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Oklahoma Smokes Review

Oklahoma Smokes Review: Tried & Tested Vs. 11 Other Brands

View our review of Oklahoma Smokes — We cut the cigarettes open to see the flower and individually lab tested the flower to compare with their results.
Staff Editor
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Want to know what Oklahoma Smokes CBD cigarettes are really like? I tested them against 11 other brands. I researched all 12 companies, looked at lab reports, cut them open to look inside, had them independently tested for potency, poked, prodded, and squeezed, and finally… I smoked them.

Below is my full and honest Oklahoma Smokes review, which resulted in me choosing OK Smokes as one of the very best hemp cigarettes in 2022. 


  • Great tasting and smooth smoking
  • Pulls through very similar to a tobacco cigarette
  • Helps to suppress tobacco cigarette cravings
  • Relaxing effects
  • Biodegradable filter
  • Most comprehensive purity/safety testing
  • Accurate potency reports


  • Not quite as affordable as some others (unless they’re on sale)
  • Hemp contents didn’t look as high quality as some others 

#12 best CBD cigarettes of 2022

Read about our testing process here

Oklahoma Smokes CBD Cigarettes Review
Oklahoma Smokes – CBD Cigarettes


If you want to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes, then Oklahoma Smokes tobacco free cigarettes could be exactly what you’re looking for.

These all-natural hemp flower cigarettes are specifically targeted at people trying to give up their nicotine habit and their website contains some great information and advice to help you on your journey. Unlike other smokable hemp products (like joints and pre-rolls), they smoke just like regular cigarettes, making them a useful tool for when you have cravings, as they allow you to enjoy the physical act of smoking without giving in to your nicotine cravings.

Oklahoma Smokes Review

According to their website, OK Smokes contain around 50mg of CBD in each cigarette. They appear to take the third-party lab certifications side of things very seriously as they claim to lab test all their product batches twice, to ensure they’re fully compliant and completely free from chemicals and potentially harmful toxins.

They not only have their products tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and mycotoxins, but their full panel lab reports also show that they test above and beyond what most companies consider “full panel”, by also testing for “foreign matter” too.

So, if you’re wondering “are Oklahoma Smokes safe?”, then I’d say yes (apart from the obvious dangers of inhaling combusted molecules), these Its Oklahoma Smokes are the most extensively tested hemp cigarettes across all 12 brands I studied, making them the safest hemp cigarettes I’ve seen on the market.

The lab reports are made available for anyone to view online and I think the extra lengths they have gone to in order to verify product safety is a huge credit to them.

Oklahoma Smokes price is around $16 for 20 smokes, so they’re not the cheapest around, but they were on sale for $12 the last time we visited their site, so you might be lucky and catch them on sale. If they’re not on sale, then you can still save yourself tons of money by ordering a carton (10 packs) and/or by setting up a regular subscription.

First impressions

Oklahoma Smokes cigarettes come in a standard, solid cigarette box, which holds its integrity well when opened. The filter end of the cigarettes I received is white (as opposed to the pictures online that show brown tips), but they still look like normal cigarettes to the untrained eye.

When you look at the end of the filters, however, you’ll see that they don’t look like standard cigarette filters, but more like tightly rolled up paper or cardboard, making the entire cigarette biodegradable and more eco-friendly, but I’m worried that it will make it harsh to smoke.

Apart from that slight worry, it looks like a normal, well-made cigarette, so let’s see if it smokes like one.


As soon as I lit up and took my first proper draw of smoke, I realized that my initial concern over the filter was completely unfounded, as it actually works incredibly well. The smoke pulls through at a nice smooth pace (much slower than I expected), so it isn’t harsh on the throat or anything.

They taste great and I find the experience of smoking them to be much nicer than a regular cigarette, especially when it comes to the aftertaste. I also much prefer this hempy taste to the flowery or clove-y taste you get with other herbal cigarettes.

I do find that the cigarettes burn a little on the fast side, which I was expecting after reading some other Oklahoma Smokes reviews, but apparently it’s because of the additive free paper they use, so it’s a small price to pay for zero chemicals in your lungs!

After smoking a whole one, I feel great. Very chilled and clear-headed. But the best news is that my tobacco craving has gone.

What’s really inside?

For this part of the testing process, I wanted to find out what was inside these cigarettes I’d been smoking over the last few weeks. So, armed with a sharp knife, I slit one open to take a look.

Considering my enjoyment of smoking OK Smokes, they didn’t fare as well as I thought they would in this experiment. They smoked really smoothly, so I expected Oklahoma Smokes ingredients to be more obviously just solid hemp flower, but at best it looked like a mixture of flower and trim. 

I placed them somewhere in the middle of the 12 brands when it came to ranking by looks alone. Obviously an average score here isn’t too bad, I guess I just had very high expectations from the experience.

I also sent all of the cigarettes off to have them independently lab tested for potency and Oklahoma Smokes were bang on the money here, according to our lab results. Their potency was exactly where it should be, with less than 1% discrepancy to the amount advertised.

Where can I buy Oklahoma Smokes?

If you’re wondering where you can buy Oklahoma Smokes, then I recommend you buy them online at directly from the brand themselves. That way you know you’re getting the real deal and can take advantage of any sales they have (like I said, OK Smokes were on sale for just $12 last time I visited).

If you prefer to buy products in person at a store, then they also have a store locator button at the top of the homepage which is a more reliable way of finding stockists (I mean, more reliable than searching for “oklahoma smokes near me” in your search engine anyway!).

I wrote another article about using hemp cigarettes to quit smoking, in which I talk about cravings and how OK smokes helped me quit. If you’re thinking about quitting you should check it out!

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