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The Breezy by Kind Pen Review

The Kind Pen Breezy Review 2024 & the 6 Reasons I love it

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, finding the perfect device that balances style with substance can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Enter Breezy by The Kind Pen. In this in-depth review I take a look at the device that has been making waves in the vaping community.
Staff Editor
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A stealthy Vaping powerhouse

The Breezy isn’t just any vaping gadget; it’s a stealthy powerhouse, subtle enough for discreet use, bold in its delivery, and as durable as they come. Keep reading to discover if the Breezy truly lives up to its buzz, and whether it’s the game-changer your vaping repertoire has been waiting for.

The Kind Pen Breezy review

For those who value portability, discretion, and durability in their vape devices, the Breezy is a standout choice. This sleek device not only boasts an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your palm, but it also comes with features that cater to a variety of vaping preferences. From its compatibility with both e-liquids and thicker oils, to its variable temperature controls and long-lasting battery, the Breezy impresses at every turn.


  • Portable and discreet
  • Durable and ergonomic design (palm-friendly)
  • Works with both oils and e-liquids
  • Heats quickly
  • Preheat function for thicker oils
  • Four different temperature settings
  • Compatible with most size carts
  • Passthrough charging
  • Battery life indicator
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes in a choice of colors
  • Easy-to-use, single button operation
  • Long battery life (approx 48 hours)


  • Magnetic ring can be inconvenient at times
  • Smooth finish can make it slippery
  • USB port is on the bottom of the device

Who is this product for?

The Kind Pen Breezy is marketed towards people who enjoy vaping oils and liquids, whether you prefer to buy pre-filled, disposable vape carts or enjoy making your own blends.

The device fits snugly into the palm of your hand, making it ideal for people looking for a portable, discreet vape. But if you’re someone who loves to flaunt your style with bold and bright colors, then you’ll also love it, as the Breezy is available in a variety of vibrant styles. The sleek design and packaging also offers it great gifting potential.

With its quick heating and four different temperature settings, I can see this device being popular amongst vaping veterans, but it’s so easy to use that it would make a great starter vape too.

And if you’re looking for a device that will last you for years to come, then you just found it as not only is the Breezy a robust and durable device, it’s also protected with a lifetime warranty.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x dual action Breezy device
  • 1 x micro-USB charging cable
  • 1 x user manual

Overview of features

I’ve been using the Breezy regularly for almost a week now and I can tell you there’s a lot to love about this device. Here are some of my favorite features this vaporizer has to offer, as well as some of the drawbacks I noticed, to help you decide if this is the right vaporizer for you.

1. Long-lasting battery life

The Breezy by Kind Pen Power port

I tend to vape A LOT during the day, so one of the key requirements for any of my devices is a long-lasting battery. Due to federal regulations on shipping batteries, the device arrives with a very low charge so, be warned, you do have to charge it right out of the box.

However, the charging time was surprisingly short and a micro-USB cable was provided in the box, so it didn’t take me long to get it going at all.

On its first run, the Breezy’s 500mAh battery lasted me for almost two full days (with pretty heavy use), which is nothing short of fantastic!

Personally, I find that waiting for a device to charge (when you want to use it) is one of the most annoying parts of owning any electronics. So, knowing that the battery life of my vaping device is long-lasting and that it charges back up quickly is a very attractive feature.

The Breezy has passthrough technology too, meaning you can still take a few sneaky puffs while it’s recharging 😎

I also love the fact that the Breezy has a battery life indicator on the top of the device to help me keep track of when it’s time to recharge.

If your previous vape battery was the bane of your life, then the Breezy will seem like a breath of fresh air.

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2. Durable build that protects the cart

Durable build for protected carts

One of the top selling points of this vape battery is its seemingly indestructible build. With a body made of metal, it is a little bit weightier than some other devices of the same size, but I just love the protection that this design offers your carts when you’re traveling with it.

You screw the cart into one of the (included) magnetic adaptors and then load the cart into a hollow tube that’s embedded in the device, allowing the magnet to click and hold it in place. Once the cart is in place it’s completely protected on all sides by the metal housing.

