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Kind Oasis CBD Review

Kind Oasis CBD Review: Milwaukee’s Family-Owned Gummy Supplier

Kind Oasis CBD is a family-owned and operated CBD company out of Milwaukee. They offer some of the best CBD and THC gummies of the year!
Staff Editor
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Family-owned and locally trusted

Led by a passionate family-driven team in Milwaukee, Kind Oasis has established itself locally as a trusted supplier of high-quality CBD products.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and find out if Kind Oasis really were as good as I’d heard, so I got hold of some of their most popular products to try out for myself.

In this Kind Oasis review, I’m going to share what I thought about their products, as well as take a closer look at the brand to see how they’ve made such a profound impact on the Milwaukee CBD scene.

Will the products be able to live up to my expectations? And how will the brand hold up under scrutiny?

Let’s dive in.

Kind Oasis review summary

With a strong commitment to sourcing from local farmers and reputable suppliers, Kind Oasis’ dedication to excellence shines through in every product they create.


  • Highly effective products
  • Premium, locally-sourced ingredients
  • Organic, locally-grown hemp
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Very tasty gummies (vegan too)
  • Comprehensive third-party testing
  • Great product consistency, thanks to small-batch production methods
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Support many local charities
  • Family-run business
  • Fantastic customer service team (in-store and online)


  • Product line is limited (mostly gummies)
  • Vape carts aren’t strain specific

Kind Oasis reviews (in-depth product reviews)

Kind Oasis offers a range of self-branded products available to buy online, including gummies, tinctures, capsules, topicals, vape carts, and CBD for pets. I’ve only tried the gummies so far, but the product quality looks solid across the board.

Why I love Kind Oasis’ gummies

Having tried a number of different gummy products from Kind Oasis, I can confirm that they really are some of the best-tasting (possibly even THE best!) gummies I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

Every single flavor I’ve tried is mouth-wateringly delicious. It’s actually quite annoying that I can only have one or two per day (Dear Kind Oasis team… Please release some non-medicated gummies too, so we can all just munch out!).

UPDATE: Non-medicated gummies are now available! You can find them on this link.

They’ve even nailed the gummy texture. Some gummies (vegan ones especially) are just mushy with no bite to them, but these guys have got the fruity chew texture spot on. They’d probably put Haribo out of business if they ventured into the candy market…

I checked out the ingredients list and not only are these gummies vegan, but they also contain all natural colors and flavors, which leaves me wondering why on earth anyone would use artificial flavors, if the natural ones can taste this good?

Anyway, I could go on all day about how great these gummies taste, but I guess how they work is more important.

Kind Oasis CBD gummies

Kind Oasis CBD review 2023

Kind Oasis has four different types of CBD gummies available at the moment. They’re all the same strength (25 mg per gummy) but you can choose from three different extracts types (CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD), plus they have a CBD/CBN combo for sleep.

Personally-speaking, I don’t know why anyone would choose the CBD isolate gummies (over the broad and full-spectrum gummies) because hemp compounds have been shown to work together to produce more enhanced effects (you can read more about this in my other article about the entourage effect).

I chose the full-spectrum CBD gummies, but the broad-spectrum option is fantastic for people that are concerned about drug-testing or live in states like Idaho, where CBD products are required to be THC-free by state law.

I find that just one of these full-spectrum gummies works wonders for improving my mood, focus, and motivation. I’ve been taking one gummy every morning for around two weeks now and on the odd day that I’ve forgotten to take it, the difference has become really obvious by around 9.30-10am.

When I take one of these gummies I’ve noticed that I’m less dependent on coffee to get me through the day and feel a lot more productive.

The Kind Oasis sleep gummies contain 12.5 mg of CBD and 12.5 mg of CBN (learn more about CBN here). I’ve personally been using their Delta 8 gummies for sleep (more on that below), so I gave these to a friend to try.

The feedback I got was really good! My friend called me after a few days of using them, saying that they tasted great (I know) and were helping her sleep much better at night. When questioned for more details, she said that one of the biggest benefits was that she was able to relax and fall asleep much quicker than usual.

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Kind Oasis Delta 9 THC gummies

Kind Oasis Delta 9 gummies

When it comes to Delta 9 THC gummies, Kind Oasis has got one the best menus I’ve seen. Firstly, the products are split into Delta 9 and Delta 9+.

