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Kind Pen OG Jams With Box

The Kind Pen OG Jams review 2024: A sleek & Effective Vape Device

Welcome back, cannabis and hemp lovers! Today I’ll be reviewing another of the Kind Pen’s ingenious products called the OG Jams! Believe it or not, this sleek looking device is an herbalizer…transforming your aromatic nugs into deliciously smooth and puffy vapor clouds. 
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My breakdown of the OG Jams

Join me as I delve deep into all that this cutting-edge device has to offer. The quality, ease of use, and overall performance are all topics I’ll be touching on in this full-blown product review of the OG Jams. Is it worth your hard-earned coins 💰, or simply a hyped-up fad? 

This honest review of the OG Jams should help you decide (ultimately) if it’s right for you and your cannabis needs. Get your favorite nugs ready and come along as I outline the pros and cons of this unique herbalizer by the Kind Pen!

The Kind Pen OG Jams review

Many dry herb vapes that I’m familiar with tend to be on the large and bulky side of things. So, when I first saw the OG Jams, I was doubtful that it could work as well as some of the more traditional herbalizers on the market. 

However, this stylish, portable device surprised me in a variety of ways. If you’d prefer to take a quick no-frills look at the pros and cons, check out my TL;DR of this original gangster (OG) herbalizer. 


  • Sleek, stylish, portable design
  • Impressive battery life
  • Precision temperature control 
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Vortex airflow cooling
  • Large (1g) ceramic chamber
  • Silicone sleeve (included) adds anti-slip comfort
  • Strong, easy-to-use magnetic attachments
  • Versatile device (use on its own or with bong, bubbler)
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Comes complete with USB-C charger and docking station
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Removable screen is easy to remove but can be fiddly to re-insert
  • Slightly longer and heavier than expected

Who is this product for?

If you love vaping flower on the move, the Kind Pen’s OG Jams may be just what you’re looking for as it will slip easily into most coat/pants pockets and purses. 

If you’re just getting started in the flower segment of the cannabis market, then this device is delightfully easy to use and great to experiment with (coming with a free water bubbler).

For more experienced vapers out there, including big cloud-chasers and flavor enthusiasts, this device is also ideal. This surprisingly powerful device produces thick, smooth, puffy vapor and its precise temp controls will ensure that each hit is packed with rich and creamy flavor. 

Most portable dry herb vapes have very small chambers which need loading frequently, but with its generous 1g capacity, the OG Jams will suit those looking for longer sessions between loads.

If you’ve got slippery fingers or tend to be accident prone, the silicone sleeve that comes with OG Jams offers that extra boost of protection and durability. 

Plus, if you have a bong (or three) lying around then this device can attach to your current bong, lending it its powerful vaporizing abilities. 

The only people I wouldn’t recommend this device to are very light vapers and those who tend to microdose frequently as the device takes a little longer to cool than others, meaning it’s not ideal for smaller sessions.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x OG Jams device
  • 1x Glass bong adapter
  • 1x Packing tool
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Charging deck
  • 1x Silicon Sleeve
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x User manual

Overview of features

I’ve used several herbalizers in the past, but after reading all that the OG Jams had to offer, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I enjoy smoking flower frequently, and this device definitely offers a more discreet and less-messy way to consume flower (as opposed to rolling).

There are quite a few things that made the OG Jams stand out to me. I’ll go over some of them now, as well as the ways I believe the device could be improved.  

1. Excellent battery life

Kind Pen OG Jams Docking Station

The massive 2000mAh battery is impressively concealed in this sleek and ergonomic device. Straight out of the box, it was a little longer and slightly more weighty than I expected but, overall, I really appreciate the fact that it lasts so long between charges.

Like many rechargeable devices, the OG Jams needs to be charged fully before using it, but it charges pretty quickly (which was a relief as I was very excited to fire it up!). 

When it came to heavy session use, the battery on the OG Jams lasted for at least 3-4 hours of (almost constant) use, which is a must-have for flower enthusiasts like myself and my friends. 

I appreciate that a charging cable was included in the box – many companies assume you’ve already got several charging cables just laying around, but for first-time users or those who already have designated cables for their devices, this was a nice touch that saved me from tearing up my lounge looking for a matching cable. 

On top of the charging cable, you also get a docking station included too, which honestly astounds me. Normally this kind of accessory, that adds convenience, comes as an add-on with hefty upcharges.