If you’ve ever dropped a vape and smashed a cart (which I have, several times) then you’ll understand how much I appreciate this durable and protective build.

Over the years I’ve also had carts crack in my pocket (when attached to pen-style batteries) and, at $20-50 bucks a pop, I honestly dread to think how many hundreds of dollars have been wasted by my smashed or cracked cart accidents.

It goes without saying that these mishaps can be hard on the budget, but cleaning up the oh-so-sticky mess left behind adds insult to injury.

However, when I have the Breezy in my pocket I feel confident in the fact that my battery and cart are going to make it through the day, evening, and night, no matter what I throw at them (or throw them at!).

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3. Comfortable, compact, sleek design

The Breezy by Kind Pen Review

The Breezy device features a compact, ergonomic design that fits the curvature of my palm, which makes it comfortable to hold and the size is so small that it slips easily into my pants pocket or purse without taking up any room at all. In fact, you’ll probably forget you’ve got it on you (there have already been several occasions I’ve gone hunting for the Breezy around my house, only to realize it was in my pocket the whole time…🤦).

This sturdy device can be stood upright when it’s not in use which helps keep cart leakages and clogs to a minimum, but the charging plugin is also on the bottom of the device, so you do have to lie the device down while it’s charging which is a slight drawback.

The Breezy is available in nine beautiful colors, from plain black to rainbow iridescent, allowing you to select an inconspicuous or eye-catching color that best matches your style.

There’s no denying that the slick matte or glossy finishes look stunning but, in all honesty, it does make the device prone to grubby-looking marks from your fingers and it can be a bit slippery at times (it’s a good thing it’s so well built!).

A small rubber line down one of the sides of the device would help to eliminate the slippery problem without disturbing the aesthetics too much, but that’s just my two cents 😀.

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4. Adjustable temps & smooth hits

The Breezy by Kind Pen Temperature 1
Temperature setting 1
The Breezy by Kind Pen Temperature 2
Temperature setting 2
The Breezy by Kind Pen Temperature 3
Temperature setting 3
The Breezy by Kind Pen Temperature 4
Temperature setting 4

While it’s not unusual to find adjustable temperature controls on portable batteries like this, the Breezy does have more control than most (with not just two or three, but FOUR different temperature options).

This makes it a great option for vapers who like to finely tune their vaping experience. The device can be set to either 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v, or 4.0v; and although I tend to use the 3.6v setting the most, I recommend that you play around with all four voltage settings until you find the one that suits you best for each new cart.

Thanks to these customizable options, you can choose how much vapor is produced with each hit. At the 3.6v setting I’m able to enjoy pretty generous puffy clouds of vapor and each hit is smooth and loaded with flavor. However, more sensitive and beginner vapors might prefer the lower two temperatures as they’ll be easier on the throat.

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5. Compatible with various e-liquids and oils

Vivimu HHC distillate

Plus, thanks to the adjustable temperature controls, the Breezy device is compatible with all different types of e-liquids and oils, as long as they’re loaded into 510 threaded carts. Generally-speaking, thicker liquids will usually require higher vaping temps, but it can also depend on what cannabinoids you’re vaping (you can learn more ideal vaping temperatures here).

And the versatility of the Breezy doesn’t end there because this battery is also compatible with many differently-sized, ready-made carts, via the magnet adapters that are included in the box.

There are two interchangeable adaptors that fit 0.5mL and 1mL carts, thereby fitting small and large carts alike with a magnetic connection that firmly secures them in place.

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5. Lifetime warranty

The Breezy by Kind Pen Lifetime Warranty

There’s a lot of weight to the saying, “If it can go wrong, it will” (Murphy’s Law in case you didn’t recognize it!). Thankfully, the Kind Pen company lives up to their name once again by offering a kind-hearted gesture to the forgetful, the absentminded, and the clumsy: in the form of a lifetime warranty!

In my opinion this is truly amazing and it’s really nice to know that the company truly believes in the quality and longevity of their products so much. But before skipping down the yellow-brick road in blissful glee, I encourage you to check out their full warranty before you decide to run it over with your car.

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6. Easy, one-button operation & pre-heat function

Button to turn the Breezy on

Vape battery devices can come with many different operating procedures, and sometimes I find myself frustrated and lost with which button does what.

