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Vance Global CBD review

Vance Global Review 2024: More than just CBD cigarettes

My honest review of Vance Global, a brand that I have been enjoying for years now. They used to excel at CBD cigarettes but have now grown into a full service hemp brand. This is my experience!
Staff Editor
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More than just CBD cigarettes

I remember a time when the only products produced by Vance Global were CBD and Delta 8 cigarettes, but those guys from Wisconsin were doing one hell of a fantastic job. After stringent testing of over 12 brands, they won #1 spots in both our best CBD cigarettes and best Delta 8 cigarettes features.

Over the years, I’ve watched their product line-up evolve and I’m happy to say that their focus on quality, safety, and affordability, has never wavered.

In this Vance Global review, you’ll find my honest account of testing their CBD, Delta 8 THC, and HHC products, which includes potent (af) gummies, brand new vape carts, and (of course) their award-winning cigarettes, where it all began.

Vance Global review summary

In short, I’ve personally been nothing but impressed with every single one of this brand’s products and attitudes towards quality, safety, and prices, since day one. Every single product, as standard, is highly potent, purity tested, and affordable. What’s not to like?


  • Highly potent products
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Incredible value for money
  • Comprehensive full-panel (potency and purity) lab testing
  • Award-winning cigarettes
  • Organic, locally-grown hemp
  • Great product consistency (small batch production)


  • Only one potency option (apart from the CBD cigarettes)
  • High product potency may not be ideal for beginners

What is Vance Global?

Vance Global CBD is a CBD, D8, and HHC brand that is owned and operated by two young Wisconsin entrepreneurs that specialize in manufacturing high quality hemp cigarettes, gummies, and vapes. They source their premium, organic hemp flower locally (just a couple of counties away) and take their product quality very seriously indeed.

Is Vance Global legit?

Vance Global is 100% legit and their products are not-only superior in quality to most others on the market, but they’re also more affordable too. 

In-depth Vance Global reviews: The products

The writing of this review was inspired by Vance Global’s brand new vape carts, so that’s where I’ll start. I heard they had carts in development last year, but Brandon told me from the start that it might take them a while to produce something they were happy to sell. In other words, something that met their incredibly high standards. Talk about setting high expectations…

Vance Global vape carts

Vance Global Vape Carts
Vance Global Cart two

I was out of the country when the vape carts actually launched, but I got to try them on my return last month.

The carts themselves are beautiful straight out of the box with their light golden oil and natural wooden tip.  They contain just two ingredients (as every good vape cart should), which is 85% extract (whether it’s CBD, Delta 8, or HHC) and 15% cannabis terpenes.

As with all Vance Global products, thorough quality and safety testing is carried out, and the team publishes all their third-party lab results online, for the whole world to see. The tests verify the product’s potency and purity, proving that their products contain exactly what they say they do and are free from contaminants (including pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials, and mycotoxins).

The Maui Wowie terpenes mix bring several things to the table, besides the cart’s pleasant fruity, citrus taste. Terpenes act as a natural cutting agent, thinning the extract to make it suitable for vaping, without any harmful chemicals. It’s a more expensive ingredient (nasty chemical thinners are cheaper), but you wouldn’t know it from the retail price.

These terpenes also serve to enhance some of the effects of the cannabinoids present, especially in terms of the head-high offered, by boosting mood, motivation, creativity, and stress-relief.

Vance Global CBD cart great for productivity and focus, so I tend to use this one during the week when I’m working

Vance Global Delta 8 cart perfect for unwinding and chilling out after work

Vance Global HHC cartincredibly euphoric and energizing (my personal fave)

The auto-draw vape battery they’ve chosen to pair with is also pretty awesome as the cart kind of gets hidden away inside the sleek black housing. The fact that the cart is hidden away and that it operates on auto-draw, makes the vaping experience reminiscent of a disposable vape.

The battery is small, discreet, and easy to operate, but offers the added bonus of being able to replace the cart when it runs out. And VG are selling this battery for just $20 (it costs $40 on the manufacturer’s site) – I love it!

