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Rollies CBD cigarettes review (1)

Rollies CBD Cigarettes Review: Tried & Tested Against 11 Other Brands

View our review of Rollies CBD Cigarettes — We cut the cigarettes open to see the flower and then individually lab tested it to compare with their results.
Staff Editor
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I tested Rollies CBD Cigarettes alongside 11 other brands on the market in order to find the best CBD cigarettes of 2022. I researched all 12 companies, looked at lab reports, cut them open to look inside, had them independently tested for potency, poked, prodded, and squeezed, and finally… I smoked them.

In this honest Rollies CBD Cigarettes review, I’m going to share what I did and didn’t like about this brand of cigarettes, to help you decide if they’re right for you.


  • Some purity testing performed
  • Smoke more slowly than other brands
  • Smoke smoothly (for the most part)


  • Huge discrepancies in advertised potency
  • Contents looked like dried leaves
  • Flimsy packaging
Rollies CBD cigarettes review (2)
Rollies CBD cigarettes


Rollies specialize in manufacturing all natural hemp cigarettes. Their original hemp flavor is sold alongside their fan favorite, wild cherry-flavor, as well as two newer flavors, cherry menthol and grape. 

With the tagline “taste the difference”, their website discusses the importance of hemp quality, as well as the curing process. I’m going to see if they live up to their claims.

Rollies Review

On the Rollies homepage, it says that their all-natural hemp flower is said to contain 5-9% CBD (or 960-1,760mg per pack), but within their FAQ’s, you’ll find massively different numbers, quoting 13.5% CBD (114mg per cigarette). 

You’ll notice that other online retailers that sell Rollies cigarettes tend to quote this much higher number as part of their sales spiel and a quick Google search “how much CBD is in Rollies?” will also return results of this much higher number of 114mg per stick.

Rollies currently have two lab reports available online. It looks like their original cigarettes have been tested for potency at 5.63% and the flavored versions test a much higher 8.87% CBD.

The website also claims to test for molds, pesticides, and heavy metals, but the lab reports on the original flavor cigarettes were for potency and heavy metals only (where are the promised tests for molds and pesticides I wonder?). The flavored cigarettes do have more extensive, full panel lab reports that test for everything promised and more.

Is it just me that finds this strange? Why do Rollies test one set of products so comprehensively, but not the other?

On closer inspection, the lab results for the flavored cigarettes had two areas that are highlighted in bold, (which I’ve never seen before in a lab result):

  • Chromium levels of 1.0429 were highlighted in bold under the test for heavy metals
  • Enterobacteriaceae was detected at 11,041 and was in bold in the microbials test

I’m still investigating exactly what this means (I’ve emailed the lab and a couple of other companies to try to find out) and will update this page as soon as I have answers.

First impressions

The packaging for Rollies is a standard cigarette box design, although it is a bit flimsier than all the others. The first pack I opened ripped on me, which meant the box lid won’t stay shut now which is annoying. From experience, I know these types of box malfunctions can get very messy if you keep them in your pocket or bag, so if you do end up buying Rollies, I’d recommend that you take extra care when opening the packet.

Wild Cherry Rollies CBD Cigs


They smoke fairly well, burning evenly all the way down and they burn a lot slower than many of the others I tried, so you get more smoking enjoyment out of each smoke.

They tasted pretty decent, but the overall effects were somewhat lacking. I mean, I felt a little more relaxed, but I guess I was hoping for more.

What’s really inside?

There’s only one way to find out what’s really inside these cigarettes and that’s by having a look and testing them for ourselves.

I slit open a Rollies cigarette to take a look at what I was smoking and the contents looked pretty green, but very much like fragments of leaves (known in the industry as trim). Judging the quality of the contents by looks alone, I ended up ranking it just below average at 7th place (out of 12) in the dissection experiment.

Finally, I sent all 12 brands I was testing off to a third party lab (ACS Labs) to double check on the potency that was being offered.

My lab results come back showing 63mg (8.13%) of CBD per cigarette, which is a decent amount of CBD, but way off their FAQ’s claims of 114mg and their lab report claims of 5.63%. I’m confused to say the least and want to be able to say I love these cigarettes, but the huge discrepancies in the advertised potency is disappointing. 

Do Rollies CBD Cigarettes get you high?

Rollies CBD Cigarettes are made of hemp, which means they contain no more than 0.3% THC (my lab results actually showed 0.2% THC). This is a trace amount of THC and isn’t enough to feel any effects from it, so smoking one of these cigarettes won’t get you high.

Final word

For the smoking experience alone, Rollies all natural hemp cigarettes offer a fairly enjoyable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Effects I noticed from the CBD content were minimal, but it has to be said that smoking a Rollies cigarette did satiate my craving for a nicotine fix.

On the surface Rollies appears to be a great company that cares about the purity and quality of their cigarettes, but when you scratch the surface, things just don’t seem to add up. Missing lab results (on the molds and pesticides as they promised) and wild claims about potency leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Where to buy Rollies Cigarettes

Rollies hemp cigarettes can be bought from the manufacturer themselves, as well as most CBD cigarette online stores. For the best Rollies Cigarettes price, however, buy direct as they sell their original flavor cigarettes in packs of 3, 10, or 20, for between $6 and $12.

On other retailer sites, the price of 20 is often bumped up to $15.

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