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Best CBD Oil For Pain – Top 6 Hemp Oils For Great Pain Relief

Best CBD Oil For Pain – Top 6 Hemp Oils For Great Pain Relief

  • Best Overall CBD Oil
  • Best CBD Oil for Potency
  • Best CBD Oil for New Users
  • Best CBD Oil for Value
  • Best CBD Oil for Nighttime Use
  • Best CBD Oil with Zero-THC
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Top 6 Pain Reliving CBD Oils

If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for pain then you’ve come to the right place. Many people ask us, “what is the best CBD oil for pain?” and unfortunately there is no short answer as CBD isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of remedy.

The reason being is that there are so many different types of pain (nerve pain, back pain, joint pain, period pain), and each person suffering from pain will most likely have different needs from another (a chronic pain sufferer for example will have very different needs from someone suffering from sporadic menstrual pains).

With this in mind, the main considerations we made when compiling this list were safety, quality, and variety.

We scoured the market and have highlighted our top six CBD oils for fast and effective pain relief.

best cbd oil for pain

Best CBD Oils for Pain

We have a lot of favorite brands when it comes to CBD and you may notice that they’re always 100% organic because we believe safe consumption should always be a priority.

All of the products featured here are not only all-natural and organic, but they’re also third-party tested to verify their cannabinoid contents.

When using CBD for pain, specifically, we recommend full-spectrum oils over isolates as full-spectrum products benefit from the entourage effect and don’t have a peak dosage limit.

We also chose our top six oils by looking at what terpenes they are mixed with as relieving pain may require larger amounts of CBD that can leave you feeling tired, so, apart from our choice for nighttime use, we favored oils with more uplifting terpenes to aid focus and energy levels.

If you’re looking for faster pain relief then you may wish to consider trying smokable hemp flower, or vaping your CBD, to experience almost immediate effects.

  • Best Overall CBD Oil – Drop Of Sunshine OG Tincture
  • Best CBD Oil for Potency – MyNaturalCBD Oil
  • Best CBD Oil for New Users – Sisters of the Valley Infused CBD Oil
  • Best CBD Oil for Value – CBDistillary CBD Oil
  • Best CBD Oil for Nighttime Use – Green Flower Botanicals ACDC CBD Oil
  • Best CBD Oil with Zero-THC – Big Sky Botanicals CBD Oil

Drop Of Sunshine – Original Tincture

Best Overall

The best overall CBD tincture for pain is The Original CBD Tincture by Drop of Sunshine. A full spectrum CO2 extracted Hemp tincture that is effective and clean from biomass to extraction.

The fact that is contains a mix of essential oils and organic herbs along with the CBD is fantastic. The mixture allows your body to absorb, heal from within and relief pain naturally and quickly.

Comes in 4 potencies from 250ml to 2500ml per dropper bottle.


pain free cbd

MyNaturalCBD CBD Oil

Best for Potency

If your pain is severe then you may be looking for higher dosage levels, or maybe you use CBD regularly and have built up a tolerance? If so, MyNaturalCBD provide one of the most potent products on the market.

This oil is mixed with peppermint which also displays anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties so would be ideal for muscle and joint pain, as well as menstrual pain.

This oil contains a whopping 5,000mg of CBD per 30ml of oil.


my natural cbd tincture

Sisters of the Valley Infused CBD Oil

Best for New Users

This is a great product to try out if you’re new to the CBD market. This product offers customers a chance to sample CBD at a lower dosage and an affordable price. Mixed with blood orange essential oil, it also won’t send you to sleep in the middle of an important meeting.

Approximately 125mg of CBD in each 15ml bottle.


Sisters of the valley cbd tincture

CBDistillary CBD Oil Tincture

Best for Value

We think CBDistillary offers fantastic value for money on all of their oils but especially those containing larger amounts of CBD. This may also prove to be the best topical CBD oil for pain as you will need quite a few drops of oil to massage into a localized area.

This 30ml bottle contains 1,000mg of CBD which equates to 33mg per serving.


CBDistillery cbd oil

Green Flower Botanicals CBD Oil

Best for Nighttime Use

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best pain cbd products

Green Flower Botanicals is one of our favorite companies in the CBD oil market. They provide strain-specific CBD oils so if you know which is the best CBD strain for pain (for you), then you may be able to find a matching oil here to use before you go to bed.

The ACDC strain is extremely high in the terpene Myrcene which is best known for its sedative effects and will therefore be perfect if you’re desperate for a pain-free sleep.

This 30ml bottle contains 900mg of CBD. 


Green Flower hemp cbd oil

Big Sky Botanicals CBD Oil

Best for Zero THC

If you live in a state like Idaho, where CBD is legal only if it contains zero THC, then Big Sky Botanicals should be your CBD oil of choice. This CBD oil is broad-spectrum, meaning it contains many of the original compounds found in hemp, but not the THC.

This 30ml bottle contains 750 mg of CBD (25mg per serving).


Big Sky Botanicals

Where to Buy CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

Now that hemp is federally legal across all 50 states, you buy CBD oil in many more places than ever before.

Buying online offers the most choice and convenience for many people, but you should also be able to find it in your home town or city, in local pharmacies, supermarkets, health food stores, and head shops.

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

Most people take CBD oil sublinguilly which means dropping the desired amount of oil under your tongue. Read about other ways of consuming CBD here.

Hold the oil or tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds or so before swallowing, so the CBD can absorb into your bloodstream via the capillaries under your tongue.

Dosing sublinguilly as opposed to swallowing it or mixing it into your food or drinks will allow the CBD to work more quickly (in as little as 30-40 minutes instead of several hours).

For even quicker effect try smoking it!


The best CBD oil for pain may vary depending on your needs at any given time. Every CBD oil is different, not just because of the strength, but also when it comes to other cannabinoids and terpenes present, so it may take a bit of experimentation to find the very best CBD oil for you, as well as your ideal dosage.

Keeping a diary to track your symptoms, along with a record of which CBD you are taking and dosage levels, will help to pinpoint the best products for you.

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