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Best dry herb vaporizer

The 7 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2024: For CBD and THC Flower

We’ve been huffing n’ puffing on all the most popular dry herb vaporizers on the market to find the best one for specifically for CBD flower. Take a look…
Hayley Smith
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The best portable vapes for dry herbs

Whether you’re taking it easy or out and about, dry herb vaporizers provide one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy CBD flower strains and marijuana.

But it was only recently that portable vaporizers broke onto the scene, providing vapers the benefits of dry herb vaping without being tied to a large, stationary desktop machine. And with ongoing advances in airflow, precise temperature control, heat-up times, and overall durability, portable devices offer a level of quality, flavor, and vapor not possible just a few years ago.

With literally hundreds of options to sort through, choosing among the best dry herb vaporizers these days — especially to find the best portable dry herb vaporizer — can be a challenge. To make things easier, we’ve assembled a helpful guide of the best portable weed vaporizers out there and how to find the pocket-vaper that works for you.

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Top Dry Herb Vaporizers for Vaping CBD and THC Flower

This is our list of the 8 best vaporizers for CBD flower of 2024 (updated in July).

1. Airvape Legacy PRO

airvape Legacy PRO
The new Airvape Legacy PRO 2022

We have a new addition to our line-up of Best Dry Herb Vapes in 2022, the AirVape Legacy PRO, which has taken our number one spot from the MIGHTY.

The Legacy PRO is a high-quality, combo vaporizer suitable for both loose flower and concentrates, so there’s no need for a separate dabbing rig for your favorite wax. This high-performance device produces large, cool, smooth clouds of vapor and unrivaled flavor from every puff. 

It heats up to precise temperatures in just 15 to 30 seconds and comes loaded with handy features, including a longer-lasting, removable battery and fast USB-C and wireless charging. The AirVape Legacy PRO is also great value for money, outperforming every other vaporizer within the same price range by far.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team
#1 — Best in class!

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The Legacy PRO is versatile, easy-to-use, powerful and portable, making it the only vaping device you’ll ever need.

Read my full review on the Legacy Pro

2. Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer

Looking for a powerful portable vaporizer that delivers smooth, satisfying puffs every time you vape?

Look no further than the MIGHTY, the king of portable vaporizers and rightful owner of the top spot on our list.

MIGHTY’s thick tasty clouds and consistent, reliable performance make it one the best vaping options available. Add to the mix a top-shelf battery life and the ability to tackle large amounts of herb, and you have what is surely one of the top vaping products ever made.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team
#1 — Best in class!

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While the CRAFTY+ (#3 on our list) might match the draw and flavor of this perennial favorite, MIGHTY’s unparalleled battery power and extensive capacity put it firmly above its small-sized counterpart.

Operating on a conduction/convection heating system, the MIGHTY vaporizer offers a rewarding vaping experience for medium and heavy users alike, including:

  • Large, potent vapor clouds
  • Smooth, flavorful draws
  • Large dry herb capacity
  • Long-lasting performance (an hour-plus of high-level function)

What’s more, MIGHTY is the only portable vaporizer currently licensed for medical marijuana, an added benefit for medical CBD users.

Is There a Downside?

Despite its many upsides, the MIGHTY vaporizer has a couple of qualities that can sometimes work against it:

  • Size. The MIGHTY is big (some would say clunky) compared to its pocket-sized competitors (mainly the Crafty+), a potential turnoff for users looking to vape outside or on the go.
  • Slow heat-up time. MIGHTY takes a little longer than others to heat up, turning away some seeking immediate satisfaction.

But even with these drawbacks, the MIGHTY’s strength, battery power, and potent draw solidify its place as a top-tier dry herb vape – as well as an excellent alternative to the standard, immobile desktop vaporizer.

We recommend the MIGHTY for:

  • Medium-to-heavy CBD users (high-tolerance)
  • Medical marijuana users
  • Anyone after a potent, flavorful vaping experience

3. Crafty+ Vaporizer

Hands down, the Crafty+ portable vaporizer packs the best punch of any pocket-sized vaporizer on the market.

Crafty Vaporizer

From cloud size to purity and potency, this easy-to-use conduction/convection heating compact is on par with other, bulkier portables like the MIGHTY, only with much-easier portability. In fact, CRAFTY+’s vapor is so dense and flavorful that even those with high CBD tolerance will be surprised at the results.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team
#1 — Best in class!

