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Kind Pen Gags review

Kind Pen Gags review 2024: Vaping like You’ve Never Seen Before

In this Kind Pen Gags review, we’ll delve deep into its main features, aesthetics, and functionality to determine if it truly can stand out in the already-saturated market of vaporizers.
Staff Editor
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A beautiful glass bong experience

In the ever evolving world of vaping, The Kind Pen has established itself as an innovative and high quality brand. Their latest creation, the Gags, is a cordless desktop vaporizer that offers a unique and highly enjoyable vaping experience, seamlessly fusing portability with powerful performance. Designed to cater to both cart and concentrate enthusiasts, the Gags promises an unparalleled vaping experience.

The Kind Pen Gags review

First things first, the Gags is a beautifully crafted device that looks curiously like one of those faux-candles you see in fancy restaurants. The fat base, the conical glass, and the stalk in the middle all come together to create a light-up experience that quickly delivers satisfying clouds of vapor that can be inhaled from the beautiful glass bowl.

If you don’t have time to read the full review, here’s a quick TL;DR that highlights the key features.


  • Stunning aesthetic appeal
  • Hygienic design (ideal for group sessions)
  • Multiple modes to offer quick hits or extended session use
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Compatible with concentrates and vape carts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uses a universal type-C charger
  • Can be used with or without the charging cable
  • Boasts a long battery life when cord is not in use
  • Comes in three gorgeous colors


  • Device emits a noise when in use
  • Cart and bowl get sticky quite quickly
  • Glass bowl/bulb limits its portability

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Who is this product for?

In my opinion, the Kind Pen Gags will make a fantastic addition to literally any vaping or dabbing enthusiast’s home, by offering a next-level vaping experience.

You’ll appreciate it all the more if you value your home’s aesthetics, due to the elegance and visual enjoyment offered by the device. If you love to host parties or social gatherings with friends who share your enjoyment of vaping, the Gags makes an ideal centerpiece that’s sure to get everyone talking.

And if you ever worry about hygiene when passing vape pens around, then the Gags is here to change the way we share our experience by offering an inhale that’s more similar to a bong.

The beauty of this device makes it ideal for special occasions and lends it tons of gifting potential, as a thoughtful and unique present that will be cherished (and used) for years to come.

The Gags is also incredibly easy to setup and use, so beginners need not shy away. The Kind Pen’s website features a detailed video that walks you through exactly how to assemble and operate the Gags device, but you probably won’t need it as it’s pretty intuitive.

The Gags is a fantastic device, regardless if you’re a dabbing aficionado or a newbie, for anyone looking to enjoy concentrates or vape carts. I’ve heard that some people have also boasted great success using dried herb in this device, but it’s not built specifically for that and I haven’t tried it, so I wouldn’t count on it.

This e-rig is offered at $219.99, which may not align with everyone’s budget, but if you enjoy vaping carts or concentrates at home then you will get a ton of use out of this device (I haven’t used anything else since I got it). Plus, it comes complete with a lifetime warranty, making it a solid investment that will last as long as your love of vaping does.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x 1600mAh Gags battery/base
  • 1x domed vapor collection bowl
  • 1x triple quartz rod atomizer
  • 1x ceramic disc atomizer
  • 1x USB-C charger
  • 1x cleaning kit (brush, Q-tips)
  • 1x packing tool
  • 1x user manual

Overview of features

Despite its comical name, the Gags has a lot to offer, so I couldn’t wait to set it up and start using it. I’m not a professional dabber by any means, but I much prefer taking dabs from this device over other desktop rigs I’ve used in the past.

I immediately fell in love with experience offered, from the generous, silky smooth hits, to the showstopping design. In fact, since I’ve had it in my home, my other vape batteries have been retired to a drawer, only to be retrieved when I’m off out somewhere.

I’ve put together a list of some of the main features of this device, highlighting the positive and negative points as I go along, so that you can get a better idea of exactly what you’re getting for your money.

1. Use with or without the cord

Kind Pen Gags Device

Now, you’d think that a desktop device like the Gags would only be available with a constant power source (I know I did!). Yet, it seems that the good people at The Kind Pen are always thinking up ways to make our experience more convenient and enjoyable, as well as give us the best bang for our buck.

In this case, they’ve made it so the Gags can be operated either with the included cord or without it, meaning you’re never caught short without a charge. Having pass-through capability also meant I could use it straight out of the box (which is great because I hate having to wait for something to charge before I can play it).

