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TIMBR Organics CBD review

TIMBR Organics Review: My Honest Review of Their Flower, Pre-rolls, and Cigarettes

In this review I make a deep dive into California CBD flower brand TIMBR Organics. I try their flower, pre-rolls and cigarettes. This is my verdict.
Staff Editor
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Raw California hemp products

I came across a great specialist in raw CBD products recently, called TIMBR Organics, and I wanted to share my experience as I was really impressed with what they’re doing.

Based out of California, TIMBR Organics is a specialist supplier in the smokables and vaping market, and their affordable flower can also be used to make your own edibles.


  • Affordable prices
  • High quality, locally-grown hemp flower
  • Perfectly rolled joints
  • Great range of cigarettes including CBG, CBG, and Delta 8
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Honest product descriptions
  • Quality, reusable packaging
  • Excellent customer service team
  • All products are third-party lab tested
  • Fast, free shipping on orders over $39


  • Some products are third-party tested for potency only (not purity)
  • Not a lot of information on the website about the company
  • No ingestibles available (no gummies, oil, or capsules)

TIMBR CBD review summary

TIMBR Organics is a premium CBD brand that specializes in selling smoking and vaping products, including CBD flower, pre-rolled joints, CBD cigarettes, and disposable vape pens. TIMBR Organics Delta 8 range currently includes cigarettes and they also offer CBG cigarettes and a CBG disposable vape.

The first TIMBR CBD products to catch my eye were the TIMBR CBD cigarettes. As an ex-cigarette smoker, I lean on CBD cigarettes from time to time to get me through tough cravings. I also ran a feature earlier this year on the best CBD cigarettes and tested 12 different cigarette brands, so it will be interesting to see how TIMBR stacks up against some of them.

I haven’t tried a TIMBR CBD vape yet, but I did get to try their CBD and CBG cigarettes, their pre-rolls, and their flower, so stick with me as I share what I thought.

Read my feature on CBD cigarettes

TIMBR CBD flower

Timbr Organics CBD flower

If you can’t be bothered to read my strain reviews then worry not as the TIMBR website also tells you whether each flower strain is indica or sativa, as well as what the dominant terpenes in each strain are. So, you can get a good idea of the expected effects of each strain and whether they will be more suitable for daytime or evening use.

I tried their Special Sauce and Suver Haze flower and was pleased with the overall quality. The CBD flower arrives in glass jars to keep it fresh and protected during transit. I wasn’t necessarily blown away by the bud size or aromatics of either, but I got great effects (just as expected) from both strains and the price point is fantastic at just $15 for an eighth (3.5 grams).

I ran out of Special Sauce really quickly, as it’s one of my favorite night time strains.

Buy TIMBR Organics Flower

Here’s what other customers have had to say:

Robert – “Smells and tastes amazing, this is one of my faves. The whole experience was nice, from placing the order to getting the package way sooner than expected. Nice one, guys!”

Trevor – “Fresh, perfectly trimmed buds, very, very impressed, will order the 12 pack next time, I went through it at lightning speed.”

Greg – “It burns nice and fast, I’m very impressed. This was my first time buying flower and I didn’t know what to expect. Btw, love the packaging!”

TIMBR pre rolls review

TIMBR Organics CBD pre rolls

I’ve smoked a lot of pre rolls in my time and TIMBR’s pre rolls are actually what I’d call kingsize joints as they’re a lot bigger and more ideal for sharing. The website doesn’t say how much flower they contain, but it looks like a standard 1g joint (EDIT: The packaging confirmed that the joints do indeed contain one gram of flower).

Like every other brand on the market, TIMBR claims to use 100% pure hemp flower buds to roll their joints (no trim or shake) and in this case I actually believe them as they smoke like a dream!

The flower quality is high, consistent with the jarred flower, which you don’t see very often, and the joint is rolled perfectly too. I’m a fantastic joint roller, if I do say so myself, and I’d have to admit that these joints are even a step up from mine.

Both joints I sampled smoked really evenly and smoothly. They also went out when I put them down, which is great as, although TIMBR don’t mention what kind of paper they use, it does mean that it isn’t “quick-burning” (also known as “full of chemicals”).

Each joint comes in its own reusable doob tube to keep it fresh and intact while in transit and adds to the convenience of taking the joint out with you to meet friends, anytime, anywhere.

Buy TIMBR Organics Pre-rolls

TIMBR Hemp Smokes review

TIMBR Organics CBD cigarettes

TIMBR Organics hemp cigarettes are fantastic for so many reasons. As an ex-smoker, I personally like them for times when I’ve had a few beers with friends and a smoking craving hits, but I also enjoy them when I have a touch of anxiety and want an immediate, fast-acting hit of CBD.