Thankfully, the Breezy has a single button that controls the temperature change, preheating, and the firing options. I, personally, am okay with draw-activated devices, but there are many benefits to having a firing button like this.

For starters, you never have to wonder if the device has enough charge, as a simple press of the firing button will activate it and indicate how much battery life you have left.

Holding the button will activate the device’s preheat feature which is literally a game-changer in the colder months as some of my other devices just won’t fire at all in Wisconsin winters! I’ve had to hold some devices in my hands, trying to warm them up, for several minutes before they’ll even start to pull through. And that’s inside the house btw – there’s no chance of getting them going outside.

For thicker oils, the preheating option is also a must-have, no matter where you live. Instead of clogging my atomizers and getting frustrated with sub-par hits, the preheat function gently warms my oil to the perfect operating temp every time. When I have it, I use the preheat function a lot, even if it does eat up more battery life.

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Is it worth the money?

Vape battery devices are available at a variety of price points. I’ve seen some very basic ones priced as low as $10, while some feature-packed, high-tech devices can hit closer to the $400 mark.

As such, I feel like the Breezy device is decidedly underpriced and, therefore, definitely worth the money!

A mere $49.99 for all these features? Count me in! The awesome battery life, quality build, the ability to use both thick oil vape carts and e-liquids, the battery indicator light, the option of four different temperature settings…the list goes on!

The product image of the Breezy is surprisingly deceiving as well; the embedded YouTube video shows it in use, which is already small in the user’s hand. I was very surprised with how small it looked in my hand, AND I already have small hands to begin with 😂 I guess big surprises really do come in small packages!

Also, the sturdiness of the device is also noteworthy for its price point. Most budget vape batteries feel light, cheap and flimsy, but the Breezy feels solid. I won’t test it but I think a glass cart would survive a drop from head height…

Lastly, that lifetime warranty is unbeatable. I’m not gonna lie, I can be a bit of a klutz at times (despite my best efforts). I’m very relieved that the Kind Pen offers such a broad warranty, meaning I can happily use my device with full peace of mind, knowing that in case of an accident, I’m breezy! (Monica from Friends reference right there). 😉

How to use the Breezy Device

For all the vapers out there (myself included), the Breezy device was very easy to set up. Once it’s been fully charged, I was able to select one of my vape cartridges from my collection (which is shockingly numerous) and screw it straight in with the help of the magnet. The magnetic 510 connection works with all the vape carts in my collection, from the 0.5mLs right up to the 2mLs, making it super easy to swap them out at random.

  • One press will wake the device up, powering up the battery indicator.
  • A long press will preheat and activate the draw.
  • Three presses will switch between temps.
  • Five quick presses to switch the device on and off.

Recommended carts for the Beezy

I have a few recommendation if you are looking for good quality vape carts to take the Breezy for a spin.

My three recommendations are THCa, Delta 8 or, if you are looking for a premium experience, live resin carts. I have written in-depth reviews on each of these categories and share my favorite picks for each one. Take a look at the articles by clicking the links below.

My final thoughts

The Breezy quickly snuggled its way into my heart with all of the features it has to offer. The Kind Pen really went all-out with both the thoughtfulness of its design and plethora of features. I absolutely loved the colors (the iridescent one is my fave!) as well as the discretion of its size.

This battery is a top choice for vapers seeking reliability, precision, and efficiency in their cart vaping experience. With the Breezy you can say goodbye to the frustration of running out of power mid-session, as the Breezy vape battery promises a consistently satisfying and uninterrupted vaping journey.

And of course, the lifetime warranty is an awesome feature that not every company is willing to match. I can honestly say that the Kind Pen takes the needs of their customers to heart and produces top-notch products for vapers of all levels. Trust me when I say once you have the Breezy device in your possession, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one on the market. But don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself and snag yourself a Breezy device in a color that’s every bit as unique as you are!

In a market flooded with options, this battery truly shines as the go-to choice for both novices and seasoned vapers alike. If you’re looking for a sturdy, portable, vape battery that’ll last you a lifetime, you just found it.

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