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NextEvo Naturals Review Gummies and Capsules

NextEvo Review: A Game-Changer or Just Hype? My Honest Take

This review brings you an honest take on NextEvo, based on our hands-on experience. We’re here to sift through the hype and give you the real lowdown – the good, the bad, and everything in between. So, let’s dive in and see where NextEvo stands in the grand scheme of things.
Staff Editor
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We put NextEvo Naturals under the Microscope

Looking into the world of CBD, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of brands. That’s where we come in. Here at CBD Incubator, the team and I have tried and tested literally hundreds of brands, learning what to look out for and what to avoid, and now it’s NextEvo Naturals’ turn under the microscope.

This review brings you an honest take on NextEvo, based on our hands-on experience. We’re here to sift through the hype and give you the real lowdown – the good, the bad, and everything in between. So, let’s dive in and see where NextEvo stands in the grand scheme of things.

Quick summary

NextEvo Naturals positions itself not just as a CBD provider but as a company that stands at the intersection of science and wellness, aiming to revolutionize the standards and perceptions of CBD products.

This brand has managed to create a line of thoughtfully tailored products (catering for overall wellness, sleep, stress, focus, and recovery) that are not only scientifically validated, but more quickly and easily absorbed by the body.


  • Premium quality products
  • CBD used is 4X more bioavailable than other brands
  • Faster onset of effects
  • Unique, tailored product formulas (with vitamins and supplements alongside CBD)
  • Easy shopping experience (shop by desired effect)
  • Formulated and backed by highly qualified scientists and medical advisors
  • GMP certified and 3rd party lab tested
  • Naturally derived, vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free
  • Non-greasy topicals
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Fantastic discounts on product bundles and subscriptions
  • Free, fast and same-day shipping within the US


  • They currently don’t ship internationally
  • Gummy flavors are limited

Is NextEvo legit?

Yes, NextEvo products are developed by a team of experts in the field of science and medicine who have experience working for renowned and trusted companies. Plus, the evidence backs up the claims when it comes to NextEvo and this made me feel confident in their products and the science behind them.

It is easy for companies to claim that they’re selling high quality products, but these guys prove it with 3rd party lab testing, publishing the results online for all the world to see. The laboratories that test their products have no benefit in making false claims and therefore the data is unbiased and more reliable.

Further to all of this, they have a ton of 5 ⭐️ reviews from satisfied customers and, having tried the products myself (see below), I can vouch for the fact that these products are fast-acting, effective, and definitely the real-deal.

Let’s get down to the important part…the product Reviews!

I love being able to share honest feedback on CBD products nearly as much as I love sampling them and, after some preliminary research, I found that NextEvo Naturals has a wide range of products that appear to contain high-quality, organic ingredients.

And I’m not just talking about CBD. Many NextEvo products also contain other ingredients to enhance their effects, targeting them more specifically to certain areas of wellness, such as stress, recovery, and sleep.

What really makes their products stand out from the crowd, however, is their advanced Smartsorb technology which enables the CBD to enter your system super quick, offering noticeable effects in as little as 10 minutes. This technology also means the CBD is 4X more efficiently absorbed than oil-based CBD, which is used by the majority of other CBD brands, meaning a little goes a long way.

I was also pretty impressed to find that they are free of artificial colors, vegan, gluten-free, and contain no GMO’s. They are also 100% THC-free so you can rest assured you won’t be put in a funny head space when you take them.

They sound great on paper, so let’s put them to the test.

Stress CBD Complex gummies

NextEvo Naturals Stress CBD Complex Gummies

I’ll start by talking about their Stress CBD Complex gummies. Like many others, stress is something I struggle with on a daily basis, so I was excited to see what impact they would have.

The stress relief complex gummies come in mixed berry flavor and contain 15mg of CBD and 125mg of Ashwagandha root and leaf extract, per serving (two gummies). I took a couple of these each day for around two and a half weeks.

The combination of the powers of CBD and natural Ashwagandha extract in these gummies worked fantastically at managing my stress levels.

Ashwagandha is a natural shrub found in Asia which has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Studies have shown that this plant is able to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase energy levels.