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As our first runner-up, CRAFTY+ delivers some of the most consistent results out there, providing a reliable draw and power-packed clouds every time you load up. It’s also a great option for beginners, mainly because:

  • It’s very user-friendly, making it easy to learn and use right from the start
  • It is exceptionally durable and undemanding, requiring very little upkeep or cleaning
  • It pulls cleanly and with no effort, providing an experience that won’t have you gasping for air

The CRAFTY+ mobile app also gives you precise control over vape temperature, allowing you to customize your experience to fit your unique preferences.

Any Drawbacks?

While the CRAFTY+ vaporizer is one of the best portables available, its battery life ranks below a few of its competitors. Also, it costs a bit more than similar models, including the Arizer ArGo and Arizer Solo 2 (numbers 3 and 4 on our list).

But even with shorter battery life and a higher price tag, it’s hard to imagine being disappointed with your purchase. This efficient, pocket-sized conduction/convection vaporizer remains the ideal product for:

  • Vaping beginners
  • Seasoned vapers looking for a more powerful draw
  • Anyone seeking an easy, consistent, high-quality experience

4. Arizer ArGo

Next runner-up in our best vape guide is the Arizer ArGo, the first Arizer portable dry herb vaporizer that actually fits in your pocket — a major step forward for what’s already a leading vaporizer brand.

Arizer ArGo portable vaporizer review
Arizer ArGo

Small and efficient, the ArGo reinforces the company’s reputation as a top vaping company, providing a robust, high-quality puff at a price far below most high-end makers. Featuring Arizer’s well-known glass vapor path design, the ArGo delivers incredible tasting vapor that’s hard to find among most others in the industry.

When not in use, the Arizer ArGo’s glass stem (the key to its amazing vapor) rests comfortably inside the device, making it easy to tuck away and avoid the space issues common in previous Arizer models. ArGo’s heating element is also quite reliable, demonstrating a level of performance and dependability not found in older pocket-sized vaporizers.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team
Excellent option

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In all, the ArGo is notable for its:

  • Small size, making it the first true pocket vape from the Arizer brand
  • Large clouds and high-quality vapor
  • Nearly effortless draw
  • Good battery life (80-90 minutes)

Potential Negatives

The ArGo doesn’t suffer from many of the problems to which small-sized vapes are prone, though it’s generally less powerful than other pocket portables, such as the Crafty+. It also takes about 60 seconds or so for the heat-up time, longer than a few of its competitors.

Compared to other top pocket-vapes, the Arizer ArGo more or less holds its own, providing a quality cloud, vapor, and reliability that go head-to-head with nearly any vaping brand. As a well-functioning, moderately-priced portable, the ArGo is a solid product for:

  • New-to-moderate vapers seeking a reliable vaping experience
  • Anyone who’s after outstanding vapor quality without the high-end price tag

5. Arizer Solo II

What’s the best vaporizer money can buy? For a portable vaporizer that offers the best quality for the best price, it’s hard to top the Arizer Solo II.

Arizer Solo II review
Arizer Solo II

The much-anticipated update to Arizer’s first Solo product, the Arizer Solo II delivers powerful vapor clouds and a super tasty draw surpassing even the original, itself no slouch in either department.

What’s more, Solo II’s high-quality vapor is miles above many of the costlier portables out there, producing a level of flavor and potency that leaves many high-end vapes in the dust.

While a little pricier than the first Solo, Solo 2 is improved in nearly every area that counts, making the bump in cost more than worth it.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team
Great option

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With the Arizer Solo 2, you get:

  • Tastier, more potent clouds than the original
  • Long-lasting flavor and performance throughout each session
  • A more efficient heating system (20-to-30-second heat-up times)
  • Customizable temperature settings for more precise control
  • Longer battery life than the first version


While remarkably reliable, Solo II’s larger size, weight, and bulkiness may be a turn-off for users seeking a true pocket vaporizer. There’s also no separation between the unit’s vapor path and its electronics, which could be a drawback for those with more particular vape preferences.

Overall, the Arizer Solo II is a great choice for vapers:

  • Seeking great-quality vapor without a high-end price tag
  • Looking for consistently high performance to the end of each session
  • Enjoying the portability of the Arizer Air 2, but prefer more of a home use-style vape

6. DaVinci IQ2

If cutting-edge dry herb vaping is more your thing, the DaVinci IQ2 could be exactly what you’re looking for.

DaVinci IQ2 review
DaVinci IQ2

A compact portable that fits in the palm of your hand, the DaVinci IQ2 is a remarkable upgrade of what was already a state-of-the-art dry herb vape (the DaVinci IQ).

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team
Great option

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Small, sleek, and of outstanding build quality, the IQ2’s enhanced design and functionality make it a top-flight portable in an overcrowded marketplace.

