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G Pen Hyler Vape unboxing

G Pen Hyer Review & Unboxing: Transform Your Bong Into a Vaporizing E-Rig (Dry Herbs and Concentrates)

I got the chance to try the G Pen Hyler by Grenco Science. This electrically heated unit can be added to any bong to vape flower or concentrate. Check out my review and unboxing.
Staff Editor
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Putting the new G Pen Hyer to the test

I was given the opportunity to review a brand new product for Grenco Science and, having just reviewed their Elite 2, I jumped at the chance without knowing even a single thing about it.

Well, I’m glad to say that my gamble paid off because the new G Pen Hyer is amayyy-zing and I think it’s going to be one of their most popular devices yet.

Why? Because the G Pen Hyer converts any glass bong into a high-tech e-rig vaporizing unit.

Keep reading to find my G Pen Hyer review in full, where I’ll be talking about what I love most about this device after conducting thorough testing, as well as highlighting what I think could be improved on in future versions.

G Pen Hyer Review

G Pen reivew
G Pen Hyler turned my Chill Steel Bong into an electrically heated vaporizer

The G Pen Hyer adapts your favorite bong into an high-tech, flexible, electric-heating vaporizer unit. With its precise temperature settings, pass-through charging, easy-to-use LED interface, and dual functionality for use with both concentrates and herb, the Hyer is sure to be a big hit amongst vapers and smokers everywhere.


  • Converts any glass bong into a 3-in-1, smoking, dabbing, & vaping device
  • High quality, well-built device
  • Dual functionality (concentrates and herb)
  • Fast heating times
  • Precise temperature settings
  • Lots of safety features
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good capacity on the dry herb tank
  • Large battery capacity
  • Universal charger and pass-through charging
  • Quality hemp travel case included 
  • 10% off with code CBDINC10


  • Limited to 5 temperature settings
  • Dry herb chamber doesn’t come with the Hyer (extra $50)
Total Score iIndependently reviewed by CBD Incubator
#1 — Best in class!

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10% off with code CBDINC10

Who is this product for?

This product is ideal for anyone that wants to start vaping more, but finds traditional vaping devices a little too harsh for them. The G Pen Hyer attaches to a glass bong (or any bong, as I found out) meaning the vapor is filtered through water before reaching your lungs, making for a much smoother and more pleasant inhale.

This product will also be fantastic for anyone, like me, that likes to dab concentrates, but doesn’t like having to use a blow torch with a dab rig in order to reach the correct temperatures (see best vape temperatures here). 

Concentrate connoisseurs will appreciate the Hyer as it completely takes the guesswork out of temperature control and those lacking space at home will love the fact that the Hyer removes the need for an entirely new setup in order to start vaping at home. Now, with the help of the Hyer, you can smoke and vape flower and vape concentrates all from your favorite glass bong.

Heavier vapors will also find plenty of reason to love the Hyer due to its outstanding battery life.

In fact, the only people that may not benefit from the G Pen Hyer are those that don’t already own a bong that they can adapt. But, of course, the Hyer gives them a very good reason to invest in one!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x rechargeable 6,000mAh battery
  • 1 x quartz tank for concentrates plus tank cap
  • 1 x Hyer tank housing
  • 1 x 14mm male glass adapter
  • 1 x USB to USB-C charging cable
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1 x dabbing tool
  • 1 x hemp travel case
G Pen Hyler review
Sleep beautiful packaging with discrete shipping
G Pen Hyler Vape unboxing
Charger, cable and cleaning kit all included
G Pen Hyler Bag
Comes with a practical hard case that fits the whole kit
G Pen Hyler instruction manual
Instruction manual and cleaning tips

Overview of features

Here are some of the main features of the G Pen Hyer that you should know about, before you go making any decisions on whether you need one in your life. (Spoiler alert: You do)

1. Turns any bong into a high-tech e-rig

One of the main reasons that I don’t dab more often is because I hate the whole process of heating up the nail with a blow torch. If someone else is there to do it for me, then fine, but I generally don’t like to touch the blow torch myself (I know, what a baby).

Anyway, I’ve used some fancy high-tech electric-heating rigs in my time, which are much more my style (idiot-proof), but the decent ones are often priced well above what I’m willing to pay because I just don’t use concentrates often enough to make it worth my while.

Bongs, on the other hand, are much more popular. I mean, who doesn’t own a bong, right? Most people I know own several.

Well, I was told that the Hyer adapts any glass piece into an awesome e-rig within seconds but, as it turns out, it actually adapts any bong with a 14mm downspout! Which is great news for me because it means I can use my (current fave) Chill bong for icy cold vape hits.

Plus, it’s the perfect compromise for me, offering a money-saving and space-saving alternative to having to own several completely different set-ups (one for smoking, one for dabbing, another for vaping). Now you can vape, dab, and smoke all from the same piece of equipment.

GPen Hyer review note: The Hyer comes with a 14mm glass fitting, but you can also purchase a 10mm or 18mm fitting separately if needed.

2. Dual-use functionality (dry herb and concentrate)

At first I thought the Hyer was for vaping concentrates only, but then I realized that you can also purchase a ceramic dry herb tank (and cap) separately, which makes the Hyer dual-use for both concentrates and herb. I love dabbing concentrates from time to time, but flower is my main product of choice, so being able to use this device with dry herb too is a game changer for me. 

If you prefer vaping concentrates and your friend prefers vaping flower (or vice versa), you can just switch out the tank between sessions (you use the same housing), which makes the Hyer so flexible and convenient.

The dry herb chamber is decently sized too, holding up to half a gram of flower, but if you want to be able to stir the flower between inhales then really you can only pack it with half that amount because of the chamber’s long, thin shape.

