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Innovet Pet review

Innovet Pet review: Are they really the #1 CBD brand For Cats & Dogs?

Discover the simple joys of healthier, happier pets with Innovet Pet’s CBD products. Our hands-on review digs into what makes their offerings a hit among pet lovers. Stick with us as we reveal results of our real-life tests and thorough research on this trailblazing brand.
Hayley Smith
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CBD is Hugely beneficial for pets

An abundance of anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD is hugely beneficial to all kinds of pets; treating everything from seizures to anxiety.

Research studies are also starting to back up these claims. For example, evidence from Cornell University found that nearly all dogs with osteoarthritis had improved levels of pain when taking CBD twice a day, compared to dogs who received a placebo in their trial.

Ensuring our pet’s health is being cared for in the best way possible means making sure we know exactly what we’re giving them. So, our Innovet Pet review will take a closer look at this brand’s products, delving into the ingredients and sharing our personal experiences with their CBD Oil for Cats and Advanced Skin & Coat Soft Chews.

Innovet Pet review summary (TL;DR)

From my research, it’s clear to see that Innovet Pet is a trustworthy and knowledgeable company that uses high quality ingredients in all their products. The creators behind the brand not only have technical expertise in this field, but they’re also animal lovers themselves, and it really shows.


  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Unique and effective formulas
  • Combination of vitamins, minerals and goodness used
  • All-natural and high-quality ingredients
  • 100% organic
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Helpful hemp dosage calculator available online
  • Tailored products for dogs, cats, horses, and birds


  • Have to spend $50 to qualify for free shipping
  • A little bit more expensive than other brands

Innovet Pet product reviews

I have been sampling CBD products of all kinds on my beloved pets for a while now, something that I wouldn’t do without the greatest faith in the companies and brands I am testing. I spend a considerable amount of time looking into the ingredients and credibility of the products available, as well as hours scouring the internet for customer reviews of all kinds.

Innovet Pet initially appealed to me due to the large variety of products on offer – for dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more. Some products are designed for their overall wellbeing, while others are specifically targeted to meet your pet’s needs in the areas they are struggling with.

This review focuses on two key products; Innovet Pet CBD Oil for cats and Innovet Pet Advanced Skin & Coat Soft Chews. Both of which had impressive results in my online research and with my pets.

Pet CBD Oil for Cats & Small Dogs

Innovet Pet oil review for cats and small dogs

Experience with my own feline friends

I tested the 125mg bottle of CBD Oil for cats and it seemed to have a positive impact on their wellbeing in both the short term and long term. I have been using it in their soft foods on a daily basis or when I give them a treat. At first, I tried dropping the oil into their water but they didn’t seem to go for it, so I tried giving it to them in their food and they didn’t seem to mind and chowed down as usual.

When I gave it to them in the evenings, I noticed they were more relaxed and less crazy. My two cats tend to get the zoomies before bed and either play fight with each other a lot or run around my house, sometimes knocking things over and generally interfering with bedtime for all of us. After the oil they were far more chilled out, meaning I get more evening snuggles and get off to bed easier. They also seemed to be less itchy throughout the day, one of my kitties scratches and chews quite a lot, so it was great to see her doing less of this and I feel like her coat has improved considerably over the weeks.


Innovet Pet uses full spectrum CBD (not Isolate or broad spectrum like many other brands) which ensures your cat is reaping the benefits of natural terpenes and aroma nutrients with <0.3% THC.

The use of full spectrum also ensures proper dosage, which is crucial to your pets health and to reaping the benefits of CBD.

This product also uses organic hempseed oil which naturally combines better with CBD. This is preferable to inferior solvents and MCT-coconut oils which are used by other companies who want to cut corners and costs.

How does it work?

Like humans, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system which protects and regulates the body to maintain health and longevity.

The endocannabinoid system is linked to critical functions in your cat’s body, including the nervous, gastrointestinal and immune systems, as well as mood and sleep. This is often thrown out of balance and weakened by stress, disease and fatigue.

Innovet CBD Oil for cats is designed to provide this system with extra support when it is running low.

By balancing these systems, CBD can help relieve all sorts of pain, alleviate symptoms of congestion and allergies, maintain a healthy appetite, improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Key benefits

  • Non-GMO, no additives, pesticides or preservatives
  • Rich in natural terpenes and cannabinoids
  • CBD oil dosing guide is on the website
  • Uses full-spectrum CBD
  • Multitude of benefits for all types of conditions
  • Many positive reviews including improvements with stomach issues, appetite, and comprehensive pain relief (from arthritis to tumors)


$25.38 – 125mg (Repeat delivery is $20.30 or a 20% saving)

$38.13 – 250mg

Click here to order online

Advanced Skin & Coat Soft Chews

Innovet Pet dog treats cbd unboxing

Experience with my pampered pooches:

I have a rescue dog who suffered with skin conditions throughout her life. She has dry skin patches and chews on herself when she gets anxious. Not only does she really enjoy these treats, which are salmon flavored, but she has been so much less itchy and more relaxed on the whole.

