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Bloomz HHC flower

Best HHC Flower of 2024: Top 3 Legal HHC Buds & Brands

These are the Best HHC flower strains and brands of the year. I tried countless hemp derived buds and these are the HHC winners you need to try first!
Staff Editor
Some links in this article may be affiliate links that pay us a small commission on qualifying purchases. Read our review process for more information on how we vet brands and products to ensure their safety and efficacy.

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Quality conscious consumers with a taste for HHC flower

The hemp industry is constantly evolving, with new strains and products emerging every day. One of the latest innovations to hit the scene is HHC flower and it’s quickly making a big impression among hemp enthusiasts.

But what exactly is HHC flower, and does it offer different effects from other HHC products? In this article, we’ll explore the world of HHC flower and I’ll share my experience, favorite strains and vendors, to help you find the best HHC flower online.

So whether you’re a seasoned hemp connoisseur or just curious about the latest trends, join us as we learn more about HHC flower.

What is HHC flower?

HHC flower is a type of hemp flower that offers uplifting psychoactive effects to its users. Although milder than traditional high-THC cannabis, HHC flower still offers the benefits of relaxation and euphoria without the same intensity of Delta 9 THC and THCa flower that some users may find overwhelming.

Although HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant, it is only present in very small amounts, so HHC flower has its HHC levels enhanced by adding HHC isolate.

How is HHC flower made?

Also known as HHC-infused flower, HHC flower is made by taking a smokable hemp strain and infusing it with HHC isolate. The hemp flower is usually CBD or CBG-dominant and is then lightly sprayed or dusted with an isolate solution or powder to boost the amount of HHC delivered.

If you want to learn more about how HHC and Delta 8 flower is made, you can read our article on how it is made here.

Does HHC get you high?

HHC is a psychoactive compound and it definitely gets me high, but I do know a couple of people that it doesn’t work quite as well on. Both of them are regular weed smokers, so if you have a higher tolerance to THC, then your HHC flower experience may not be as powerful as mine is.

HHC flower effects

HHC is one of my favorite legal highs so, as you can imagine, I have quite a lot of experience with it 😄

I wrote another article about HHC last year, so if you’re looking for more specific information about the HHC experience (in general) or an introduction to HHC, then you’ll find it there, but as far as HHC flower goes, you’re in the right place so stay right here (or come back 😝).

When I smoke HHC flower, I generally feel very happy, positive, and relaxed. It’s an incredibly pleasurable high that hits you in a slightly different way than HHC gummies as it comes on that much faster and feels slightly more intense, especially the physical side of things.

Overall, I usually find the experience to be a little less energizing and more relaxing than gummies, although the effects can vary from one strain to the next.

Having been a smoker of cannabis for over 20 years (and CBD flower for around five years), I look back on my days of buying black-market weed and honestly can’t believe some of the sh*t “bush-weed” I smoked. You had to take what you could get back then and sometimes it was bad.

These days, however, there’s some amazing quality flower being sold online. You just have to know who’s got it. I will continue to hunt for more truly great HHC flower suppliers (oh, it’s a hard life!) and update this list as I find them. But in the meantime, here are three great vendors that I can highly recommend for having the best HHC flower, pre-rolls, and cigarettes, available online.

Best HHC flower – Bloomz Hemp

Bloomz HHC flower

Bloomz Hemp is (by far) producing some of the best and most affordable HHC flower on the market, offered in four different strain options including Apple Fritter, Grape Zkittlez, Green Goblin, and Monster Cookies.

You can also buy THCa flower, THCp flower, and Delta 8 flower from their store, but other HHC products, including vapes and gummies, need to be purchased at their sister site, Binoid CBD.

Bloomz Hemp hack: A full ounce (28 grams) of Bloomz Hemp HHC flower is just $59.99 (is this a mistake?), so if you’re looking for some awesomely cheap HHC flower, then hurry up and stock up before they come to their senses.


  • Trusted brand
  • Incredibly affordable prices
  • Smoothest smoking HHC flower
  • Four tasty strain options
  • Also sell Delta 8, THCp, and THCa flower
  • Solid 5-star customer reviews


  • Products aren’t full-panel tested
  • Have to shop on sister site ( for other product types

View their full menu

Vance Global – Best HHC cigarettes

Vance Global HHC cigarettes

If you’re looking for the best value and highest strength smokable HHC around, then look no further than Vance Global’s HHC cigarettes. Unfortunately, the cigarettes aren’t strain specific so you can’t tailor your experience as much as I’d like, but you can’t beat these cigarettes for convenience and potency (they’re so strong that I usually only smoke half at a time).

The cigarettes come in packs of 10 with one gram of (Wisconsin-grown) hemp in each cigarette and a whopping 50 mg of HHC (500 mg in each pack).

These HHC cigarettes are sold alongside HHC vapes and gummies, as well as Delta 8 and CBD cigarettes, vapes, and gummies. The quality is off the charts and every product/extract comes with full panel lab results verifying potency and safety.