Kind Oasis Delta 9 gummies are available in three different strengths (5 mg,10 mg, and 20 mg of THC). Plus, you can choose between the original or sour version of the gummies.

The Delta 9+ gummies are a 1:1 THC/CBD blend that come in two different strength options (10 mg or 20 mg of THC matched with 10 mg / 20 mg of CBD respectively). The Delta 9 gummies are highly effective but I prefer the Delta 9+ gummies as I find that the high is more balanced. I get a smoother come up and they just make me feel more comfortable in my skin.

I’m a big fan of this 1:1 THC/CBD blend as I feel happy, relaxed, and content with whatever life throws at me. I’ve also never suffered from anxiety or paranoia when taking these gummies, so these get a 10/10 from me.

These Delta 9 and Delta 9+ gummies are also larger than the CBD gummies. More gummy = more yummy 😋

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Kind Oasis Delta 8 THC gummies (Kind 8 range)

Kind Oasis delta 8 gummies

Over the last 4 or 5 years, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried a LOT of Delta 8 products and the quality, potency, and resulting effects, can vary massively from one brand to the next. But, like the other gummies produced by Kind Oasis, these Delta 8 THC gummies work exactly as expected (if not better).

Gone are the days where you had to bite gummies into pieces to find your ideal dose, because Kind Oasis offers no less than five different Delta 8 strength options to cater for your personal Delta 8 “sweet spot” dosage.

Whether you want the 10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 50 mg, or 69 mg (ha!) dosage, Kind Oasis has got you covered. I really enjoyed the 10 mg gummies, which provided a very mild but happy buzz. They work great for gently relaxing all my muscles and calming my nerves after a long day of meetings and deadlines.

The 30 mg and 50 mg gummies are also going down very well with myself and my friends. Around 30 minutes after taking a 30 mg gummy, I can feel the (happy/excited) euphoric high start to settle in, with the relaxing body buzz arriving around 10-15 minutes later.

A 50 mg gummy (quite a potent dose for me!) just intensifies all those feelings, leaving me feeling a little bit more on the couch-locked side of relaxed and that happy/excited feeling sometimes erupts into fits of giggles 😂.

I’ve definitely had one or two fun evenings on the 50 mg gummies, but sometimes I find this higher dose to be a little too overwhelming for me. I don’t feel anxious or paranoid or anything, but perhaps just a little too high for my liking 🤯

If you haven’t done much experimenting with Delta 8 dosing before, then I highly recommend it. I find the lower dose gummies to be just as enjoyable as the higher doses, depending on the time and the place. And when it comes to dosing options, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a brand that has as many options as Kind Oasis.

I’m really enjoying having all these different strength gummies lying around so I can tailor my high for whatever I think the occasion calls for.

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Kind Oasis Kind 8 Goodnight gummies


I think this is the first time I’ve tried Delta 8 THC in a sleep formula gummy! I’ve used Delta 8 to help me sleep before, but these gummies also contain CBD, L-theanine, and passionflower, to further enhance their sleep promoting properties, and they work wonders.

I usually struggle to sleep through the night, waking often, and find that CBD (and THC) can really help with this. These gummies work really well for helping me fall asleep faster and stay asleep for much longer. I love them!

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Kind Oasis Delta 8 THC vape carts

Kind Oasis D8 Cart

I haven’t tried Kind Oasis vape carts (yet), but I wanted to mention them here as they look great on paper. They’re made with just two ingredients (Delta 8 distillate and organic plant terpenes), which means no nasty chemical cutting agents and no fake flavors – both of which can be harmful to your lungs.

You can’t choose from specific strain options, but they do have a sativa, hybrid, or indica blend of terpenes, so you can tailor your experience to be more uplifting or relaxing.

Considering how good their gummies are, I feel confident that their vapes will live up to the same exacting standards and would recommend these Delta 8 vaping products over the D8 gummies to anyone looking for faster effects and/or symptom relief.

These vape carts are also on sale at the moment for just $14.50 – an unbeatable price!

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What is Kind Oasis?

Kind Oasis’ flagship CBD store can be found on the East side of Milwaukee, but it’s far from being just another CBD store. With its unique and eclectic product offering, spacious layout, and comfy seating area, the Kind Oasis HQ is more like a modern-day apothecary, cafe, and wellness center, rolled into one.