They’re just so convenient as you don’t have to roll a joint, pack a bowl, or anything! Just pull one out of the packet and light it up and one cigarette is a perfect single serving size.

Having been a smoker for so many years, smoking a hemp cigarette like this is slightly preferable to a pre roll or joint for me, probably because of how familiar it feels, but I also do like the more substantial filter that you get on these cigarettes, as opposed to the cardboard crutch you get in joints.

I find CBG to be really useful for motivation and focus, so TIMBR’s CBG cigarettes have been great for getting me going in the mornings and for a quick afternoon pick-me-up when needed.

Buy TIMBR Organics Hemp Cigarettes

TIMBR CBD disposable vape review


As mentioned, TIMBR also caters for the vaping market in the form of disposable vape pens. Three differently flavored disposable vapes are available, including Orange Cookies, Fire OG, and the legendary TIMBR Jack Herer vape, plus they also have one TIMBR vape for CBG enthusiasts, which contains Apple Fritter CBG flower extract.

I haven’t tried a TIMBR disposable yet, but as soon as I have, you’ll find my TIMBR CBD disposable review here.

NB. TIMBR CBD disposables are not available to purchase online, so you’ll need to find a store that stocks this brand to try them out.

Buy TIMBR Organics Hemp Cigarettes

TIMBR Organics CBD: Why they’re a great company to buy from

Here are just some of the reasons why I’m happy to support a brand like TIMBR Organics and why I think you should give them a chance too.

High quality, effective products

I’ve had the opportunity to try nearly every single one of TIMBR Organics’ products and I’m happy to report that the high quality shines through in all of them. The hemp they use in their products is locally grown, organic, and very effective. 

Their CBD flower strain selection includes some of the most popular strains around and is perfectly cured and trimmed.

Their joints are simply fantastic and their cigarettes also taste very pleasant and pull through just like you’d expect or want a cigarette to.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to try their disposable vapes, they have extremely complimentary reviews from past and current customers, so I look forward to trying them when I find them on sale in-store.

It’s great to see a company specialize in smokables as it allows them to really focus on what they know and do best. 

Great product selection for smokers

TIMBR also has a great product selection for hemp smokers. They may not have the widest CBD flower strain selection, but with five extremely popular, classic CBD strains on offer, they do have something to suit everyone and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these strains quickly became one of your firm favorites.

And with four other strains to choose from, you can still switch up your favorite smoke for another fan favorite when you fancy a change. If you don’t know what to order, then TIMBR Organics also has a variety pack that you can order, allowing you the opportunity to try all of their different products (flower, pre rolls, vape, and cigarettes) at a discounted price.

Excellent customer feedback and experience

TIMBR Organics already has tons of rave reviews from customers, so you don’t just have to take my word for how great their products are. This company is clearly doing something right and receiving well-deserved recognition for putting out fantastic quality products, not to mention at really affordable prices.

The overall customer experience from TIMBR is also something worth shouting about because it’s nothing short of awesome. TIMBR offers fast free shipping on orders over $39 and communication with the customer service team is easy, quick, and effective. 

They’re also really knowledgeable about their products, which is just one of the reasons why it’s good to find specialists like this (who haven’t bitten off more than they can chew!).

TIMBR’s customer retention is high for good reason.

Quality, reusable packaging

The packaging that is used by TIMBR is also very high and, if I’m honest, totally unexpected for the price point. The joints come in reusable glass tubes with childproof screw tops and the flower is delivered in glass jars with childproof caps.

Glass jars are so much better for preserving the precious, delicate trichomes of the flower than those mylar bags that are commonly used by the industry. Packaging like this doesn’t come cheap, but it’s obviously important to TIMBR that their products arrive to you in the best condition possible, which I appreciate.

All products are third-party lab tested

Third party lab reports are available for every single one of their products and TIMBR keeps all of them in one place on their website, so they’re very easy to find. They don’t run purity testing on every single one of their products, which is a shame, but they do have them on most of their strains and also provide proof of the cannabinoid content and potency of each item, so you know you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for and the reports verify that all of their products contain minimal THC levels, compliant with government guidelines.


I you haven’t tried them already, then I highly recommend that you give TIMBR Organics a try for any or all of your smokable or vaping needs. I was particularly impressed with their cigarettes and pre rolled joints, plus I love the added convenience, but if you want a more affordable option, then choose from one of their five popular flower strains to roll your own. 

You won’t be disappointed and, because their products are so reasonably priced, you can pick up three eighths of flower for the same price you’d end up paying for just two elsewhere.

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