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chill bongs review

Chill Steel Bongs Review: 5 reasons I love my new Chill Steel Pipe (and why you need one too)

We’ve put Chill’s steel bongs through the mill to see what they go for and if they are worth the price.
Staff Editor
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If you’re considering investing in a Chill Steel Bong, then DO IT. Literally, just do it.

Using a bong is one of the easiest and best ways to enjoy smokable hemp flower and this is by far one of the most delightful bongs I’ve ever used.

Keep reading to find out why you need a Chill Steel Pipe in your life.

UPDATE (JUNE 2023): I’ve owned my Chill Bong for over a year now – I still use it ALL the time and it literally looks as good as new. I find that it doesn’t need cleaning half as often as other bongs (must be the ceramic inner?) and when I do clean it, I just use hot water, so it’s really quick and easy. It also still keeps ice cold all day/night, although I’m pretty lazy so I only tend to use ice when I’m adding THCa diamonds to the top of the bowl of flower as it produces much smoother hits. This is, hands-down, the best bong I’ve ever owned.

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Chill Bong Review

So, exactly why is everyone raving about the Chill Bong, me included? Well…

1. It has a high quality, almost indestructible build

The Chill Bong features an incredibly high quality and thoughtful build. It’s manufactured with no expense spared, with its stainless steel exterior, ceramic interior, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass bowl.

What does this mean for you and me? It means that not only does this bong smoke as smoothly as a glass piece, but it’s also virtually indestructible, making it perfect for taking out and about with you. Just sling it in your backpack and away you go (don’t forget to make sure it’s empty first!).

Did you know? According to bong usage statistics, the average lifespan of a bong is around two years. This Chill bong will blow those stats out of the water – no more crying over smashed bongs.

2. You get ice cold hits for hours and hours

The patented double-wall insulation keeps your water cold for hours. Drop some ice cubes into the body and you’ll be able to enjoy cool, smooth smoke all night long. This bong literally keeps ice cubes icy for hours and hours, which means you can take bigger, longer hits than ever before, without coughing your guts up.

3. It’s easy to clean

I do love a beautifully crafted, intricate glass bong, but anyone that’s owned one in the past knows that they can be awful to keep clean, and it really doesn’t take long to get one dirty. One of the perks of the Chill Steel Bong is that it breaks down for easy cleaning.

The neck piece and body are separate pieces which screw and unscrew from each other easily. Just remove the bowl and stem, unscrew the two pieces and you end up with four more manageable pieces to clean as and when needed.

4. It’s fully customizable

You can also buy different, beautifully designed mix-and-match neck pieces and bodies for your smoking pleasure. Offering total customization to the way you Chill Stainless Steel Bong looks. On top of that, you can also buy accessories that can be added to your bong to enhance your smoking experience even more.

Chill have teamed up with Vitae Glass so you can pair your favorite Chill Bong and neckpiece with a thread-in, glass UFO percolator and they have some more accessories in the woodwork.

Chill also have their own glass ash catcher and although it was designed specifically for the Chill Bong, the Glass Ash Catcher will fit any 14mm downstem. Not only will it help keep your bong water cleaner for longer, but it’ll also filter your hit through a honeycomb percolator.

Our favorite, however, is the UFO Glass Percolator that fits in between the neckpiece and body of your bong. When you combine this perc with ice, you’ll experience (quite possibly) the smoothest and tastiest hit you’ve taken from a bong. Not to mention that it’s a visually stunning piece too. 

If you’re buying the perc though, you do also have to purchase the connecting rings that allow you to thread this piece onto your bong.

5. It comes with a lifetime guarantee

Chill also guarantee that all of their products will arrive free from any manufacturing defects, showing how serious they are about the quality of their gear. Seriously, when have you ever bought a bong before that comes with lifetime warranty?

Chill Steel Pipe Review: Summary

Chill Steel Pipes have literally produced one of the most enjoyable bongs on the market. A pleasure to use, easy to clean, and safe to transport, this bong is, quite simply, a masterpiece of design that will last you a lifetime of smoking your favorite herb.

It may not look quite as impressive on your shelf as an intricate glass piece, but it is infinitely more practical.

Go to Chill’s website

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