I was actually quite amazed at how quickly these gummies took the edge off my stress. As someone who struggles to manage their anxiety and stress-levels from time to time, I can say that these genuinely helped me to calm those anxious feelings I get when I start to feel overwhelmed with my job (or life in general) and they helped me to focus on one task at a time.

On one occasion, I took two of these gummies after a frankly exhausting shift at work and, even after a little bud, they felt pretty good and I was able to enjoy my evening better than I usually would. I often find it hard to unwind after work or to focus on anything other than how tired I feel, but after a couple of these gummies I felt calm and relaxed and actually managed to complete a macrame creation that I’d been putting off for a while.

I also shared some of these with my Mom – she has been struggling more with her anxiety this winter and she said that these helped her to shake this off. Mom thinks that these gummies (with the combination of CBD with Ashwagandha) were much more effective than other CBD products she’s tried, really helping to manage her seasonal blues and calm her anxious mind.

And it seems that we weren’t the only ones to love these stress-relief gummies… Apparently these gummies were a US weekly top gift in 2023 and have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on their website.

The gummies come in pots of 30 at the price of $64 for a one off purchase, but prices drop by a generous 20-35% if you purchase a subscription (or you can buy bundles with other products).

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Sleep Support gummies & capsules

NextEvo Naturals Strawberry Melatonin Gummies

I’ve tried many sleep remedies over the years, and even wrote an article with my favorite sleep gummies, in the hope of getting a restful night of sleep and have found that some work a lot better than others, so I’m always excited to try something new.

NextEvo’s Sleep Support products combine the strengths of CBD with Melatonin to help improve your sleeping patterns and increase the quality and longevity of your sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone which naturally occurs within your body and helps control when and how you sleep.

The gummies contain 10mg of CBD and 4mg of melatonin. The first thing I noticed is that I really liked the flavor and texture of the gummies – they are soft, more like gelatin than a chewy gummy. I find vegan gummies in particular often lack the chew that I love candy for, but I could really get my teeth into these and make the most of the flavor.

The capsules aren’t quite as strong as the gummies in their CBD content – they contain 5mg of CBD, but the melatonin content is split into 2mg of super-fast release melatonin, and 5mg of controlled release melatonin. This means that you get a wave of relaxation within 10 minutes (and can fall asleep faster), as well as the longer lasting effects which help you remain asleep.

I gave my Mom’s friend a few of these, as she never fails to remind me how much she struggles with her sleep, and she said it helped her with getting to sleep and she didn’t wake up every few hours like she usually does. She also said she woke up feeling much fresher than usual.

I appreciated having the capsules on hand too as I felt more comfortable taking these closer to bedtime. And they are also good if you forget to chew on your gummy before brushing your teeth 😁.

Both of these products helped me achieve much better sleep than usual, but I found I got the best effects by combining the triple-action capsules (5mg of CBD w/fast and slow-release melatonin) with an extra bump of CBD. If the capsules were available in a higher strength, they’d be more ideal for me.

The gummies are a very reasonable $38 for a one time purchase or cheaper once again with the bundles or 1-3 month subscriptions. The capsules are just a couple of dollars more at $40 for 30. Well worth the price if you ask me!

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Premium Pure CBD – aka “Daily Wellness” gummies

NextEvo Berry Mix Gummies

The Daily Wellness gummies pack has a mix of strawberry and berry gummies – once again, they tasted awesome – can’t fault the flavors and textures of any of these gummies so far!! NextEvo’s line of Daily Wellness products aim to help promote cognitive health, lower stress levels, and help with inflammation and pain reduction.

I tried their extra strength gummies which are packed full of water-soluble CBD, 20mg to be exact, but with their Smartsorb Tech, 20mg is equal to roughly 80mg of oil-based CBD, so they’re great for those of us who use CBD regularly, have a higher tolerance, or more severe symptoms (chronic pain, for example).

Me and a few coworkers tried these before our waitressing shift. We all smoke weed from time to time so we were unsure how well they would work in comparison, but we all had a chilled (non-stressful) shift, which is quite rare in the world of hospitality!

But there were a few other things I noticed too. I was a lot less reliant on caffeine throughout the day, I felt more focused and positive, and my shoulders weren’t as achy at the end of shift. I also tried them in the evenings when I finished my shift and I felt more energized and on point. I actually felt like I wanted to do something with my evening (and enjoy it) as opposed to just going straight home and putting my feet up.

