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Happy Hippo Kratom Review Display CBD Incubator

My Happy Hippo Kratom Review: An Honest Take On Their Best (And Worst) Products

I’ve tried a lot of kratom brands over the years and have found that many of the products that you find in head shops are complete garbage so I am excited to share a more positive experience I found with Happy Hippo. Here’s a guide to their best and worst products IMO.
Pippa Gorman
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Who Knew that there was an American Kratom Association???

I’ve tried a lot of kratom brands over the years. The first handful of brands I tried were just from head shops – whatever they happened to have on their shelves, and I can’t say that I was too impressed with the experience.

My kratom game was changed forever at a CBD event in Vegas a couple of years ago (I love my job). I found myself talking to the AKA (American Kratom Association) and realized that, similar to the CBD world, the kratom market is plagued with poor quality vendors just trying to make a quick buck.

Armed with my new knowledge about kratom and what I should look out for, I dedicated some time into researching different brands and it wasn’t long before I came across Happy Hippo. And I’ve been a customer ever since!

Since kratom’s new-found popularity over the last couple of years, I decided it was finally time to share my thoughts on Happy Hippo and their products, zeroing in on some of my favorite and least favorite products. Stick with me as I reveal how they’ve become one of the most trusted and reliable kratom brands out there.

Quick Summary

In a sea of kratom brands promising the moon but often delivering little more than dust, Happy Hippo stands out like a breath of fresh air.

With a focus on high-quality, potent kratom that actually over-achieves on expectations, Happy Hippo has built a reputation for being the go-to brand for newbies and seasoned pros alike.

In my experience, Happy Hippo’s products work harder and are more reliable than any other kratom brand out there. It says a lot about the quality of the kratom and the (AKA-approved) testing.

If you don’t have time to read my entire Happy Hippo review, here’s a quick summary. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the scene, Happy Hippo will definitely have something for you!


  • American Kratom Association (AKA) approved
  • Full-panel lab testing for contaminants and potency
  • Potent and reliable strain-specific powders and capsules
  • Innovative range of discrete and convenient product types (edibles & beverages)
  • Fantastic brand for both beginners and connoisseurs
  • Best tasting edibles and energy shots
  • CBD Incubator’s “Best Kratom for Pain” & “Best Kratom Capsules”
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly options
  • Family-run business with years of personal experience in the kratom industry
  • Super informative website
  • Exceptional customer service and super fast delivery
  • Fantastic customer loyalty program


  • Not the cheapest vendor out there (mitigated by quality and reliability)
  • Some items are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • Have to spend $100 to qualify for free shipping

My experience with their products

Over the past year I’ve worked my way through most of the Happy Hippo product line-up and have definitely found that some products are more suited to me than others.

As a relatively new (and light) user, I find that the powder/capsules, energy shots, and edibles are best for me. The softgels and extract shots, while wonderfully effective, are just too strong for my needs (and stomach). However, if you’re looking for higher doses and more powerful effects, then these products will be ideal for you as they make taking those higher doses of kratom much, much easier.

Happy Hippo Kratom Powder & Capsules

Happy Hippo Kratom Caps and Powder

If you’ve never taken kratom powder before then you might be surprised to find out that it smells like tea! It also tastes a lot like tea, except perhaps a cup of way-too-strong black tea, which is why I often take mine with milk and sugar (so I can pretend it’s a real cup of tea) 😋. And, yes, before you ask, I am English. And I love tea.

With that in mind, I honestly don’t mind the taste of kratom. So, don’t let whatever you’ve heard about the flavor put you off, at least until you’ve tried it for yourself.

I prefer the way a powder hits (more quickly), but I’m often too busy (too lazy) to do the measuring and mixing, instead opting for the pre-packaged doses offered by the capsules, edibles, and shots. Having said that, it probably takes me almost as long to swallow down four capsules than it does to mix a quick tea! 😂

As I mentioned previously, time after time I’ve found that Happy Hippo’s kratom hits harder than any of the other brands out there, even those claiming to have higher % MITs. Maybe it’s the quality of the leaves or the way they process them, I don’t know. But whatever the reason, Happy Hippo’s powders and capsules are consistently powerful, outperforming any other brand I’ve tried.

Some of my favorite powders/capsules from Happy Hippo include the appropriately named Thunder Hippo and Ghost Hippo (I am partial to moderate and fast strains). These two definitely suit most of my different moods on any given day, but I still have a bunch of other strains on hand to keep things interesting.

Thunder Hippo is a Diamond White Vein Malay Kratom powder. This is a super fast strain with a fantastic power boost. Just one small scoop of this powder mixed into warm water, milk and sugar/sweetener gets me going and helps me throw myself into my morning workout (so much cheaper than pre-workout powder too!).