View price and order online

Vance Global gummies review

Vance Global Delta-8 gummies
Vance Global Delta-8 THC Gummies
Vance Global HHC gummies
Vance Global HHC Gummies

Even if you’ve taken Delta 8 or HHC elsewhere, you should go steady when trying out the gummy products from Vance Global, as they’re all pretty potent against most other products on the market.

At 50 mg a piece, a whole gummy is quite a lot for me, so I tend to take half. But if you have a higher tolerance then one or two gummies will be more than enough to benefit from their great effects. 

I’ve taken their gummies on numerous occasions now and recommend them frequently.

My favorite story about Vance Global Delta 8 gummies involved one of my friends buying a packet (on my recommendation) and taking almost 3/4’s of the entire packet (not my recommendation) in one sitting. Considering he only took $15 worth of gummies, I think it’s safe to say that he wasn’t expecting to be as high as a kite for a couple of days. He didn’t (well, couldn’t) speak for the longest time, his partner was quite worried about him (while we all fell about laughing)!

He can laugh about it too now, but he’s also learned his lesson and takes a maximum of two or three per session these days.

The Delta 8 gummies definitely provide a more mellow high, so I tend to reserve those for home sessions, while the HHC gummies are more uplifting and energizing, which makes them more suitable for socializing and adventure-type highs.

Like I mentioned earlier, I usually only take half of one, but every now and then I’ll go all-out and take a whole one. This usually ends up with me in fits of giggles, high af, contemplating life and the universe… You get the picture.

View price and order online

Vance Global CBD cigarettes review

At the time of writing, Vance Global offer four different types of cigarettes, including two CBD options, one with Delta 8, and one with HHC.

  • Vance Global Pure Hemp cigarettes – contain nothing other than organic hemp, hemp paper and biodegradable filters (150mg of CBD per cigarette, pack of 10 for $12.99)
  • Vance Global All Natural Blend cigarettes – organic hemp plus a blend of organic herbs (100mg of CBD per cigarette, pack of 10 for $9.99)
  • Vance Global Delta 8 cigarettes – organic hemp enriched with delta 8 (100mg CBD & 50mg D8 per cigarette, pack of 10 for $24.99)
  • Vance Global HHC cigarettes – contain organic hemp enriched with 50mg of HHC distillate (50mg of HHC per cigarette, pack of 10 for $29.99)

For a while they also had THC-O cigarettes available (as well as gummies), but recently switched these out for HHC cigarettes and gummies. Possibly in response to the DEA’s statement about deeming THC-O  to be a controlled substance.

Vance Global All Natural Blend review

Vance Global CBD Cigarettes Review

For their All Natural Blend (ANB) cigarettes, VG uses hemp flower mixed with a small amount of lavender, in order to create a smoking blend that claims to contain around 100mg of CBD in each cigarette (their Pure blend is said to contain a massive 150mg of CBD).

They have comprehensive full panel lab tests completed on all their products, verifying that their products are free from harmful contaminants and their potency test actually shows the ANB’s testing at 123mg (23mg higher than their advertised 100mg).

View price and order online

First impressions

These cigarettes had no problem making an impression as soon as they arrived as they were the only brand to actually stink of weed (in a good way) as soon as I opened them. They must be using some of the freshest and highest quality flower in the CBD cigarette business as no other cigarette brand smelled this strongly when I opened them up.

Vance Global packaging utilizes a standard cigarette box but the addition of a resealable mylar bag over the top of it means that you can keep the cigarettes much fresher for much longer.

The telltale smell does mean that these cigarettes wouldn’t be any good for people wanting to be discreet about what they’re smoking as, apart from the way they look, there is nothing discreet about these cigarettes (and I haven’t even gotten to their Pure cigarettes yet).

The filter looks normal, but feels a little different to a regular cigarette filter, which must be due to the fact that it’s a special high-flow, biodegradable filter. 

The paper is a very thin, natural hemp paper, which makes them look a bit more fragile than the others, but they’re actually fairly robust and stuffed so full of bright green hemp that it poke out of the end.


The cigarettes smell and taste great, very much like a pure hemp flower joint (I didn’t notice the lavender). The high-flow filter means that the smoke pulls through pretty fast, so I find myself having to take smaller puffs than I usually would. 