  • Respected brand
  • Strongest HHC smoke around
  • Super convenient to smoke
  • Made with hemp paper and biodegradable filter
  • Filter makes it hit really smooth
  • Tasty hemp flavor
  • Comprehensive potency and purity testing


  • Not strain specific
  • No bags of flower available

View their full menu

25% off your first order w/ code CBDINC25

Exhale Wellness – Best HHC pre-rolls

Exhale HHC Pre rolls

Exhale Wellness also has some of the best HHC flower (take a look at their HHC flower menu here) I’ve tried, but it’s quite a pricier than Bloomz Hemp. However, having a second vendor option does open doors when it comes to strain selection, plus they have fantastic HHC pre-rolls (if cigarettes aren’t your thing).

They offer pre-rolls in all three of their legendary strains including Northern Lights, Skywalker OG, and Sour Diesel.

Exhale Wellness hack: Each pre-roll contains one gram of flower, meaning you get 5 grams of flower for $40. This works out cheaper than the 4 gram bag of flower, so it’s a no-brainer for me.


  • Reputable brand
  • Smooth-smoking, well-rolled pre-rolls
  • Three legendary strain options
  • Also sells Delta 8 and THCa flower, as well as a ton of other products
  • Over 8,000 reviews with 4-star average on TrustPilot


  • Most expensive option
  • No HHC strain lab reports published online

View their full menu

HHC flower review: My top #3 favorite strains

When it comes to my favorite flower strains, the stankier and tastier the better. These are my current three favorites.

1. Green Goblin

Bloomz Green Goblin HHC flower

Green Goblin is a super-skunky sativa strain that had me drooling straight off the bat. I literally could not get this heavenly-smelling bud broken down and rolled up quickly enough.

The nugs are decently sized and cured perfectly and when I did finally get my joint lit, the taste was as potent as the smell. It has a very enjoyable diesel-funk taste, which is smooth on the throat, and the effects hit me fast too.

After just a few puffs of Green Goblin, I felt nicely relaxed in my body, but incredibly uplifted and clear-headed. By the time I’d smoked half a joint I felt pretty giddy (and giggly).

In my opinion, this strain is best enjoyed when you have something to do. I wouldn’t want to have anything important to do, but just having something to focus on kept me incredibly stimulated. It literally made everything fun.

The worst thing about this strain was running out of it.

Green Goblin is good for: Socializing, nature walks, games nights, and hilarious conversations.

Green Goblin may help to: Boost your mood and confidence, and relieve anxiety and stress, helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

View price and buy

2. Northern Lights

Exhale HHC Pre rolls Northern Lights

Northern Lights is another incredibly pungent and tasty strain, piney and kind of spicy. It’s always been one of my favorite strains, whether it’s high CBD, high THCa, or high HHC, so it’s no surprise (to me, anyway) that it made it to this list.

It’s a very relaxing strain, best known for its ability to totally relax you, bathing you in a warm, fuzzy glow until you fall asleep. But the naturally energizing effects of HHC counteract some of these effects, making it less couch-locky and leaving you able to, and wanting to, be a little more involved.

It offers the best of both worlds in this way, making you feel cuddly, warm, content, and relaxed, but not overly lazy and sleepy.

Northern Lights is good for: Netflix & chilling, gaming, puzzles, and cuddle puddles.

Northern Lights may help to: Relieve pain and inflammation, relax muscle spasms, boost your mood and banish anxiety.

View price and buy

3. Apple Fritter

Bloomz Apple Fritter HHC flower

First off, the Apple Fritter strain is a joy to look at, with its large, dense, sticky buds and pungent, sweet and earthy smell.

It offers a balanced powerful high – the HHC seems to interact incredibly well with the other cannabinoids and terpenes in this strain to create some pretty unique and mind-blowing effects. 

Although it’s a hybrid strain, I think this one subdued me the most. I felt really happy but it was like my brain was on an adventure of its own. I also felt very relaxed and content to just sit there thinking about everything and anything that came to mind.

Conversations were difficult (maybe I smoked too much lol) but worth the effort as they quickly went all deep and meaningful (if you like that sort of thing), so everyone was feeling it.

I also saw the Northern Lights (my first time ever) on this strain and, well, yeah… wow. That jump-started a little phase of stargazing, my favorite activity on this strain.

Apple Fritter is good for: Doing nothing, stargazing, watching movies, and having deep conversations.

Apple Fritter may help to: Boost your mood, ease tension and stress, and relieve pain.

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HHC flower benefits (vs HHC gummies)

Some of the benefits of HHC flower, over other (non-smokable) HHC products, include:

An extremely cannabinoid-rich product

Because of the way HHC flower is made, it offers a particularly cannabinoid-rich product, including the cannabinoid profile of a normal CBD (or CBG) flower, as well as the added HHC. Most HHC edibles are just straight HHC.

Even high THC flower wouldn’t be able to beat the cannabinoid levels offered, as high-THC flower often contains very little CBD or other cannabinoids.