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2. Beautiful, thoughtful design

Kind Pen OG Jams Review

I’m a huge fan of expression through design, which is why I absolutely loved that the OG Jams device comes not only in black, but iridescent, AND carbon fiber too! I’m a huge fan of this iridescent design, and the overall aesthetic of this little device is incredible, while maintaining a comfortable, palm-friendly feel. 

Considering the small size and portability of the device, it does feel a little more weighty than you’d expect, but I tend to equate weight with luxury, and the OG Jams definitely feels like a high quality, powerful device. 

The rounded bottom of the device does mean that you can’t stand it upright when it’s not in use (without the dock) but that would be bother me more if I was using it for concentrates.

One more thing about the design that stood out to me is that the pokey/stirring tool attaches magnetically to the main body of the device, which is so cute and handy.’

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3. Large bowl capacity & easy to clean

Kind Pen OG Jams Oven Filter

While I won’t name names, there are several herbalizers I’ve owner and used in the past that had very poor (may I say, abysmal?) bowl capacities. So I’m very happy to report that this is not the case with the OG Jams! 

This device comes with a beautifully crafted ceramic bowl that holds up to a full gram of freshly ground flower 😯

Thanks to the large bowl, I can enjoy a full-blown smoking session that lasts anywhere from 3-5 minutes. I don’t take advantage of this feature as often as I should, but it’s refreshing to not have the bowl so frequently, especially when I’m out and about!

Just be warned that if you just like to take a few hits every now and then, the device takes a little while longer to cool down (than some others), meaning your flower can carry on toasting for a few seconds more than you’d like. 

So, if you just want a few hits then I’d recommend loading the bowl more sparingly. Having said that, lighter vapers and microdosers might want to avoid this device entirely.

But, back to larger-bowl-capacity lovers (like me), not only is the bowl deep enough for an entire gram of my favorite flower strain, but it’s super easy to clean. The use of ceramic means that it doesn’t stain easily and can be quickly rinsed with hot water or deep-cleaned with soap and a brush. It’s more resistant to scratches than plastic or metal, so it can be cleaned quickly and easily.

The flavor is smooth and clean with every hit, and it’s awesome to know that I can enjoy countless hits of delicious flavor vaporized right from my favorite strain of flower!

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4. Adjustable temps and airflow

Kind Pen OG Jams Oven Opening Function With Poke Tool

The OG Jams features adjustable temperatures that can be precisely set to your preferences. I found this feature especially useful as sometimes my flowers have different profiles (sometimes being CBD, CBG, or THC dominant) that I’m eager to enjoy potent, flavor-packed vapor clouds with every hit.

Another feature I was impressed with was the adjustable airflow option. I was able to choose between either an isolated air path or a vortex mixing option. This allows me to focus more on cloud size, precisely adjusting my hits to smoke tight or loose, enabling smoother inhalation on every hit. If this becomes your first portable dry herb vape, you beginners out there will be spoiled, while the connoisseurs amongst you will feel well looked after 🙂

The vaping experience offered by the various temps feel true to their word and this ability to fine-tune each smoking session to suit your flower and mood is a game-changer. Definitely something that flower-enthusiasts will truly appreciate, particularly since many other brands don’t offer this level of customization in a portable herbalizer.

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5. Stunning OLED Display

Kind Pen OG Jams Leg Screen

Whoever decided to incorporate an OLED display on this device seriously deserves a raise. OK, it’s not a life-changing feature, but it sure does make my life easier and to get one on a device in this price-range is pretty rare.

Not only does it show how much battery life I have left before I need to charge it, but it also helps me quickly switch between the various temperature options. I love being able to browse through information on my device and know exactly how to tailor my hits and how long I have left before my next charge. 

It’s one of those things that you don’t miss until you have it!

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6. Extra goodies included

Kind Pen OG Jams Tools and Charger

Maybe the team at Kind Pen wanted to make the OG Jams experience even more versatile, or maybe they wanted to treat their customers (new or existing), who knows? But who doesn’t love freebies? 

I already mentioned the charging dock that comes included in the package but, on top of this, you also get a free water bubbler (although I didn’t use it in my pictures shown here).

The free bubbler is a welcome and thoughtful inclusion for anyone who enjoys using one. It’s also great for beginners who perhaps would never think to buy one. This way you can experiment for free. 

I found the water bubbler super intuitive and easy to use but have heard of some people struggling with it on their first go. If you do happen to find yourself on the struggle bus, just check out their free vid online!