If I’m seeking a similarly uplifting experience but worried about being too over-stimulated (and don’t feel like exercising) then the Ghost Hippo Super White Borneo is my preferred kratom powder. This is a moderately fast strain which still provides me with a powerful boost, but doesn’t get me too amped up. It’s perfect for a workday, helping me focus and stay motivated.

My advice is to get both the powder and the capsules. Take the powder when you want faster-acting effects and have the capsules on hand for when you’re heading out or feeling lazy. The slower release caused by the capsules might also be better for you if you have a sensitive stomach.


  • Powdered kratom starts at $10.99 per 28g
  • Capsules average $21.99 for 100

View and order online

Happy Hippo Flavored Kratom Powder

Happy Hippo Flavored Kratom Review

If you really aren’t keen on the flavor of kratom (too-strong tea) then Happy Hippo also has flavored powders. In all honesty, they’re not my product of choice, but I can see how they’d be popular with other people.

The Blood Orange option is pretty good, helping to mask the kratom flavor well.

I appreciate that Happy Hippo offers sugar-free powders (sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener) and the effects of the Hyper Hippo Green Maeng Da, that’s used in the flavored powders, are fantastic – quite similar to those of the Ghost Hippo powder (increased focus and energy levels).

It’s a solid product but I prefer the strain options and lower prices offered by their unflavored powders.


  • Starts at $17.99 for 90g

View and order online

Happy Hippo Kratom Energy Shots

Happy Hippo Energy shot review

Energy drinks and shots are hugely popular these days, so it’s no wonder that these kratom energy shots have started appearing in gas stations all over the place. Like with CBD though, I’m not keen on the idea of buying kratom from a gas station, no matter how convenient it is.

Happy Hippo’s energy shots contain a massive 50mg of kratom extract with a variety of flavors (I’ve found some to be better than others, but I guess that’s down to personal taste).

Products like these shot, that contain extract as opposed to powdered leaf, hit a lot harder, so I usually take 1/4 to 1/2 of a bottle at a time.

These shots are great for when you’re out and about and need a quick pick me up, sat in the office in an afternoon post-lunch slump, or headed to the gym. In fact, some of my friends use these as a pre-workout, mid-workout power-up, and even post-workout as a recovery enhancer.

If you don’t want the full 50mg in one go, then accurate dosing is difficult, but one of these bottles usually gives me two to three boosts as required through the day, lifting my mood as well as my energy levels.

The convenience of the bottle is awesome, the flavors are very good (especially considering the potency and in comparison to other brands). I often have several open, lying around my house (and truck, and gym bag, and handbag 😂) ready to give me a quick lift at short notice.

The 8 different flavor options all taste pretty good but, as I said, some are better than others at hiding the kratom taste. Check out the range for yourself to find your favorites but be sure to try the Sweet Dill Pickle (if it’s still available). This is my current favorite as a lot of the others are much sweeter. For those of you that love the sweeter flavors, I recommend you try the Sugar Cookie (also limited edition), Pink Lemon Drop, or Blue Razzle.

Like the flavored powder, all of these flavored Energy shots are made using the Green Maeng Da strain extract which offers a real hit of clarity and energy.


  • $8.99 per 30mg MIT 2oz bottle (or $5.99 for the Limited Edition Sweet Dill Pickle)

View and order online

Happy Hippo Kratom Extract Shots

Happy Hippo Kratom Shots

If you want a big insta-boost then you should definitely stock up on these Happy Hippo kratom extract shots. These tiny 10ml bottles contain either 60mg or 120mg MIT from full spectrum extract.

Full spectrum extracts provide a super strong hit of all the different kratom alkaloids together, as opposed to just the most popular ones (mitragynine and 7-oh).

The onset time and strength of the formula is really second to none and you’ll be hard pushed to find anything more potent than this on the market. For my needs, however, it’s just too hard to take a small enough dose – especially from the 120mg bottle which offers incredible value for money.

The first time I tried, I accidentally took too much and I felt pretty nauseous for about 20 minutes after. Another time I tried, I felt high as a kite! Luckily, I only experiment with new products in appropriate situations, so I didn’t have to worry about the consequences… I have since had better luck with taking teeny sips (I’d already bought the entire range of flavors, so I was committed to finishing them!) but overall I prefer the Energy Shots as they’re easier (and safer) for me to dose.

If the higher doses do sound appealing to you then you have a great range of flavors available. I’ve tried the Glazed Donut, Sour Apple, and Butterscotch, all of which are nice but, as expected with such a potent product, the kratom flavor does also hit a bit stronger. For me, the Sour Apple was the best, but perhaps the sweeter options would be more palatable for most people – I always prefer the sour flavors!

