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Wild Hemp CBD cigarette review

Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review

Our Wild Hemp cigarettes review where we tried them, cut them open and even lab tested them for potency and quality. See our findings…
Staff Editor
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I tried and tested Wild Hemp cigarettes alongside 11 other brands, in order to find the very best CBD cigarettes to recommend to you in 2022. I researched all 12 companies, looked at lab reports, cut them open to look inside, had them independently tested for potency, poked, prodded, and squeezed, and finally… I smoked them.

Below you’ll find my full and honest Wild Hemp Cigarettes review, including what I did and didn’t like about this brand and experience. Hopefully this will help you decide if they’re the right brand of CBD cigarettes for you.

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  • Sturdy packaging
  • Could be used to replace tobacco cigarettes
  • Higher air-flow may appeal to “reds” smokers


  • Too harsh for my taste
  • Cigarette contents look like low quality hemp material
  • No purity/safety testing
  • Big discrepancies in potency

Read about our testing process here

Wild Hemp CBD cigarette review
Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes


Wild Hemp Hempettes

Other Wild Hemp Hempettes reviews I’ve read in the past have been quite mixed with regards to the enjoyment these smokes offer. But they seem to be very popular, so I’m looking forward to finally trying them for myself. 

At $13 per pack of 20, these Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes aren’t the cheapest hemp cigarettes around, but they’re also far from being the most expensive and I’d be happy to pay a couple of extra dollars for a more enjoyable smoking experience. They come in natural, menthol, sweet, and pineapple flavors and this is my review of the natural flavor.

I began researching the CBD content of the cigarettes and immediately found wild discrepancies in the numbers quoted. The website quotes a minimum of 50mg of CBD in each hempette, the cigarette box itself advertises 1500mg per pack (75mg per cigarette), and the third party lab results that I found online say 131mg per hempette. I wonder which one it is?

Unfortunately, I was only able to find test results for potency and terpenes and none for purity and safety, so these hemp cigarettes may not be the best choice if you prefer to be more safety conscious.

First impressions

Wild Hemp cigarettes come in a shiny, top-opening box that looks just like a regular cigarette packet. It’s sturdy and decent quality that I think will last well, even when it’s being carried around in your pocket or bag.

The filters on the ends of the cigarettes are very unique, with three small holes in them, presumably to let higher air flow through them.


There is a faint, if not distinct smell of hay (or is that stale hemp?) right before you light up, but then once the cigarette is lit, a nicer hemp taste becomes more apparent.

Unfortunately, everything after the second puff on these cigarettes pulled through way too harshly for my liking. Maybe this was down to the holes in the filter making it pull through too fast or maybe it’s old hemp, but either way, it was a tough smoke for me and I had to take very small tokes and put them out early.

The cigarettes burn very quickly, even when you’re just taking small draws, but usually, fairly evenly. Every now and then I did come across a cigarette in the pack that collapsed in on itself as I lit it, which must be a result of a malfunction in their packing machine.

These collapsing cigarettes, in particular, are very harsh and get very hot (and brown) at the filter end when lighting up. I wonder, is the flame traveling all the way up the cigarette and out through the filter into my mouth (it certainly feels that way)? 

This happened with 3 cigarettes from the box in total, but I only took two photos and caught the final one before lighting (and threw it away). It’s difficult to tell just how much the cigarette is collapsing in the middle, but lighting it was a very unpleasant experience, which is why I started to check each one for it before lighting up.

I’m sorry to report that Wild Hemp Hempettes effects were also on the weak side, so I’m looking forward to having these tested myself. To be honest, I’ll be surprised if there really is 75mg or 131mg of CBD in a single cigarette, as that’s quite a hefty dose of CBD by anyone’s standards and I should have felt something if that was true, right?

What’s really inside?

In order to find out what I was really smoking, I cut open one cigarette from each brand to have a look inside. When I dissected a Wild Hempettes cigarette, what I saw looked mainly like dry leaves and there was a massive color difference between this brand and any of the top three, with this biomass being much darker and browner-looking.

Judging the quality by looks alone, I ranked it in the bottom three brands (out of 12).

Then I sent off cigarettes from each brand to a lab in Florida to be retested for potency. Our lab reports detected 58mg of CBD per cigarette, 31% lower than the 75mg that is advertised on the front of the pack. What was even more surprising, however, was the fact that the amount of CBD was higher than the amount of CBDA.

Normally the majority of the CBD that is present in raw hemp flower is in its acidic form (CBDA) and then when it’s heated (smoked), it turns into CBD. The fact that this biomass has more CBD than CBDA means that the hemp or cigarettes have been compromised in some way to cause the compounds to decarboxylate (heat, UV light, or age could have done this). Either that or the CBD has been sprayed onto the plant matter.

Old or sprayed plant material could also explain the harshness of the smoke.

Final word

Having read Hempettes reviews elsewhere, I was excited to finally try these cigarettes for myself, but am sorry to report that they’re not for me. They’re not the worst I’ve tasted, but I did find them to be one of the harshest. 

The advertised potency is also way off what you’re actually getting and, in my opinion, there are nicer, smoother and more affordable options out there. Check them out in my Best CBD Cigarettes for 2022 Guide.

This Wild Hemp CBD Cigarettes review wasn’t written with the intention to put you off trying them. I just wanted to be honest about my personal experience with them. If you’d still like to try them for yourself, they’re widely available in stores and online

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