Much like its predecessor, the IQ2 is all about precision, including:

  • Pinpoint temperature control. This small but versatile portable vaporizer produces smooth, satisfying vapor at any temperature you choose, a notable improvement over the original DaVinci IQ.
  • Dosing accuracy. With a precise dose calculator, you can measure how much CBD you’re inhaling with each unique dry herb strain.
  • Airflow adjustment. The IQ2’s advanced vapor and resistance controls make it easy to adjust draw and vapor based on your preferences.

IQ2 also comes with a larger herb chamber than the first, providing up to .5 grams of space for longer sessions. And unlike the original IQ, this conduction heating dry herb vaporizer is easy to clean and maintain, mainly due to its improved design.

Why Wouldn’t I Choose the IQ2?

The IQ2’s ergonomic design, adjustable settings, and high-quality vapor make it a great vaping option, although they also make it one of the pricier pocket vapes on the market. Its longer charging time is also a drawback, but likely not enough to overcome the vaporizer’s many user-friendly features.

For those seeking an industry-best CBD vaporizer with high-level vapor quality and unparalleled user control, it’s hard to find better than the DaVinci IQ2.

7. PAX 3

Next in our guide to the best portable vaporizers is the PAX 3, the latest and most innovative vape to come from Pax Labs.

PAX 3 review for cbd flower

Shaped more like a flash drive than a portable vaporizer, the PAX 3 offers multiple vapor settings, excellent build quality, and tasty draws from a stainless-steel vapor path, a true original in a sea of portables.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team

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With quicker heat-up times (90 seconds) and longer battery life than the PAX 1 and 2, the PAX 3 comes with a bevy of vaper-friendly features like:

  • Convenient size and easy-to-use design
  • Five distinct vapor modes, including standard, efficiency, flavor, boost, and stealth
  • Stainless steel air path for smooth, flavorful puffs
  • Compatibility with both concentrates and dry herbs
  • 0.5-to-1-gram herb chamber for various doses and session sizes
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Bluetooth link-up for controlling temperature settings

Possible Downsides

While the PAX 3’s heating system is better than its predecessors (Pax 1 & 2), we’re not a fan of its 90-second heat-up time, which is much slower than most others on our list.

And though the .5-to-1-gram bowl size provides some session flexibility, it’s not as great for micro-dosing as, say, the IQ2 (#5 on our list) or the Airvape X (#7) — units geared for enjoying smaller amounts of herb.

As one of our top portable dry herb vaporizers, the PAX 3 is a great choice for:

  • Vaping beginners
  • Vapers who enjoy dry-herb and THC-extract vaping
  • Anyone seeking a quality alternative to desktop vaporizers

8. Airvape X

The Airvape X is thin, versatile, and easy to use, offering good vapor and cloud quality with minimal draw resistance.

Airvape X

Equipped with a convection and conduction heating element and an isolated quartz vapor path, this discreet pocket-vape provides a reliable, satisfying vaping experience to part-time users and connoisseurs alike.

Airvape X has an impressively fast heat-up time (20 seconds) and is very easy to load, making it the ideal vape for quick, single hit sessions. Also, the unit’s ceramic heating chamber thoroughly vaporizes each dry herb load, leaving nothing to waste.

CBD Incubator score iReviewed by our independent team

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A true portable vaporizer, Airvape X includes:

  • Good airflow for smoother, more satisfying hits
  • Dry herb and concentrate compatibility
  • Precise heat settings control
  • An OLED display featuring temperature, remaining battery life, and shutoff timer
  • Numerous accessories, including a cleaning brush, loading tool, and rubber shell

Any Weaknesses?

The Airvape X is a high-quality pocket vape, though its relatively low battery life is a potential drawback for anyone preferring longer sessions. It can also get quite hot during periods of extended use, making it essential to keep the protective rubber shell within arm’s reach.

Overall, the Airvape X’s stealthy, lightweight design, precision temperature control, and fast load-and heat-up-times make it a recommended item for:

  • Micro-dosers and one-hit users
  • Beginner and experienced vapers

Read my full review on the AirVape X

Honorable Mention

While not electronic, on-demand vaping products like the DynaVap OmniVap and VapCap M are highly efficient, cost-effective options for enjoying dry herb on a short-session basis. Styled more like a vape pen than other standard portables, each of these butane-powered products offers a powerful draw and tasty clouds whenever a single hit will do.

dynavap omnivap

Choosing the Right Portable

When choosing the best dry herb vaporizer, it’s important to research and weigh each product carefully. With hundreds of portable vapes from which to choose, striking the right balance between functionality, reliability, vapor quality, and price can be a challenge — but it’s also key to maximizing your satisfaction and experience over the long-term.

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