For convenience, strength and taste it’s hard to beat these Happy Hippo beverage creations. You’ll feel the hit in as little as 10 minutes and it usually lasts for a few hours.


  • $14.99 for 60mg MIT (10mL)
  • $19.89 for 120mg HIT (10mL)

View and order online

Happy Hippo Kratom Edibles (Gummies & Taffy)

Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy

Like the energy shots mentioned above, Happy Hippo’s Kratom Gummies and Taffy are yet another tasty and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of kratom into your daily routine. These sweet treats not only satisfy any small sweet-tooth cravings, they also deliver an ideal 20mg dose of kratom alkaloids (ideal for me, anyway).

I like the edibles because they’re delicious, totally discreet, and make accurate dosing easier (just take one or two for 20 or 40mg servings). The effects do take longer to come on than the powder and shots, but they also last longer, offering more of a slow release energy that builds, instead of the nearly-instant hit offered by the shots. So both the edibles and shots have a right time and right place in my life at the moment.

When it comes to the gummies, the Blue Razzle flavor is probably my favorite of the options, although the Cherry Lemon Drop’s great too. Either way, they’re nice tasting gummies with only a hint of the kratom held within.

The Happy Hippo Kratom Extract Taffys come in bags containing 6 pieces. The toffee and mocha flavors are both divine, and do a fantastic job of concealing any kratom hints. If I had to choose between the two then I’d go for the mocha. I love the subtle, yet rich and velvety chocolate kiss you get from these. Just the thought of them is mouth-watering. I almost wish the dosage was lower than 20mg so I could eat more (I have to be careful not to get carried away with these!).

Shipped quickly, in easy-to-carry bags and packs, these products are perfect for kratom newbies and for on-the-go, super-discreet consumption. Whether I’m heading out for a day of errands or embarking on an outdoor adventure, I can grab a pack of gummies or taffy and enjoy a satisfying boost as and when I want or need it.


  • $39.99 for a jar of 20 x 20mg Gummies
  • $19.99 for a bag of 6 x 20mg Taffys

View and order online

Happy Hippo Softgels

Happy Hippo Kratom SoftGels

If I want a big hit of kratom and none of the flavor, the kratom extract softgels will be ideal. These squishy little softgels are virtually tasteless, much easier to swallow than the capsules and, containing a whopping 30mg of MIT extract in each, they make taking higher doses of kratom a breeze.

Personally, they’re just a bit too strong for my ongoing needs, plus I enjoy mixing up the strains I take (which obviously you can’t do with extracts), so I tend to stick to the slightly more time-consuming and less pleasant task of swallowing the powder capsules.

A word of warning, Happy Hippo does use gelatin capsules for their softgels so, unfortunately, this is one of the few Happy Hippo products not suitable for my veggie or vegan friends.

Having said that, I have tried these softgels and they are enormously effective, so be careful and don’t overdo it!


  • 30 capsules for $29.95

View and order online

Happy Hippo Kava Powder review

Happy Hippo Kratom Bag

If you’ve ever been curious about kava, or are looking for a high quality kava powder, then I would also happily recommend Happy Hippo as a trusted and reliable supplier.

My favorite is the Waka Kava Fijian Hippo Super Kava. Just a teaspoon of the powdered root is enough for a starting dose, but I prefer what a heaped teaspoon offers me. Like kratom, I usually mix it with milk and sweetener, but I will be honest and tell you that kava is definitely still a fairly bitter concoction.

It’s well known that the effects of kava generally take a couple of hours to arrive and this is true for these kava root blends. Around 90 minutes in I start to feel a bit dreamy and euphoric. By the 2 hour mark I’m super happy, floaty and content – I enjoy the Waka Kava a lot. It’s incredibly relaxing and from time to time it brings about a little sleepiness after the initial bubbly euphoria. Just 4 or 5 hours after dosing I sometimes find myself ready for a nap or a good night’s sleep.

My second recommendation would be the Rough Cut Vanuatu Kava. This particular strain didn’t seem quite so potent in terms of the euphoric glow and intoxicated feelings, but it does still bring about an equally strong sense of relaxation. A great pick if you are needing that same lift in mood and ultra relaxed vibe without quite such an altered mind state.

These kava powders are typically supplied in 4oz bags which means a huge 56 servings. For me this is a great value product with amazing bang for your buck.

I’ve also been hearing some interesting things about taking kratom and kava together and am looking forward to my first camping trip this year and making that happen!