For the clumsy and often absent-minded users (…whistles innocently…), there’s also a free silicone sleeve to enhance the grippiness and comfort. I’m not going to admit that I drop my devices somewhat frequently, but I WILL say that having the free silicone sleeve has been a wonderful way to keep my device looking as new as the day I bought it and it also stops it sliding around in my bag when I’m out and about.

The sleeve also helps keep your hand cool when the device is heated, in extended session use.

The OG Jams also comes with a free bong attachment that, well, allows it to connect to a bong. For anyone who enjoys using bongs (whether they are made of glass or icy-cold, stainless steel), having a device that can transform it into a vaporizer is just another reason to purchase this clever little device. 

So many added extras make this device very fun and versatile, allowing you to chop and change the way you use it or experiment with each until you find your favorite way to vape flower.

Yet again, I’m blown away by the fact the kind team at Kind Pen included all of this free of charge. Most companies would have used these accessories as opportunities to upsell, taking the complete package price nearer to the $300-$350 mark.

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7. Lifetime warranty

Kind Pen OG Jams Warranty

You’re no doubt familiar with the phrase, “you break it, you buy it.” The Kind Pen tosses that saying out of the arena with a flourish, going as far as to say that “you can run it over with your car” and they’ll STILL replace it! 


There’s not much in this world that delivers that kind of peace of mind, but The Kind Pen really does have a lot of forgiveness and grace in their warranty. I’d still recommend giving their warranty a quick read before you go all Kill Bill on the OG Jams, but this incredible offer is something I have never seen with any other brand. 

You never know when disaster will strike, so it’s nice to know that The Kind Pen has you covered.

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Is it worth the money?

This is one of the rare occasions when you actually get more than what you pay for. I have no doubt that the Kind Pen could charge way more for the OG Jams and be completely justified. Yet they didn’t! Although it is a three-digit price tag, I think it’s decidedly underpriced for all that it offers. 

The device comes with attachments, sleeves, and a water bubbler… totally free, along with a lifetime warranty. Insane! But it doesn’t stop there. 

The overall aesthetics, the versatility, ease of use, high-grade build, and generous, 1-gram capacity, the list just goes on! 

The OG Jams has definitely made my life easier with all it has to offer. I love vaping fresh flower to both start and end my day so (as you can imagine) I use it a lot. And, thanks to the long-lasting battery life and quick recharge time, I’m rarely without it. 

How to use the OG Jams

Herbalizers are fairly simple to operate, regardless if you’re new to using one or an experienced pro. If you are, indeed, a beginner, no fret, because the OG Jams site page has a YouTube video embedded in it for quick reference to make sure you’re using it right. 

First off, you’ll need to take off the top off and tamp down your flower nugs into the chamber. You can use the (included) magnetic packing tool, or just use your fingers. Once your chamber is full, simply reattach the top (snaps back on securely with a strong magnet) and set it to your desired wattage. 

Raise the device to your lips, press on the firing pin while simultaneously taking a hit, and voila! Smooth hits and clean flavor instantly flood your mouth and lungs. If you’ve never used a dry herb vape before, it’s best to start off with small amounts of flower nugs and shorter hits, as opposed to taking a deep drag your first time. As you slowly build up confidence (and tolerance), you can take longer and deeper hits to unlock this device’s full potential! 

My final thoughts

Overall, the OG Jams isn’t the lightest and most portable dry herb vape on the market, but it’s definitely the most powerful and long-lasting device you’ll get for the size, weight, and money. It checks off everything on my list that I look for in a portable herbalizer. 

The device, while being ever-so-slightly longer and ever-so-slightly heavier than I imagined it would be, is beautifully crafted with quality materials and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. The array of freebies that I didn’t even realize came with it was also a delight, such as the mouth-guard for the tip, the silicone sleeve to protect from accidental drops, the attachment for a bong, and the water bubbler. you’ll enjoy them all!

The battery is super fast-charging and lasts a long time (roughly 3-4 hours of constant use). The large bowl capacity impresses me the most (holding up to a gram of flower), and it’s easily cleaned. So much about this device was designed for both novices and connoisseurs alike, not to mention the lifetime warranty, 

While this isn’t an all-in-one (herb and concentrate) device like some of the other units that the Kind Pen offers, it meets every need that a pure flower enthusiast might have. The OG Jams is truly a remarkable device and I will happily encourage anyone with a love for powerful vapor clouds and smooth, flavorful hits to buy it. 10/10 for me!

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