If I’m using it on my desk at home then I usually keep it plugged in, but it’s nice to be able to take it to the couch for movie nights.

The cordless operation is especially handy when you have people over as you can disconnect it and take it to the living or dining room, where you can show it off and share it with your friends and family.

I was surprised with how long the battery life is while in cordless mode, no doubt due to the generous 1600mAh battery. If your group does manage to work through the entire battery in one session, then the device charges quickly as well (back to full charge in about two hours).

I think the battery would probably last all night, but sometimes I plug it back in when we’re having dinner, just to make sure that it lasts a lengthy after-dinner session. 😜

But because the device works while it’s charging, it’s not something you really have to worry about, as long as you have an extension cord lying around.

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2. Easy to use & great for groups

I absolutely love how simple it is to use the Gags. With only one button to push, you really can’t go wrong. Just 5 taps to turn on, 3 taps to change temp, and 2 taps to activate session mode. That’s pretty much all you need to know!

I’ve had devices that offer session mode before, but I’ve never used or appreciated this mode as much as I do with the Gags, because this device comes into its own in session mode.

I can’t be the only person who finds that, when getting high in a group, there’s always at least one person who’s hogging the joint throughout the “puff puff pass” routine? Well, with the Gags device there are no excuses for hogging. Once the bowl is full, one deep inhale is all you need and then you pass it on.

You can place it in the center of the table for everyone to take as needed or simply pass it around as you would a normal joint.

Reloading concentrates and switching carts is quick and easy so your guests can bring their own preferred dabs or 510-threaded vape carts to enjoy their favorite cannabinoids or strains and share them round. Think of it like a BYOB, except with vape carts and concentrates!

It’s also a great conversation starter – usually dominating the group’s conversation for at least the first 10 minutes or so after it makes its appearance. Dab rigs that look and operate like this are super rare, so I’m constantly getting asked, “what is that?”, “where did you get it?”, and (especially) “can I have a go?”.

I’m already looking forward to showing it off to more people at upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas events!

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3. Huge clouds of smooth, flavorful vapor

I’ve been vaping for quite a few years now and one thing I always love is a generous cloud of vapor. Thanks to the design of the Gags, huge clouds of vapor are super easy and so fun! The way you inhale from the glass bowl is similar to a traditional bong, except the cloud is already in there waiting for you(!).

In the on-demand mode, you just hold down the button and watch as the cloud of vapor starts to pool at the bottom of the bowl and slowly fills up the bowl. It seems to switch off about 10 seconds into the button press, so you have to lift your finger and press it again to fill up the entire bowl.

I would prefer it if you could fill the entire bowl with one press, but it’s not really a problem, more of a slight inconvenience.

Also, you should be aware that the Gags device does emit a sound when it’s drawing vapor so it’s not ideal for stealthy, middle-of-the-night vapes (this noise seems 10x louder at night!). I’ve started keeping another vape pen (or disposable) on my nightstand for when I wake up in the night.

The amount of vapor you can fill the bowl with before it starts spilling out is perfect for a really deep and satisfying hit. In fact, it’s even a little too big for some of my friends (this is when you realize why it’s called the “Gags”! They’ve now started hitting it after the first 10 second press finishes. 😄

If you tried to take this much vapor in from any other vape, you’d probably end up coughing up your lungs, but the clouds delivered by the Gags are cool and silky smooth. I’ve definitely gotten carried away more than a couple of times (with a THCa cart loaded) and ended up a lot higher than I planned, so in that respect the Gags can be a tad dangerous!

And the hits aren’t just big and smooth, they’re full of flavor too 🤤. I’ve hit the same carts on pen style batteries and the Gags offers a more flavorful and enjoyable experience every time.

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4. Adjustable temps

You can set the Gags to four voltage settings (2.5v, 3v, 3.5v, and 4v) which allows you to vape different concentrates and types of carts (waxy and oily ones) at their most ideal temperatures.

I find this feature particularly useful as I’m constantly switching up between different concentrate types (wax, diamonds, live resin, etc), as well as a variety of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, THCv, etc). They all have slightly different “ideal” vaping temperatures, so it’s good to have a device that can offer the perfect temperature range every time.

Some other e-rigs I’ve used over the years do offer more precise temperature customization, but I find these four temp ranges to be more than adequate and it keeps the operation smoother and simpler.

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5. Easy to clean

Kind Pen Gags Tools

I also appreciate how easy the Gags is to keep clean! The glass bowl/bulb pulls out for a quick and easy wipe down once I’m finished using it. And the atomizers unscrew from the base for easy cleaning too.