A pack of 60 costs $92. If you’re new to trying them you can start off with half a gummy a day and gradually increase until you find your optimum dosage to reap the rewards of daily wellness.

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Revive CBD Complex capsules

NextEvo Sleep and Revive capsules
NextEvo capsules back label

I’ve recently started taking these capsules on a daily basis and, once again, I’m impressed by the combination of ingredients that have gone into them. The majority of NextEvo CBD products have extra, unique and thoughtful ingredients in them, designed to work together with the CBD in order to offer the best results possible.

These Revive capsules are packed with 20mg of CBD and 526.4mg of turmeric extract. The main component of turmeric is curcumin, which is very well studied and known for its wide range of health benefits, largely due to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Usually-speaking, it’s difficult for the body to absorb curcumin but thanks to the team of scientists working on the NextEvo brand, they’ve found a way for it to get into your system and work its magic 20X better than usual.

I started to feel a bit run down on the run-up to the Christmas and New Year rush and there seemed to be a couple of different illnesses going around, so I thought this would be an ideal time to trial these capsules. Overall, I felt brighter, more motivated, and more energized. I also didn’t end up getting sick! 😲

I really like the fact that the Revive capsules support overall health (something which I have been trying to focus on more these days) and would definitely invest in these again. And, because they are in capsule form, they are easy to take each morning with a glass of water or juice.

I do love gummies but, as an everyday supplement, I find capsules to be more convenient for taking first thing in the morning, after brushing my teeth, or literally any time of day.

Top tip: Consistent use is definitely the key with these capsules if you want to see the benefits. They work best when taken on a daily basis so that the curcumin has time to work its way into your system, impacting your overall brain and body health.

The Revive and Recover bundle pack includes 60 capsules and the body recovery cream for $108. Or 60 capsules cost $97 as a one off purchase. The 6 month supply is much more affordable, however, costing just $63 a month. There’s definitely cheaper brands out there, but $2 a day is a small price to pay for the efficiency and effectiveness offered by NextEvo.

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Body Recovery Cream

NextEvo Naturals Body Recovery Cream
NextEvo Naturals Body Recovery Cream Back

I like this lotion, A LOT. 😍

NextEvo Recovery cream contains CBD (hydrating, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory), shea butter (super nourishing), vitamin E (helps protect the skin), and cooling menthol (great for all kinds of aches, pain, cramps, sprains, and irritation).

This cream has a gorgeous, light and natural smell. It’s also light and not greasy on my hands at all – I can be quite picky about my hand lotions as I hate that greasy feeling you can sometimes be left with after using a moisturizer.

This one feels really nice on my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished for hours afterwards. I have very chapped hands from the winter and from washing them at work all the time and this definitely helped alleviate their soreness, redness, and dryness.

And, although I’m particularly loving this as a hand cream right now, the cream can actually be used anywhere on your body that you may have aches, pains, swelling or redness. The infusion of hemp-derived CBD helps alleviate localized pain and loosen tight muscles and can be applied directly to the areas which need targeting quickly. I smoothed the lotion onto my hands a couple of times a day and onto my shoulders in the evenings as this tends to be where I carry most of my tension and they ache on a daily basis.

The cream helped relieve whatever I was carrying around in these shoulders of mine for a good couple of hours and provided a nice cooling sensation to the area. I also didn’t need to use much in each application as it goes far, spreading well for a cream.

The cream comes in a couple of different sizes; the smallest is 1.7oz and costs $25, 3.4oz costs $44, and the two-pack (2X 1.7oz) is $40. I will definitely be getting a two-pack next time!

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Caliper CBD by NextEvo Naturals review (dissolvable CBD powder)

Caliper CBD drink
Caliper CBD back label

Our most recent study with Colorado State University found Caliper CBD started working within 10 minutes and was absorbed 30x more in the first 30 minutes than standard CBD oil.

The dissolvable powder was a new one to try for me in the world of CBD and I was a little hesitant about what the point was behind a flavorless powder, but this changed when I started to mix the sachets into my drinks and even in my meals.

