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Green and Wild Hemp Cigarettes

Green and Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review

We put Green and Wild Hemp to the test by ordering a pack only to cut it open, smoke it and send it in for individual lab tests. See the results…
Staff Editor
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I tested Green & Wild hemp cigarettes alongside 11 other brands. I researched all 12 companies, looked at lab reports, cut them open to look inside, had them independently tested for potency, poked, prodded, and squeezed, and finally… I smoked them.

Below you’ll find my full and honest Green and Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review, including what I did and didn’t like about them, to help you decide if they’re right for you.


  • Very affordable
  • Nice filter and smoke pulls through smoothly


  • No noticeable effects
  • Not the best tasting cigarettes I’ve tried
  • Insides look more like trim/leaves than flower

Unfortunately, finding information about Green & Wild was very difficult as, during the research stage, I couldn’t find a company website and the CBD cigarette websites that sold them offered very conflicting information regarding the cigarette potency.

Green and Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review

Some of the sites that sell this brand are claiming 1200mg of CBD per pack (60mg per stick), with some quoting even higher at 120mg per cigarette. 

Depending on where I looked, I saw them on sale for between $5 and $8 per pack of 20, so these are definitely one the most affordable CBD cigarettes I’ve come across, but this lack of transparency is a worry.

I eventually found the manufacturer’s website when I received the cigarettes in the mail and scanned the QR code that was on the bottom of the pack. The website looks great, talking about how they test the purity and potency of every batch, and use only premium hemp flower (not like either brands apparently).

On the website there is also a lab report from October 2019 for something called Cherry Citrus Fine (which could be the hemp flower strain they use to make the cigarettes but it’s likely another strain that they renamed), registered to a customer called Wild Rose Botanicals.

This report shows potency at 72mg/g (around 67mg per smoke) and also shows testing for pesticides and heavy metals. Full panel purity testing would also include microbials and mycotoxins, but some safety testing is better than none.

I couldn’t find anything about Wild Rose Botanicals, nor the laboratory that features on the test header (Laboratories, LLC). Upon further inspection, I noticed that the footer on this “test result” is full of spelling mistakes. I’m really not sure what to make of this, but don’t like it one bit!

I then also stumbled across a 2021 lab report on one of the (previously mentioned) retailer sites, but unfortunately the image on the test shows only the flavored G&W cigarettes, not the originals I’m testing. These cigarettes were tested for potency only (not purity as promised) at around 46mg per smoke. But at least this lab (Avazyme) does actually exist.

First impressions

Putting the curious lab reports aside, my first impressions of Green & Wild were good. The box wasn’t as sturdy as some others, but it held together well and the cigarettes look and feel just like a normal cigarette, with a white filter tip just like most light cigarettes.

They didn’t smell much like hemp when I gave them a sniff, but we’re not here to smell cigarettes, so let’s see how they smoke.


Unfortunately, smoking G&W wasn’t quite as nice as I hoped. The filter’s actually really nice and the smoke pulls through great, but the taste just wasn’t very pleasant and nowhere near as nice as many of the others. 

I can’t help but wonder if the hemp used to make them was old or maybe I just got an older batch of cigarettes or something. Luckily, the company has tons of flavor options to choose from (peach, mango, grape, and ), so if you’re on a really tight budget, then I’d opt for a flavored version to try to cover up this taste.

I also can’t say I felt any noticeable effects from smoking these cigarettes, although they did work to eliminate my craving for a regular tobacco cigarette, thereby completing the task that I needed them for.

What’s really inside?

When you read the websites of CBD cigarette manufacturers, they all talk about how they use the best quality pure hemp flower to make their cigarettes, unlike everybody else. But when everyone is saying the same thing, who are we supposed to believe?

I decided to find out for myself, by cutting open one of the cigarettes (from each of the 12 brands) to have a look inside. Considering the price point of these cigarettes and the unpleasant taste, I didn’t expect them to perform that well in this dissection experiment. And they didn’t.

It was more difficult to judge the quality of the contents than I thought, but I ended up placing G&W in last place, due to overall dryness and darkness of the contents.

I also had independent lab testing done to double-check the potency of these cigarettes. I was surprised to see that my lab report revealed a much higher percentage of total CBD than expected (68mg), as I hadn’t recorded any noticeable effects.

But it also confused me to see that over two thirds of this CBD content was actually CBD and not CBDA. Normally CBDA is, by far, the most dominant cannabinoid in hemp flower, so this was interesting.

The prevalence of CBD makes me think that at some point the cigarettes (or the biomass used to make them) were exposed to heat, light, or age, which caused the CBDA to decarboxylate into CBD, which doesn’t usually happen until you smoke it. Either that or it was sprayed on?

Not much is known about the degradation of CBD when exposed to heat, but the lack of effects I felt (or didn’t feel) would appear to suggest that a lot of CBD is lost in the heat of the smoking process.

Final word

If you’re looking for an affordable tobacco replacement, then Green & Wild Hemp Cigarettes could be an option for you. I’m not overly keen on the taste of them, especially against some other options out there (check out the “best CBD cigarettes in 2022” for some ideas), but that may be down to personal taste as they certainly do seem to be popular among other hemp cigarette smokers.

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