If you’ve ever had to clean a bong or dab rig, you’ll know just how time-consuming (and annoying) the process is. Thanks to the Gags device, the cleaning struggle is finally over!

However, when you’re vaping from a cart, you will also want to give the cart a wipe down after a long session, because it does get a bit sticky from the vapor bowl.

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6. Lifetime warranty

Kind Pen Gags Warranty

Ever heard of the phrase, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” That’s exactly what came to my mind when I read that the Gags comes with a lifetime warranty. Of course I rolled my eyes and thought, surely that can’t cover “accidents”…

Imagine my surprise when I saw the comical phrase, ““Even if you run it over with your car!”… Jaw-drop! I’m quite confident that I wouldn’t have the Gags anywhere near my car, but it’s such a relief to know that my investment is protected in the event of any mishaps, regardless of how it happens! I’d encourage you to read over their full warranty before submitting a claim, but with a disclaimer like that, this is a solid, lifetime investment 👌

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6. Compatible with various concentrates and oils

As youve probably gathered by now, the Gags is compatible with a variety of concentrates (wax, shatter, budder, whatever), as well as any CBD, D8 or THCa vape cart that sports a 510 screw-in connection. As an avid consumer of vape carts and concentrates, the versatility of the Gags instantly drew me in.

In my line of work, I test a lot of different product types and I’m happy to report that this beast handles anything I throw at it! And with such little clean-up, I feel no remorse in swapping out way more frequently than I would usually!

I have also heard of people using it successfully with dry herbs, but you should know that this isn’t what the device was built for. I’ve not actually tried myself as I already have several dry herb vapes that I’m in love with.

Is it worth the money?

The Gags cost $219.99. Depending on your income, that might seem like a lot, but when you think about how much you pay for even the most basic e-rig, the price starts to look much more attractive, especially since this device can be used to vape carts too.

When you consider the unique and pleasurable experience offered by the Gags and the lifetime warranty, it’s a freaking bargain.

The Gags offers a ton of features that I never realized I was missing out on… Hygienic group sessions where no one can get away with hogging the vape pen or joint, corded AND cordless use, versatility with vape carts and concentrates, fast-charging, simple to use and set up, and quite a lot more.

I now have a reason to throw more parties with my cannabis-loving friends and can look forward to some quality time alone whenever I find myself without something to do for a few hours.

How to use the Gags Device

If you’ve never used an e-rig before, it can come across as a bit intimidating at first glance. Thankfully, the King Pen foresaw this dilemma and embedded a YouTube video that’s just under a minute and shows you how to set up and use it. Since it comes with a cord, this bad boy is ready to use right out of the box (you just need to plug it in first!)

Start off by screwing in your choice of atomizer (Kind Pen provides both quartz and ceramic options) and scooping in your favorite concentrate, whether that be wax, shatter, or budder, and dab it into the center of the rig. Next, carefully pop the top back on and place the glass bulb on tightly. Then, turn on the device, set it to your preferred temperature, and then just long press the same button to start filling the bowl with delicious vapor.

If you’re using a vape cart, this process is even easier as you simply screw in your preferred vape cart, replace the glass bulb, and you’re ready to go!

You can either bring the entire device to your lips (which is what i usually do) or you can go hands-free and bend down to the device to take your inhale. Remember the deeper you inhale, the more likely you are to cough. I’d recommend starting off slowly until you’re familiar with just how much vapor the Gags device produces!


The Gags cordless desktop e-rig was one of the most enjoyable devices I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. The sleek design, ease of use, and monster rips made me fall in love with it almost as soon as I tried it.

Although there’s no denying that it’s a showstopping piece at social gatherings, I really enjoy using this device on my own and when it’s just me and my partner. Some devices tend to collect dust in the cupboard after their “newness” wears off because they’re too much hassle to prep and clean for everyday use, but not the Gags!

I love the fact that it can be used both corded and cordless, as well as its compatibility with multiple product types. The lifetime warranty still boggles my mind and I’m so impressed with the dedication to quality that is clearly visible at first glance.

As a connoisseur of all things cannabis, the Gags is definitely a device I can recommend, especially if you work from home (wink-wink) or mostly consume your concentrates and carts at home.

I do usually prefer portable devices that travel with me and the Gags isn’t portable in the true sense of the word (the glass bowl makes it a tad fragile to be taking to the park). But, I can happily say that this device has earned a well-deserved, long-term spot on my desktop/counter at home and I think you’ll be equally thrilled with it on yours!

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