I gave them a go in tea, smoothies, yogurt and granola bowls and even mixed them into scrambled eggs (rogue choice, I know). I genuinely couldn’t taste the difference to any of my drinks or my eggs. It was nice to be able to add them to my daily routine in a different way and feel almost immediate effects, starting my day feeling fresh and more energized.

These would be really great for gym-goers as you could add them to your water bottle or sports drink for tons or pre and post workout benefits!

I was worried that they wouldn’t dissolve properly and I’d be left with that nasty pocket of congealed gloop at the bottom of my mug or in my food, but I was pleasantly surprised that they dissolved entirely every time.

My Dad tried a sachet by dissolving it in water – he said it didn’t taste of much and did that classic Dad shrug at me. But, when probed, he did admit to taking several more since that first time, saying that they helped relax his eternally achy back. My mom has already talked about getting some more for him at some point.

The powder comes in handy 20mg pouches and they are small enough to fit in a pocket (when our clothes actually have pockets, ladies) or in a handbag so no unnecessary faffing about with measuring your dosage.

They also offer these Berry SwiftSticks for those of us who have a sweet tooth or need a super quick fix of CBD. They’re perfect for when you’re on the go because you can just put the packet straight into your mouth – no mix needed. I guess you can also do this with the flavorless packets, which would make them more convenient, but the thought of putting a tasteless powder in my mouth was less than appealing.

A one time purchase is $55 for 30 packets or $92 for 60. They’re also available as part of the CBD starter bundle and there are further offers for monthly subscriptions.

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Why choose NextEvo Naturals?

I really enjoyed testing NextEvo products and am pretty blown away by the experiences I had with each and every one of them. They do come with a higher price-tag than some other brands I’ve reviewed, but here are just a few of the reasons why they’re worth the extra money:

High quality and scientifically tested

One of the most important things to me is having a product I feel I can trust and NextEvo definitely gives me peace of mind in this department. Having read into the ingredients lists, the measures they take to test all of their products, and the use of external, unbiased testing, NextEvo have hit the nail on the head with the quality of their products and the Smartsorb CBD content.

Fast-acting and highly absorbent

The Smartsorb technology in NextEvo’s products makes them 4X more absorbable than other products on the market. I can vouch for the fact that NextEvo’s 15mg products seemed t work much harder than many others brand’s 50mg versions.

They also get into your system a lot quicker (within 10 minutes). Sometimes you have to wait a good 30-40 minutes for other CBD gummies to start working, which can seem like hours when you’re feeling super anxious or stressed.

This is the key difference that makes NextEvo really stand out from the competition – anyone looking for faster and/or more effective symptom relief will really benefit from NextEvo’s product range.

I was a little bit uncertain whether they could actually get into my system this quickly, but I can honestly say that I started to feel some relief from stress and anxiety really quickly with these products.

Convenient and super tasty

The gummies were also a delight to eat. Although quality and science are at the forefront of this brand’s ethos, they definitely haven’t slacked when it comes to the enjoyment factor.

I love the flavors of the gummies and the chew they have in them – they could give the Happy world of Haribo a run for its money in this department. NextEvo products require no fussing around measuring dosages and are super convenient to take out and about with you.

My final thoughts: The magic of NextEvo Naturals

I have no hesitation in recommending NextEvo to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, effective, and reliable supplier of CBD products.

I personally found some great products within the range that helped alleviate problems I’ve experienced over the last few months, including anxiety and stress, sleep, skin irritation, aches and pains, and my feeling of overall wellness has significantly improved since NextEvo came into my life.

I know I can trust what I am consuming with NextEvo Naturals, thanks to the team involved in creating their products and their strict testing measures, not to mention their team of expert medical reviewers.

The quick absorption was probably the biggest bonus for me. Gummies that get to work in 10 minutes instead of 30-40 minutes? Yes please.

I found it too hard to decide which product was my favorite so I’m going to sit on the fence and talk about my favorite three. It was a close call between the CBD Stress Complex gummies, the Revive capsules, and the Recovery Cream. I really liked the combination of ingredients in all of these products that helped to relieve my stress and anxiety, helped put a spring back in my step, and saved my poor over-washed hands this winter!

My Mom’s friend really loved the Sleep Complex product line and has already ordered herself a package online.

So, if you’re looking for another tool to add to your self-care kit, then I recommend you give NextEvo a try!

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