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RR Medicinals Review

R&R CBD Review: Real-life product testing & reviews

I must have tried products from over 100 CBD brands since starting my CBD journey in 2018. R+R Medicinals is one of the brands that always stood out for their transparent operation and clean products. I spoke to the founder and got the inside scoop.
Staff Editor
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R&R CBD Review Summary

With a tagline “The CBD That Works” and a 60 day money back guarantee to back it up, the future of R&R CBD (formerly R+R Medicinals) looks good. I recently had a chance to chat to one of the founders of this Colorado-based company and wanted to share why I think they’re one of the best CBD brands on the market right now.


  • Made from organic, sun-grown, Colorado hemp
  • Beyond industry standard third-party testing
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction methods
  • Some of the purest, cleanest products available
  • Superior broad-spectrum formulas
  • Affordable prices
  • Free delivery on all orders
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Discount code WELCOME20 for 20% off


  • Missing a few product options
  • Shopping experience is a bit confusing

R&R CBD’s Product Offering

R&R CBD have a good range of products which covers most bases, offering oils/tinctures, softgels capsules, gummies, cream, and pet products. Their gummies and cream are vegan, but unfortunately their softgel capsules are not.

R&R was also one of the first companies in the U.S. to offer CBD cat treats, on top of their dog treats, which come in the form of chews (who’s a lucky kitty?).

Most of their products are full-spectrum, so that you can benefit from the full enhanced potency provided by the entourage effect. But as we mentioned earlier, they do also have superior-quality broad-spectrum (THC-free) products , including gummies, tincture, and softgels. These THC-free products will be ideal for you if you live in a state with a zero-THC tolerance policy, or if you regularly get drug tested at work.

Product Reviews

We got our hands on a month’s supply of gummies, full-spectrum tincture, and cream.

R and R Medicinals CBD Gummies
R&R CBD Gummies

R&R CBD Gummies review

These gummies were thoughtfully made with the help and expertise of a local candy manufacturer, which is probably why they taste so amazing. By far, these gummies are the best tasting, best texture CBD gummies on the market. In fact, I looked forward to taking them a little bit too much!

I can tell the gummies are good quality and highly effective right away. About an hour after I take a gummy, I feel more peaceful and relaxed, in both my mind and body.

I’ve had a pinched nerve in my back for the last couple of days and these gummies (and the cream) have really been helping to reduce the tension in my back, giving me better mobility.

I’ve been waking up with pain, but as soon as I feel the gummy kick in, I’m able to do some gentle yoga and stretching, which has really been helping.

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Excellent option

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R&R Medicinals full spectrum Tincture
R&R CBD Tincture

R&R CBD Tincture (Full-Spectrum) review

I gave this product to one of my neighbors, along with the R&R CBD cream, as she was experiencing quite a lot of pain in her leg. She was suffering from a previous, old injury that required her to have a plate put in her leg and it had been aching, as well as causing her to walk awkwardly. She was awaiting knee surgery to help fix all of this.

She started taking the CBD oil in the morning and at night and didn’t notice much difference in her pain levels at first. But, in between raving about the CBD cream (see below), she did comment on how much better she was feeling in herself, despite the pain.

She said she felt more positive and motivated at work, which is exactly what I get from CBD, so I was really pleased that it was helping her in some way. She persevered with the oil after I explained that sometimes it takes a while to take effect as it needs time to get into your system. It was only a couple of weeks later when I checked in with her that she noticed that her pain levels had decreased significantly. She was using the cream less, sleeping better and generally just experiencing much lower levels of pain than before.

She was grateful this trial came at the time it did as she said the wait for surgery would have been a lot less bearable otherwise.

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R&R Medicinals CBD cream
R&R CBD Cream

R&R CBD Cream review (full-spectrum)

This hemp cream from R&R received the most enthusiastic and positive feedback I’ve had from a tester so far. They absolutely love it!

Within just a few short days of having this cream in her possession, my neighbor reported back about how massively impressed she was with it. Just minutes after applying it to the problem area (in this case, her leg), the pain and ache she had been experiencing all but disappeared.

On top of being a highly effective pain-relief cream, she said that it has a pleasant smell, applies to the skin easily and sinks in quickly with no greasy residue, so you can get dressed or cover up immediately after applying it.

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R&R Medicinals’ sister brand SummitTHC Gummies

SummitTHC Gummies

The R&R CBD team is now also producing and selling hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC gummies, under their new sister brand, SummitTHC.

They produce these gummies with the same quality and safety in mind as their CBD products, so I was very excited to try them.

You can learn why this testing is especially important in my other article “Is Delta 8 safe?

As expected, they’re super tasty, and come complete with comprehensive lab reports to verify their potency and purity. They’re also highly effective, whether you’re interested in using them recreationally or medicinally. They provide a satisfying and calming, euphoric buzz, but they also help me sleep more soundly at night.

If you currently use CBD for pain you may also want to experiment with how some extra THC may help further alleviate your symptoms.

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Scored top 5 delta-9 gummies of 2024

Why Choose R&R CBD?

So, what makes R&R CBD stand out from the crowd and why do I want to help them get more business?

Quality, Purity, and Safety

From day one, employee-owned R&R CBD set out to provide the purest, cleanest products on the market. They started by partnering with local USDA certified organic farms and processing facilities and their full and broad spectrum extracts are made using supercritical CO2 extraction methods.

As you may know already, CO2 extraction is a more expensive and lengthy way of extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp biomass, but since it’s also widely thought to be less harsh on the precious compounds, there was no other option for R&R.