Alongside Kind Oasis’ own line of premium CBD and THC products, you’ll also find tons of cool branded merch, a thoughtful selection of other, locally-made wares, and a range of CBD-infused drinks and snacks. On certain days of the week they also play host to pop-up markets and yoga classes, all serving to compliment the overall wellness theme.

Kind Oasis has a great reputation for producing premium, yet affordable products, earning them the title of Best CBD Store in Milwaukee for three years running now. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, this family-run business is in charge of a busy infusion kitchen, where they make all of their own gummies and other edibles.

Is Kind Oasis legit?

Yes, Kind Oasis is a highly reputable brand that uses premium ingredients in all their products and carries out stringent product testing across the board. They infuse all of their own edibles in-house and also supply a large number of other, well-known brands in the market with assorted gummies under private label.

Why order from Kind Oasis?

Looking back on everything I’ve learned about Kind Oasis over the past few weeks, I can think of tons of reasons to support this brand, but some of the biggest differences between Kind Oasis and other brands is found in their product quality, affordable prices, and the charitable work that they do.

Product quality 

Every single one of the products I’ve tried from Kind Oasis worked exactly as I expected it to, if not better. And thanks to their small-batch production methods, the product consistency is great, from one gummy to the next.

I also love the fact that each one of their products (the ones I tried and the ones I researched online) contain a minimal ingredient list of premium, natural, and organic ingredients. They use all fruit powders for color, fruit oils for flavor, citric acid as a natural preservative, and cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

It’s definitely not the easiest or cheapest way to make gummies, but it sure is the best.

All of their extracts are also comprehensively tested for potency and purity by third party labs to ensure that they’re free of contaminants (such as heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, etc). Each product then undergoes a further potency test to verify the cannabinoid content found within it.

Great prices & free shipping

With all of these accolades under their belt, I expected prices to be higher than they are, but rather than have premium price-tags, their prices are actually super competitive. Plus, it doesn’t matter how small your order is. When you buy their products online, the shipping is always free to mainland US.

Charitable donations

Lastly (but far from leastly), I have the utmost respect for companies that give back to the community.

Kind Oasis supports not one, but six charitable organizations, including Next 18, Forever Wisconsin, Lacey’s Hope Project, Weed for Warriors, Simmy Foundation, and Just Happy to be Here. Last year alone, Kind Oasis donated over $20,000 in cash and goods.

The charitable nature of the team at Kind Oasis means that choosing this brand as your go-to supplier of CBD (and hemp-derived THC) will also benefit non-profit organizations that are actively investing in areas such mental health, social justice, and veterans, to name just a few.

A final word

If you’re still with me then you’d be right in thinking that Kind Oasis gets my full and heartfelt recommendation as a truly great and reliable CBD brand in today’s busy marketplace.

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve only had the pleasure of trying their gummy products, so far, but what a pleasure it has been.

Their gummies really are fantastic, in terms of taste, effectiveness, and quality. Plus, their prices are super affordable too.

Cannabinoid Buyer’s Guide

Use this guide as a reference to which cannabinoid you should purchase to for your personal needs. The stars represent the most popular cannabinoids with a good safety profile, natural occurrence, and are approved by our staff.

If this is your first time consuming a cannabinoid, we recommend that you start with a low dose and consume slowly to not get overwhelmed.

Cannabinoid Potency (according to science) Effects
Delta-9 THC 1 Euphoria, Relaxation
35 Euphoria, Relaxation
THCa 0.877 Euphoria, Relaxation
THCv 0.25 Energized, Focused, Appetite Suppression
Delta 8 THC 0.50 Relaxation
Delta 10 THC 0.30 Energized, Mood Boost
Delta 11 THC 3 Euphoria, Psychedelic
HHC 0.80 Mood Boost, Energized, Social
HHC-O* 1.50 Euphoria, Relaxation
HHC-P 8 Euphoria, Couch-lock
THC-O 3 Psychedelic, Introspective, Lucid
THC-P 2-33 Euphoria, Couch-lock
THC-B 2 Headband Effect
THC-H 10-25 Euphoria, Relaxation
PHC 0.99 Euphoria, Calm
THC-JD 19 Euphoria, Relaxation
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