3. Pass-through charging and universal charger

I’ve raved about G Pen’s choice of charger before (in my G Pen Elite 2 review), but I’ll say it again for the sake of a standalone G Pen Hyer review… I love that G Pen chooses to run with a universal USB-C charger for all their devices. 

Some brands choose a proprietary charging cable, which is just a pain in the ass if you ask me. I’m sure they only do it so that you have to go back to them for a new one when you lose it/break it, so they make more money.

Having a universal charger means it’s so much easier to find a charge when you need one, because USB-C’s are everywhere these days!

Another great thing about the charger is that it offers fast, pass-through charging. So, if you forgot to put your Hyer on charge before your friends came round for a session, then no worries because you can still use your Hyer while it’s charging.

4. Long-lasting, 6,000mAh battery

The 6,000mAh battery takes 150 minutes to fully charge, but when you consider the fact that it will then last you for around 30 sessions for concentrates and up to 50 sessions for dry herb, that’s pretty incredible. 

I’ve been so used to vaping with portable dry herb vaporizers that I’ve forgotten how good it feels to have charge for days (and days).

5. Five temperature and time settings

The Hyer offers five different temperature settings for vaping concentrates and five different temperature settings for vaping dry herb. Plus, you can set your session time to any time between 15 and 70 seconds, in 15 second increments.

It’s nice to be able to have this level of customization, as it means you can set it to higher temperatures if you prefer thicker vapor clouds and set higher session times if you have friends over.

6. Fast heating times

Another impressive fact about the Hyer is how quickly it reaches your desired temperature. The Hyer will fully heat the quartz chamber (for concentrates) in as little as 15 seconds and up to 45 seconds for higher temps.

If you have the dry herb tank attached, then the heating process will take anywhere between 16 and 25 seconds, so there isn’t much waiting around at all.

Plus, the Hyer plays a sound to alert you when the chamber has reached your desired temperature and is ready to go.

7. Easy to use

All of the connections on the Hyer are magnetic, which makes them super quick and easy to handle and connect. No more bumbling the cap or having the power cable fall out accidentally as the magnet is strong enough to zip it out of your hand and pull it snugly into its rightful place.

The operation of the Hyer is also very simple to learn (learn how to use the Hyer below) with just two adjustable settings (temperature and timer) to customize your vaping session, whether you’re vaping wax or flower.

8. Quality, safe, and durable device

And finally, the weight and feel of the G Pen Hyer leaves you in no doubt that it’s a well-built, high quality device. The main device has durable, lightweight anodized aluminum casing and the tank housing is insulated, made from lightweight die-cast aluminum.

The concentrate tank carries a full quartz chamber with a stainless-steel heating element and the dry herb tank (sold separately) is a high quality ceramic oven.

The Hyer was also thoughtfully designed with safety in mind, so there are no exposed coils anywhere on the device and the battery and heater are separate from each other.

Is it worth the money?

At $249, the G Pen Hyer is a steal. I mean, just think about how much use you’ll get out of it, considering its capabilities, flexibility, and quality. 

In all honesty, I do think the dry herb chamber is a little pricey, being an extra $50 on its own, but when you think about just how much this piece adds to the setup, and an “all-in” cost of $300, then I still think it’s a great price.

How to use the G Pen Hyer

As mentioned earlier, the G Pen Hyer is a delight to use because operation is very simple.. There are just three buttons on the main unit of your G Pen Hyer, a power button and two left/right arrow buttons which are used to adjust the vaping temperature.

Power your device on by pressing the power button for three seconds. When the device is switched on, you can adjust the temperature settings of the device using the left/right arrows/

There are five temperature settings in total, for each of the tanks. So, depending on whether you’re using the quartz concentrate tank or the dry herb tank, the Hyer will heat the chamber to the following temperatures (read more about the best vaping temperatures here):

Quartz concentrate tankDry herb tank
Blue428F / 250C356F / 180C
Turquoise572F / 300C374F / 190C
Green662F / 350C392F / 200C
Yellow752F / 400C410F / 210C
Red842F / 450C428F / 220C
Easy-to-use temperature settings on the G Pen Hyer

Next you can set your session timer settings which controls how long the unit will keep heating before shutting off automatically. The default timer setting is 45 seconds, but you can change that by pressing and holding the left and right arrows for two seconds to enter timer settings.

The lights will flash to let you know that the command has been accepted and then each LED light represents 15 seconds. So, if you want to shorten your session timer from 45 seconds to 30 seconds, then just toggle the timer setting down (with the left arrow) so that just two LED lights are lit. You can exit the timer settings by pressing the power button once or by waiting for a few seconds.

Once you have your preferred temperature and session time set, assemble your tank, housing, and adaptor and place your tank into your bong. If the tank doesn’t fit snugly, then G Pen also has a 10mm and 18mm glass adaptor, available to purchase separately.

Connect the tank housing with the main unit with the magnetic power cable provided, load your tank with your chosen concentrate, and place the cap on it.

When you’re ready for your session to begin, simply press the power button twice in quick succession and the heating process will begin. You’ll hear a sound when the Hyer has preheated to the correct temperature and is ready for you to enjoy.

The dab tool also fits into the cap to be used as a handle so that you can turn the cap to adjust airflow and remove the cap to finish.

Clean out the tank after every session with a q-tip and switch the device off with a single long-hold press of the power button.

You can learn how to deep clean and maintain your G Pen Hyer by watching the video in the link.


If you have $300 to spend on a piece of equipment like this and you know you’ll get a lot of use out of it, then I totally recommend that you buy the Hyer. If you want to be able to smoke concentrates and flower out of the same rig at home, then buy the G Pen Hyer. 

Seriously, as long as you don’t have an absolutely specific preferred vaping temperature that isn’t covered by the 5 heat settings on the Hyer, then I really don’t see how you would find any reason to not like this device. 

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