this price range. 

AirVape has managed to produce a portable device (you’ll need big pockets or a small bag) that packs in similar high-performance to many desktop models. They claim that the Legacy PRO is the only vape you’ll ever need and, having used it myself for the past week, I have to agree. One device for all your flower and concentrate vaping needs, for at home and on the go. It’s great!

Airvape Legacy Pro box

How to use the AirVape Legacy PRO

As mentioned earlier, it’s really easy to operate the Legacy PRO. You can take a look at the full user manual here, but here’s my summary of everything you need to know:

In order to vape dry herb, grind up some of your favorite hemp or cannabis flower, open up the side of the Legacy PRO and lightly pack the chamber with your product. Close the door and you’re ready to go.

For concentrates, you’ll need the concentrates insert that comes in the box. Place the insert into the chamber and then scoop some of your concentrate on top of it. Close the door and power up.

The device powers on when you press the on/off button three times. It features up and down temperature control buttons on the device and an LCD screen that tells you the current temperature and setting you’re on.

You can set the vape to a precise temperature to suit the product type you want to vape (lower temps for dry herb and higher temps for concentrates). Wait 15-30 seconds until the Legacy PRO vibrates in your hand to let you know it’s ready.

In order to change your session time from three minutes to five or 10 minutes, simply press and hold the up and power buttons together. To change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, simply press and hold the down and power buttons together.

You can also access On Demand mode by pressing and holding the up and down buttons together. While in this mode, the device will only heat up while you’re pressing the power button.


I’ve had the AirVape Legacy PRO in my possession for around a week now and it’s easily one of the best dry herb vapes I’ve ever used. It’s going to knock the MIGHTY off its top spot in our best dry herb vaporizer article because it’s more portable, more affordable, has a faster heat up time, and is packed with tons more features. 

I think the Legacy PRO, complete with lifetime warranty, offers unbeatable value for money and really is the only vape you’ll ever need. So, if you’re thinking of investing in one vape this year, let the Legacy PRO be it.

AirVape Legacy Pro

airvape Legacy PRO
Total Score
#1 — Best in class!

This 2022 AirVape Legacy PRO is a brand-new, all-improved version of the original AirVape Legacy, released two years ago. The PRO has tons of great features, but the most exciting improvements involve a larger herb chamber and a more-powerful, longer-lasting battery.

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