As expected, every single batch of high-CBD extract is tested by third-party laboratories, but R&R go above and beyond the industry standard when it comes to checking the purity and safety of their products.

The Most Rigorous Testing We’ve Seen

Most reputable brands in the industry will provide certificates of analysis these days, but if you look at the CoA’s provided by R&R, you’ll see how much extra information is in there. As you can imagine, the more you test for, the more it costs, so it’s not often you see a CoA with seven pages of data (in fact, most have between one and four)!

Not only do their products get tested for cannabinoid content and potency, but they also run a full terpene analysis, microbial and mycotoxins analysis, heavy metal analysis, pesticide analysis, as well as run tests that check for residual solvents. According to my new friend Dave, R&R CBD test to 150+ analytes with SC Labs, where most brands test well below 100.

They also operate from an FDA-registered facility and are registered with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Superior Broad-Spectrum Formulas

Another aspect of quality we discussed was regarding their unique broad-spectrum formulas. These days, most people are aware of the difference between full and broad-spectrum products, but did you know that most broad-spectrum products don’t simply have the THC removed from them? Most companies actually combine different isolates, and sometimes other terpenes and other hemp compounds, to create a “broad-spectrum” product from scratch.

This is another fact that makes R&R CBD products stand out as, after years of effort, R&R have developed a proprietary organic remediation technique that allows them to remove the THC while retaining all of the precious, naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. It goes without saying that this results in a more natural and superior broad-spectrum formula that more accurately represents the original plant matter.

All-Natural, Minimal Ingredient Lists

These superior-quality extracts are then combined with natural and organic ingredients, where possible, to provide some of the healthiest products around.

R&R CBD hemp oil has just two ingredients, organic hemp extract and organic MCT oil, unless it’s flavored (which of course is a natural flavoring). And every single ingredient in their gummies is also completely organic!

R+R hemp review
R&R Medicinals products (old design)

Affordable Prices

Another reason I hope to see this brand do well is the fact that they have great prices. With the above information in mind, you’d expect R&R CBD to be one of the most expensive brands on the market, but actually it’s quite the opposite!

When I asked how they were able to offer such low prices on such high-quality products, Dave told me that it’s mainly because their operations are kept local in Colorado. Over the years they’ve built up really good relationships with partners in the local community that allow them to keep their production costs as low as possible. They also keep their mark-up low to make their products as accessible as possible.

🤑 Discounts Available

Further to making their prices as affordable and accessible as possible, R&R also offers a ton of discounts.

  • Our readers can enjoy 20% off their first order with coupon code WELCOME20
  • Veterans can receive a generous 25% off their orders
  • You can set up auto-ship for a further 15% discount (pause, skip, or cancel at any time)
  • Refer a friend for 30% discount
  • Join their loyalty program to collect and spend points

Free Delivery on All Orders

I also love the fact that R&R offers free delivery on all orders as there’s nothing worse than filling up your shopping cart and then getting stung for an extra $10 at the checkout for shipping. Do you just pay for it? Or buy something extra (you don’t really want) to make up the minimum order value? Or shop elsewhere (wasting even more time!)?

Yes, I love free shipping.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

You’ll see a lot of companies offering a “money-back guarantee”, but if you read into it, it usually means that you can change your mind within 60 days and return the unopened, unused product to them for a full refund (probably minus shipping).

Am I alone here in thinking… That’s a return policy, not a money-back guarantee!

R&R’s money-back guarantee, on the other hand, is the real deal. They’re so confident that you’ll love their products, that they positively encourage you to use [said product] on a regular basis and if, after several weeks, you’re not happy, then you can return it to them for a full refund.

I asked Dave how this was working for them and he said that they very rarely get products returned. The vast majority of their new customers end up becoming loyal, returning customers, which is how they’re able to offer such a great, risk-free purchase option.

If you’ve been curious about CBD, to help manage pain, anxiety, sleep, or anything else, then this is your chance to see if it can work for you, risk-free.

Five-Star Reviews on Google

After chatting to Dave, I wondered what other people had to say about R+R. One quick Google search revealed solid five-star reviews all the way! Here’s what a few of their customers have to say about them (excuse the typo’s – they’re not mine):

⭐️   “Purchased a vial of the Full Soectrum 500mg Hemp Extract and my experience was terrific. Very high quality product and very good price! I absolutley feel the effects and it has improved my sleep a ton! Will definitley be purchasing another bottle once my is gone and will try their other products as well. I picked R R because of their lab testing and fair prices and I won’t be changing CBD brands anytime soon!” Matt

⭐️   “The best CBD I’ve tried and the price has everyone else beat. I’ve probably purchased 10 bottles and they have all been consistently great. Fast shipping too!” Lee

⭐️  “This product has been so great for my senior pup! He is more active and his breath is even better! I needed the next auto-ship to come faster and the team at R R took care of me lightning fast. We will be customers for life!” Kristen

⭐️   “This CBD tincture works better than other brands I tried in the past. I make me feel calmer and I now sleep better. I like how fast it kicks in – takes only a few minutes, and effect is quite noticeable.” Mark

Fantastic Customer Service Team

If you do need help or advice and contact the R and R customer service team for any reason, then you may be surprised to learn that it’s managed by real people, right here in the USA. They don’t (and won’t ever, apparently) use any type of automation for their customer care, but instead dedicate full-time, American, in-house customer service managers, to make sure that you and your account are given the attention you deserve.

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