These cigarettes burn more slowly than many of the other cigarettes which may be down to the biomass not being as dry or old, but it could also be something to do with the thin, natural paper used to encase the cigarette.

Once or twice, I had a cigarette start to side-burn a little as I got closer to the filter, but apart from that they’re really well made and have awesome effects.

They made me feel really relaxed and content, but with a sharpened focus and new appreciation for my immediate environment (you know when you start spotting details you hadn’t noticed before).

What’s really inside?

As part of our investigation for “Best CBD Cigarettes”, I was keen to find out what was really inside all of the cigarettes I was smoking and wondered if there would be a noticeable difference in quality across the 12 different brands I was testing. So, I cut them all open and sent them away for independent testing.

Vance Global CBd flower

As it turned out, there really are massive differences in quality (find out more about the CBD cigarette testing process here, including pictures of all the different brands).

Vance Global CBD cigarettes placed at the number one spot in this test.

After third party lab testing for potency, these ANB cigarettes tested at a hefty 97mg of CBD per cigarette, just 3% off the advertised potency, which is a superb result.

Vance Global Pure CBD cigarettes review

If 100 mg per smoke isn’t enough for you, then Vance Global’s Pure cigarettes will be right up your alley. The effects are so strong, they actually make me feel a little bit giddy!. The production and quality is every bit as good as their All Natural Blend too (see above), so you won’t be disappointed with these.

Vance Global Delta 8 cigarettes review

Vance Global smashed all of the competition out of the park once again, when I tested their Delta 8 cigarettes against some others on the market.

You can read more about them in our article about the top 3 best Delta 8 cigarettes.

Vance Global HHC cigarettes review

When it comes to their HHC cigarettes, I just tested them for the first time the other day. It was a weeknight, so I only smoked half a cigarette and saved the other half in an empty stash jar. I felt pretty light-headed and happy almost immediately, and then I walked back into the house and ended up having full-on conversations with my dogs.

OK, it was a little one-sided, but I was having a great time (side note – my husband was in the shower and actually thought someone had come round to visit). Aside from putting me in a great mood, these cigarettes also made me feel energized and motivated, so they’d make a great alternative to alcohol on a night out.

Does Vance Global get you high?

Many of Vance Global’s products are designed to get you high and will, if that’s what you’re after. Whether you prefer Delta 8 THC or HHC, their cigarettes, gummies, and vapes, are all potent as hell. For me personally, one of these gummies is enough to send me to space for hours, but my husband prefers two (with other brands, he’d be taking three or four!).

If you’re talking about Vance Global’s CBD products, however, then you won’t get high, as CBD is a non-intoxicating compound.

Where to find Vance Global products

If you’re wondering where to find Vance Global, then I’d recommend heading over to their website and buying from them directly. This will ensure you get the best price possible by cutting out the middleman.

My top #3 reasons to shop with Vance Global

If you’re still with me and need any more convincing that this is a smashing brand, then here are my favorite things about shopping with Vance Global:

Highly potent & effective products

First things first. You want products that work, right? Well, you definitely get that from Vance Global. If anything, their high potency is one of the brand’s only drawbacks, as some users may have to half or quarter the serving size to get where they want to be.

Quality, safe ingredients

These guys don’t cut any corners either. Their production costs are probably a lot higher than most other brands, because buying premium ingredients and having all their products tested for potency and purity, like they do, doesn’t come cheap.

But I get the feeling that the guys behind this brand only develop and produce products that they actually would (and do) take themselves. Which, I think you’ll agree, is pretty awesome.

Low prices

The crazy thing is that their prices are actually lower than most other CBD brands, meaning they must be working with a lower profit margin. They’re making clean, safe, quality hemp products accessible to more people, and I really admire them for it.

And I almost forgot to mention that they also offer free shipping (I hate being stung with shipping costs at the end of an order). They do ask you to sign up for an account to access the free shipping, but their email newsletters are pretty entertaining, sometimes hilarious, and almost always contain special discount codes. Plus, they don’t bombard you with them (off the top of my head, I’d say I get one every few weeks or month).

Final word

Vance Global ticks all of the same boxes that other high-end, luxury CBD cigarette brands do, but without the high-end price tag to go with them.

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