Pro tip: Interestingly, kava has a reverse tolerance effect whereby the more you take, the more it works. This does mean that newcomers to kava may not be bowled over on their first try, but stick with it and you’ll notice that it affects you more and more each time you take it.


  • Starts at $19.99 for 4oz

View and order online

Happy Hippo Sleepy Time Hippo

Happy Hippo Sleepy Time Capsules Review

Another one of my favorite products from the guys at Happy Hippo is the Sleepy Time Hippo capsules. With a development time measured in years, the Hippo R&D team have excelled themselves with this magical blend of only the most legitimate and relaxing ingredients found in nature.

No kratom and nothing intoxicating, just an incredibly functional blend of herbs, medicinal plants, vitamins and supplements. A true masterpiece made from nature’s gifts (and Happy Hippo).

The power of these plants has been proven in so many cultures to greatly enhance feelings of peace and relaxation. Amongst the many ingredients, you will find Lemon Balm Extract, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Valerian Root Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Skullcap root, Valerian root, and Hops Flower Extract.

I would definitely say that for a completely legit and natural product these are an incredibly effective sleep aid. Personally, I’m hoarding a few jars at home and after the kind of workday where I just want a hot bath, a glass of wine, and some relaxation, out they come. I pop a couple when I walk through the door and by the time I want to go to bed I feel super chilled, my moods lifted and my body is so relaxed I just drift away. It’s one of the best sleep aids I’ve tried.

Another great thing about these dreamy little capsules is the sheer value for money they offer. With a huge 120 count in the bottle it works out at just over 20 cents per capsule. Incredible!

The only downsides are that, for maximum effectiveness, I have to take four in one go (still, only 80c per dose). Plus, like the softgels, these capsules are gelatin based and not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Hopefully, moving forwards this changes as, in my mind, everyone could benefit from this entirely natural supplement blend. It works for me faultlessly.


  • $24.97 for 120 capsules

View and order online

Is Happy Hippo Kratom legit?

Yes, 100%! Happy Hippo isn’t just another name in the (increasingly popular) kratom game; they’re actually the real deal, in a world where too many brands sell products that just don’t do what they’re supposed to.

Not only did every single one of Happy Hippo products work as it should but, MIT for MIT, they actually worked a lot harder than most other brands I’ve tried, so let that be a warning when it comes to dosing.

Why choose Happy Hippo?

As if you still need further convincing, here’s why I think everyone should choose Happy Hippo for all their kratom needs:

High quality, effective & reliable products

Despite the happy and playful neon pink and green branding, Happy Hippo displays unwavering dedication to quality. As a family-run business, affiliated with the American Kratom Association, this brand and its people have years of experience in the industry. Happy Hippo sources only the highest grade kratom leaves and employs rigorous quality control to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of purity and potency.

This commitment to quality really shines through in their products potency, effects, and reliability.

Happy Hippo also maintain their usual high standards of quality control, sterilization and lab-testing when it comes to their kava – all of their products are treated in the same way to ensure the best customer experience.

Five-star customer service

For all the staff at Happy Hippo, customer satisfaction is top priority. The brand’s dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide personalized guidance and assistance.

Just reach out to them if you have any questions.- the team will make sure that you receive the support you need to make informed decisions about strains and dosing, helping you enjoy a perfect experience right from the beginning of your kratom adventures. From product recommendations to troubleshooting, Happy Hippo is committed to building great relationships with its customers in every transaction.

If, for any reason, you have shopper’s remorse after buying from Happy Hippo, they offer a generous 60-day hassle-free refunds policy. On top of this, if it turns out you don’t like a product you’ve opened and tried, then get in touch and they’ll try and help you find a more suitable product. Your happiness is actually really important to Happy Hippo!

Fantastic loyalty program

Happy Hippo rewards its loyal customers through a comprehensive loyalty program. With each purchase, customers earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. Even leaving a product review gets you loyalty points! There are also birthday discounts and all sorts of other bonuses. So, subscribe to the Hippo Club and maximize your savings today.

Rave reviews

The internet is awash with positive reviews and user experiences of Happy Hippo kratom products. With a rock solid 4.8/5 on Trustpilot, every customer can feel safe in the knowledge they are purchasing from a safe, responsible, sustainable and ethical source.

My final thoughts

In my extensive exploration of the Happy Hippo product range over the years, I’ve found that the vast majority of their offerings outshine the competition in the kratom market by a long way.

While some of their more innovative products come at a more premium price, their powders and capsules are very competitively priced, and the results speak for themselves. With Happy Hippo, you truly get what you pay for: superior quality, exceptional efficacy, and an end to end experience that exceeds expectations.

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