Her coat has cleared up a lot and her dry skin patches have calmed down, looking a lot less sore now. I am going to keep her on these chews as they have helped her so much.

It’s handy that I only have to give my dog one chew each day, not having to measure anything out or try to find different ways to give her loads of different supplements (as I have done in the past).

My Mom also tried these treats with her dogs, one of which can be really picky at times. She said they get excited to have one so they must taste good and not have a weird flavor. Mom said their skin has been better and their coat is more shiny. She also said they have been less itchy over winter, which is when her dog tends to suffer with the dry, cold weather.


The gummies contain organic hemp extract and hempseed oil, making them full of fantastic terpenes and nutritionally rich with fibers, minerals, vitamins and proteins which animals are often missing.

They contain a source of omega fatty acids from Alaskan salmon oil, which is considered one of the best sources of fish oil, to bring fabulous shine, as well as a whole host of other benefits. They are also packed with lecithin which helps to restore and seal in moisture, assists in the metabolic process of cells and aids brain, heart and digestive health. Zinc is another added benefit which helps to boost your pets immune system.

All of this combined means that these pet treats are great for your pets general wellbeing, pain relief, regulatory health as well as specifically targeting their skin and coat.

How do they work?

Skin and coat chews target allergies and skin conditions like dermatitis, dry skin and acne. By balancing the endocannabinoid system the treats provide immune support, balance internal and external bodily functions and balance dermal health, helping support a glossy, soft and healthy coat.

Skin conditions are often caused due to underlying dietary or environmental factors, so the use of CBD combined with these other beneficial ingredients can hugely improve your pet’s internal and external health.

Key benefits

  • Leaves your dog’s coat soft and shiny
  • Less itching and scratching
  • 100% natural & eco-friendly
  • Bioavailable ingredients
  • Easy way to give your dogs multiple supplements in one tasty treat
  • Many success stories from other customers covering everything from chronic skin conditions to seasonal allergies


$32.93 – 225g/90 chews (Repeat delivery is $26.34 or a 20% saving)

Click here to order online

Innovet Pet vs. Other Pet CBD Brands

So how does Innovet Pet stack up compared to other pet CBD brands? We’ve made this handy sheet so you can compare price, potency and price per milligram of CBD in each product.

Innovet Pet Penelope's Bloom
CBD Content Price/mg CBD Content Price/mg
Mobility Soft Chews 225mg $0.19/mg 300mg $0.13/mg
CBD Oil For Dogs 750mg $0.14/mg 750mg $0.09/mg
CBD Oil For Cats 125mg $0.22/mg 150mg $0.23/mg

Why choose Innovet Pet?

So, in an ocean of brands all vying for your business, why choose Innovet Pet for your pets?

Quality you can trust

Premium ingredients are used in all of Innovet Pet’s products and the brand ensures that all of their products are third party lab tested. Their website includes the lab test results, as well as loads of other information to help put your mind at ease and ensure you have all the knowledge you need to be the best pet parent to your fur babies, no matter what their shape or size.

There are also thousands of positive reviews and heartwarming stories on Facebook, proving that they have many satisfied and loyal customers.

Easy shopping experience

The website is easy to use and super convenient, you can shop by pet type and then by product. It also includes loads of pictures which makes it easy for anyone to access.

There is also a dosage calculator to help navigate the challenges of finding the correct dose for your pet.

Great prices

Great starting prices, plus you can save more by setting up a monthly subscrption or bundling products. Despite using high quality ingredients, the creators have found a way to keep costs down, something which is rare to find in this day and age.

My final thoughts

Innovet Pet oils and chews worked well with both my cats and dogs – improving their skin conditions and helping them chill out. It’s nice to know that they are getting extra minerals and supplements into their diet that will help them in the long term, boosting their immune system and overall health.

I was pretty astounded by all the positive reviews I came across when I was doing research into Innovet Pet CBD products and it’s great to see how many people and pets have benefited over the years.

Innovet Pet seems to put the animals first – they don’t cut corners to save costs and are transparent in their approach and ingredients, enabling them to deliver truly top-tier products that can genuinely make a difference to your pets wellbeing. On top of that, their prices are really budget-friendly too.

When it comes to CBD for pets, it’s worth ensuring you know what you are buying, so take my word for it that Innovet Pet is legit and won’t disappoint, whatever your goal for pet health and wellbeing.

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