This makes HHC flower “strains” (and Delta 8 flower) extremely attractive options for medicinal users and for those looking to balance and enhance their high with other cannabinoids.

Learn more about cannabinoids

Faster-acting effects

Smoking or vaping HHC flower offers fairly similar effects to other HHC products except it has the added benefit of being more fast-acting than gummies and other edibles, because inhaling cannabinoids is one of the fastest-acting and most bioavailable (least wasteful) ways you can take cannabinoids (read more about cannabinoid delivery methods here).

Smoking HHC flower may also be a good option for people that want to “sober up” again more quickly as the effects are not only faster in, but also faster out of your system than other HHC products.

Much more enjoyable experience (for some)

For those that enjoy the ritual of rolling joints, smoking bongs, or vaping flower, HHC hemp flower can also offer a more enjoyable experience, as it can be superbly aromatic, tasty, and highly potent.

HHC flower vs Delta 8 flower

If you were to take two grams of identical CBD flower, mix 30 mg of HHC extract into one gram and 30 mg of Delta 8 into the other, then the HHC flower should get you higher. This is because, mg for mg, HHC is approximately 50% stronger than Delta 8. HHC also tends to be more uplifting and energizing. Read more about HHC vs Delta 8 here.

The reality, however, is actually a lot more complicated than that. Firstly, the type of flower (is it sativa, indica, or hybrid?) will affect your overall experience. Secondly, HHC can actually be made up of varying amounts of two different diastereomers, which can affect its overall potency, so Delta 8 can offer more consistent effects.

It’s easy to get lost in the details so, when you’re choosing between HHC and Delta 8 flower, the best thing to do is to buy one of each and see which you prefer.

Bloomz Hemp offers four different strains that are available with either a HHC or Delta 8 infusion, allowing you to test the same strain, side-by-side, with both compounds.

But, if you’re on a budget and you want to choose just one, then just remember that HHC is stronger, more energizing, and uplifting, while Delta 8 offers a more mild and sedating buzz.

High THCa flower is the most potent

If you’re looking to get as high as possible, then what I actually recommend you buy is high THCa hemp flower, which is essentially the same as high-THC cannabis, except it’s federally legal. If this sounds like what you’re after, then check out my other article that covers everything you need to know about THCa flower, including how it’s being sold legally, and where to find the best strains and vendors in the THCa market.

Is HHC flower safe?

Although no-one has formally studied the safety and side-effect profile of HHC, it’s generally regarded as safe, with some mild and infrequent side effects that are also common with smoking high THC cannabis.

These adverse effects can include red/dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, confusion, and increased heart rate but, unlike THC, anxiety or paranoia from smoking HHC flower is much rarer, which is why HHC flower is preferred by many people that find Delta 9 THC to be too overwhelming.

More on the side effects of CBD here

How to choose the best HHC flower

If you want to buy HHC flower online, there are a few things you can look for to ensure that will increase your chances of landing a good product that you actually want to smoke. Here are my top tips for choosing the best HHC flower:

Look for reputable vendors

Buy your HHC flower from a reputable vendor that has a good track record of selling high-quality hemp products. Look at online reviews and read some of the feedback they’ve received. No-one can be perfect all the time, but if customers did experience problems, were they resolved in a satisfactory manner?

Check the HHC content

Make sure you check the HHC content of the flower you’re buying. Some of the samples I tried definitely used low-quality or poorly concentrated HHC isolate, which meant that the end product was very weak. Look for vendors that provide third-party lab testing results that show the HHC content and purity of their products.

Consider the strain

Just like with traditional CBD flower, different strains of HHC flower can have different effects and flavors due to the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the flower strain that was sprayed. Consider what you’re looking for in terms of taste, aroma, and desired effects when choosing a strain of HHC flower.

Reputable brands should give you an idea of whether a strain is indica or sativa, as well as what aromas and flavors to expect from each.

Check for freshness

Like any other flower, HHC flower can lose potency and flavor over time. Make sure you buy from reputable vendors that store their flower in airtight containers and have a good turnover rate to ensure that you’re getting the freshest, highest-quality HHC flower possible.

So, is HHC flower good?

In all honesty, I didn’t expect to like HHC flower as much as I do because, although I love the effects of the HHC compound, in the past I’ve found Delta 8 flower to be quite harsh to smoke, so I thought HHC flower was going to be the same.

However, from the very first sample I tried (from Bloomz Hemp) I was hooked. It was tasty, smooth, and highly effective – literally everything you could hope HHC flower to be! It definitely offers a unique experience against other HHC products.

Unfortunately, as time would tell, it turned out that this was just a really great sample. The HHC flower market, like the rest of the CBD industry, is pretty hit and miss. In fact, out of the eight (or so) brands of HHC flower I’ve tried now, I’ve only found two that I’m happy to recommend here (and one HHC cigarette brand).

So, although it is possible to find really good HHC flower, you just have to be careful when you buy it from.

Good luck!

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